Home Businesses Selling Natural Beauty Products

More moms than ever are looking to figure out some way to work from home. With today’s unstable economy many are out of work, or making less. Most women are familiar with Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon. They are not only two of the largest home based business opportunities in the world; they have been around for a long time and helped to create many small fortunes. That being said, there are a growing number of Direct Market cosmetic companies selling natural beauty products from home businesses. How do you choose what’s best for you and your family? If you are considering joining a Network Marketing cosmetic company this article will provide you with a few “gold nuggets” to help you make the right decision.

There are currently over 2,700 MLMs in America today! Over half of all Americans bought a product or service from a network marketing company sometime in the last 12 months! By some estimates over 25% of all cosmetics are purchased through a network marketing business. This adds up to huge opportunity for anyone who can:

1) Find a good home based company with a good compensation plan

2) Put together a system to find targeted leads to grow the business

Here is a list of some of the best cosmetic companies with built-in home based networking opportunities:

1) Apriori Beauty

2) Avon

3) Mary Kay Cosmetic

4) Arbonne International

5) Nu Skin

6) Beauticontrol

7) Jafra Cosmetics International

8) Sunrider International

9) Viviane Woodward

10) Ceregenex

11) Ceres Living

12) Fluhme



15) Rejuvenate Worldwide

16) Votre Vu

You may be asking why I provided such a long list. The reason is simple. Each of the above companies is very successful and has many positives to offer. It would be a mistake to jump into the first one that is set before you. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The fact is over 95% of home based entrepreneurs fail. This is because people tend to jump into an opportunity without thoroughly checking out the competition and making a well-educated decision. Taking a few months to check into each company on the above list will ensure that you are able to make an informed decision that will be right for you.

I do not have the ability to go into a lot of details in this short article, but I have found that most MLM companies that seem to have the best compensation plans tend to have inferior products that are harder to sell. So be aware that the product quality verses compensation is a likely trade-off as you are analyzing these companies.

Most women who are successful in the natural beauty product industry do so mainly through home cosmetic parties; however, there are many ways to market these types of businesses.

The fact is now days more and more people are looking online for answers (just as you did.) Some concentrate on moving products and some concentrate on building their down line so those under them can sell the products. The strategy to take really depends on the organization.

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Model Photography – How Perfect Makeup Can Bring Beauty To Your Shots!

A fashion photographer photographs models of all age groups, day in and day out. Did you know, it is not just photography that makes a good fashion photograph? Make up, and the elegance of the model of course, are equally important in a fashion photo shoot, if not more. When any of these elements of photography, model quality and make up quality are substandard, the resulting image would be a substandard image. The photographer needs to concern himself with elements such as the lenses and the cameras used, the background, the composition and the lighting. Those are his areas of expertise. The model needs to show up fresh and radiant for the shoot. Finally the make up artist has to work towards covering up the model’s bad negative qualities and enhancing his or her positive features.

A few make up tips –

Make up does have a big effect on the quality of the photo shoot. The very beauty products which we see in ads and on the market stores could be used in the studio to make a better picture. Normally the make up artist would have a few assistants that each specialize in a certain area of make up.


Any human being has a few dark spots around the face area, and these can easily be hidden with a little bit of concealer, as the name suggests it conceals the spots giving the skin an overall symmetry.


Foundation is applied on all areas of the face, and sometimes on hands and legs as well (just for the shoots – this is not mandatory make up). The foundation gives an overall smoothness to the skin, making it appear uniform in shade and tan.


Powder can be applied to the forehead and the cheeks to light the area up under the flash. Powder is generally a part of any lady’s make up box, and it does not take much skill in applying.


Make up men can bring a fresh feel to the face by working on the eyebrows. Eye pencils can be used around the eyes to give the model’s gaze a harder and intimate feel. Eye shadow is applied keeping the mood of the shoot and the color of the model’s clothes in mind. It is generally applied in limited quantities. Eye liner could be used to remove the look of fatigue, if the model does have that after many hours of shooting.


This is generally the final make up touch that is applied, and the make up specialists usually use lip gloss and pencil to add the finishing to the lipstick.

Make up is something that need not take a lot of time. It can be done in only a few minutes, but it is not something that can be perfected in a day. The right man/woman can do a great job in a few minutes only, while the photographer changes his lighting for example.

Ethical Issues in the Fashion Industry

The issue of ethics is a major concern in society and covers a wide range of spectrums. Ethical fashion brings to the root matters related to work conditions, fair trading, animal welfare, exploitation and the environment in the fashion industry. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of corporate social responsibility and are making the necessary adjustments to satisfy consumers.

Clothing are beautiful to wear but their manufacturing raises concern in many different aspects. Global warming, the dumping of nuclear wastes, the extinction of certain species and changes in the ecosystem are closely being monitored and most of the times are attributed to activities of mankind. The fashion industry has its part of blame and opinions vary as to the consequences relating to the effect that human activities has on the environment.

Many companies try to cut down on costs to increase their profits. One method is to hire a cheap labor force. They accomplish that by opening industries in countries with low labor costs and sometimes uses child labor. In an ethical point of view, such practices are deemed unethical. The exploitation of children most of the times in conditions of forced labor in un-hygienic places is highly condemned. Paying hourly wages that does not reflect the hourly labor cost in which the products are sold is also considered as exploitation.

A lot of outfits are made of cotton. Ethical concerns regard the hazards posed on the environment with the use of pesticides while cultivating cotton. Pesticides are harmful to people and the environment. Pesticides can have adverse symptoms on people such as headaches, depressions, seizures or loss of consciousness. It can lead to air, water and soil pollution. Finally, pesticides can cause not only the death of pests but also of other animals.

Animal cruelty often comes to the forefront of activists’ agenda. In the fabrication of many types of clothing including shoes, belts and other accessories, the skin of different animals are used. For instance, the production of fur coats requires the killing of mink, foxes or other animals whose skin can be used. More often than not, these animals are killed using very cruel methods. There numbers are also reduced in the wild. Some animals are close to extinction because of excessive killing.

Many textiles are treated with chemicals to soften and dyes them. Such chemicals are harmful to the environment and can also be the cause of skin diseases. Lead, chromium, nickel, aryl amines are but some of the chemicals used in the process of treating textiles.

Ethical issues in the fashion industry are the cause of many debates. Many companies often respond to public concerns by showing their corporate social responsibility in diverse methods. Some are radical by being totally green. Others choose a certain issue which they emphasize to show their responsibility. For example, many companies explicitly make known that the process of producing their goods does not involve child labor or under-paid wages. Whatever the truth of the matter, ethical issues continue to preoccupy, governments, activists and society at large.

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The Top Health and Beauty Network Marketing Companies

The top health and beauty network marketing companies include a wide range of companies – some have been around for many years, such as Avon 1886; while some are relative new comers, such as MonaVie introduced in January 2005. Indeed, many of the mature companies present their company and compensation plan as a Direct Sales organization. There is a difference, though for the purposes of this article any company who offers health and beauty products AND allows or rewards people for expanding their distributor base will be considered a network marketing company.

During the research phase for this article, I was a little surprised by the relatively low average annual income per distributor. This was true of any Direct Sales or Network Marketing organization. So, make sure you perform your due diligence when investigating a network business opportunity. We all hear this often, but work beyond your emotions of the hype touting the top earners income and find out what it really takes to earn an income you desire.

Ok, let’s begin with perhaps the “Grandmother” of health and beauty – Avon.

Avon is “The founder of modern direct selling and the acknowledged world leader in cosmetics.” according to 21stCenturyNetworker.com. The company had $10.3 billion in sales reported for 2009 produced by 6.2 million distributors. That comes out to $1,661.29 per distributor for the year. Naturally there are folks with either a large customer base or distributor network making more – which means there are a lot of people making less.

In fact, while conducting research for this article, I was amazed at how extensive the product line has become. Personally, I knew Avon sold cosmetics, jewelry and a few men’s colognes, but had no idea how many products they really offer. Being from the South, the Avon SkinSoSoft is used by many of us to fight the little No-SeeUms (gnats).

Like all network marketing organizations, Avon is a legitimate income opportunity for those who grasp the concept of business building in addition to personal sales.


Amway was founded in 1959 by Steve Van Andel and Rick DeVos when they left Nutrilite Products. Amway had reported annual sales revenue for 2009 of $8.4 billion. With a reported 3 million plus distributors, that comes to about $2,800 per distributor.

Amway has to be one of the most recognizable brands in the US, perhaps the world. A brief visit to the company website demonstrates their global presence – the countries and languages supported – ranging throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe – are just too numerous to list here. There greatest (and most profitable coups) has to be as one of the few network marketing organizations in China – with its whopping 1.3 billion population!

Anyone here speak Mandarin?

Mary Kay

Mary Kay has to be one of favorite network marketing success stories. Founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, a divorced and working mom, Mary Kay has grown into a world wide marketing organization. What role model! Not just for women, but to anyone who moans and groans about their “situation”.

In 2009, Mary Kay had an estimated $2.5 billion in sales revenue with and an estimated 2 million distributors – averaging about $1,250 per distributor.

Mary Kay company website – (To the best of my knowledge, I don’t have any business or personal relationship to any Mark Kay distributor, company employee or company officer. I just like Mary Kay Ashes story.)

Natura Cosmeticos, SA

Natura Cosmeticos, established in 1969, is a health and beauty company based in Brazil. They have operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, France, Venezuela, and Colombia. The company offers over 900 products through their network marketing distributors and retail outlets.

There is no mention on their website of distributorships in operation or even available in North America or Europe. Maybe that’s an opportunity!

Natura Cosmeticos had estimated 2009 sales revenue of $2.4 billion dollars and 1 million plus distributors. This equates to approximately $2,400 per distributor.

There are a number of ways to rate top health and beauty network marketing company. This article just presents information found about the reported sales volume and number of distributors to determine the average annual income per distributor. This raw type data does not speak to the intrinsic value a person receives from their relationship with their sponsor nor the company.

Personally, I benefit from associating with network marketers because they seem to some of the most positive thinking people on earth! Some, granted are financial dreamers, but they still love life.

If you’re looking for a network marketing business, look at the products, compensation plan and market, for sure. Look also at the people you will associate with – are they truly people you want to spend a lot of time with and introduce to your family and friends?

If the answer is yes – then go for it.

If the answer is no, either look for another sponsor or another company.

You may reprint this article with credit given to the author, Dave Evans, and a link to the article on this website.

Are Societal Standards Of Beauty The Same As Individual Standards Of Beauty?

How do we recognize beauty in other people? On a very superficial level, we compare the people we see to the media images that we have been exposed to-the people in movies and on magazine covers. If you see a woman who looks very similar to a famous actress or model, you will probably think that woman is beautiful.

We base many of our personal opinions on society’s beauty standards, although we may not do so on purpose. As highly social creatures, we can hardly help ourselves from caring about what other people think-and wanting to agree with them. If we are told repeatedly that certain traits-such as being thin or having high cheek bones or big eyes-are beautiful, we naturally find ourselves agreeing and seeing those traits as beautiful.

But this human habit presents a problem. If we prize beauty so much, while having such narrow standards, that means that we define a proportionally small number of people as beautiful. If you happen to be in that narrow group, you’re probably as happy as can be. But if you’re not, you might find yourself depressed and unhappy with your appearance.

It’s important to remember that society’s narrow standard of beauty is not the only standard that exists. If you really think about it, you can probably think of people that don’t fit society’s standard but that you think are attractive. How does that work? The answer is simple: you have an individual standard of beauty that probably strays from society’s standard in some way.

Which brings us to the good news: everyone has an individual standard of beauty! Despite all of the programming of our society, we all still see other people in unique ways. That’s an encouraging thought for those who wouldn’t be considered beautiful by society’s narrow standards.

It’s encouraging because it means that whatever you look like, you’re likely to fit someone’s standard of beauty. Those who love you undoubtedly recognize your attractive traits already and are able to see you as beautiful.

All this is important to remember when you’re looking for a mate. Just because one potential mate doesn’t find you beautiful is no reason to despair. Keep looking, and before you know it, you will find someone who does find you beautiful.

Remember that society’s standards of beauty change with the shifting of the winds. You never know what kind of trait will be attractive next season, and in the meantime, you can enjoy the company of people who appreciate your particular features.

Fashion – Today’s Colour In Fashion – Will It Suit Your Complexion

Fashion – Why do women and beauty products work well together, the answer to that is quite simple, cosmetics make you look beautiful and women want to be beautiful so there you have it – a match made in heaven – the perfect duo

Today`s fashion and latest shades in lipstick is no guarantee to looking beautiful if you are not feeling good about yourself.

It`s a funny old world – the fashion world. Take those glamour models that grace the catwalk with the latest in fashion design – only to go and mess the entire look of the whole outfit with an expression of depression along with a ridiculous unbalanced walk like that of a woman who has just downed 10 pints of lager – now where is the beauty in that I ask you.

Remember never to imitate the pose of a model on a night out with friends because that friendship may just cease and heaven forbid if you are looking for a date with the opposite sex – then the chances of that happening are zilch. If you want to impress then it is all down to how you dress. You will always be at your best if you feel good. A smile radiates beauty so regardless of what the fashion it is you adorn – be sure to smile and that is half of the battle won in feeling good and looking beautiful

Why is it you wear the same colours when you go out? Why is it you feel that a certain colour is not ideally suited to your complexion even though it is in fashion? Well now is the time to change all that. Today`s fashionable colours are just oozing to expel your beauty within. Positive results are guaranteed after you have boosted your confidence into looking beautiful with the latest in fashion styles and colours.

For example if you are not partial to the colour green or orange up next to the skin, well that is fine, but, at the time you decided this colour was not for you, did you ever give it a minutes thought that it was just that particular shade of green that you were not comfortable with. Remember there are 40 shades of green, now do you get my drift. Now as for orange – a colour that does need to be given much thought behind for a person`s skin tone – but if you like orange then dress it up with accessories to compliment the shade itself – this will work wonders.

Just by changing the shade of one particular colour and style of dress can be the start of finding the real beauty within. Your inner beauty may have lain static for far to long all because you took for granted that the first bright lime green luminous blouse you ever tried on was not for you, therefore leaving you resisting future fashion garments in green, But did you ever consider replacing that lime green blouse for pretty cowl neck musky jade shade.. Also a change of hairstyle can alter your whole image along with the colour that you banished from the wardrobe.

It is sad – but there are many women who are confused and believe that a certain colour does them no justice – when at the end of the day it may have been their choice in the shade.

Make Your Hair Thicker – 3 Easy Steps

Thin baby fine hair can become thicker and fuller. We are living in an age where today’s hairstyles compliment thin haired women. Fine hair has been brought into the limelight by celebrities and top fashion models.

You can make your hair thicker and fuller by following these 3 easy steps.

The first and most important step is a great haircut. A good cut can stand on its own. It makes styling easy. Expert haircutting allows the hair to grow out and hold its shape, making it easy to move from one style to the next. Hair cut by a master stylist with a veil of layers over thickened edges is one way to achieve thicker hair. Distributing the weight through out the hair by strategic layering is another. Layers should never be cut too short. In fact, extremely short hair will not produce any volume and it can cause the scalp to show through.

A bob is a good place to start. It can be cut in a variety of ways. The idea is to produce volume where it is needed to compliment the face.

The second step is product. Product has come a long way. Using hair care derived from natural, herbs, flowers and vitamins nourish the hair and scalp. Products made in small batches from hairdressers offer quality to the consumer. If you have thin hair using a specialty shampoo and thickening spray will make all the difference in how your hair rejuvenates itself. You want to use products that wash out of the hair leaving it full and shiny. If you have really thin hair you can thicken it by using a styling product to fatten the diameter.

The third step is styling. Learn to style your hair. The blow dryer is easy to use. Velcro rollers and clips make styling a snap. Purchase a book on styling and go through the steps. The more you do it the easier and faster it becomes. Styling your hair can make you look younger and thinner. It brings your style into the new age.

Have fun with your hair. Try new things.

Artistry Cosmetics – Skin Care Products and Makeup

Artistry Cosmetics has been around since 1968 and is among the top 5 cosmetic brands sold around the world. They offer more than 400 fantastic products ranging from basic skin care to top of the line cosmetics. There are four separate lines of skin care available; Pure White, Time Defiance, Creme L/X, and Essentials. Each line offers an amazing selection of products.

Pure White:

Women who are looking for lighter skin find this line to be a great alternative to skin bleaching. The skin’s clarity is greatly increased with this line of skin care. This product is available in a toner, cleanser, moisturizer, and a creme.

Time Defiance:

This is the age defying line of skin care. For all types of skin, day or night, this line offers toner, cleanser, lotion and creme.

Creme L/X:

For a revitalized and youthful appearance, this product enhances elasticity, diminishes lines, and provides an overall smoothness. It has actually been tested and proven to make skin respond the way it did 15 years earlier.


Geared towards teenagers, and people who spend only a fraction of time on their makeup, the Essentials line offers the simplest skin care products of all the lines. There are cleansers, toners, and hydrating lotions for all skin types.

Artistry also offers an extensive number of other items to help keep skin looking its best. These span the skin care spectrum; lifting eye creme, masques, derma erase, and spa products. Some of the health care tips offered along with these amazing creations detail the steps necessary for maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

There are four simple steps that should be performed in the morning and before going to bed. The first involved cleansing the face with warm water and any of the cleansers offered by Artistry. It’s important to use the cleanser that is appropriate for the skin type it will be applied to. The second step is to apply a toner immediately after washing with the cleanser. This product helps to restore the skin’s natural pH level and remove any last bits of dirt the cleanser didn’t get.

The third step is to treat the skin for whatever is needed, such as covering blemishes, discolored spots, and addressing sun damage or fine lines. The final step is to moisturize skin thoroughly and make sure it is protected. Day creams sold by Artistry contain either SPF 15 or SPF 20, so as to help block the rays that cause skin the most damage.

When it comes to the cosmetic portion of Artistry, products for the entire face are available. Color to enhance the eyes, lips, and cheeks are offered in a range to suit all tastes. Concealers to cover any uneven spots and foundations for most skin tones will bring the entire look together, especially after applying one of the two fabulous powders Artistry has. These are excellent for eliminating shine.

To top off the work of art that has been achieved through the use of each of these products, Artistry Cosmetics has mascara that is not only waterproof, but it also provides lashes with the length and volume desired.

If You are researching to obtain an Organic Skin Care Item to Fix with excess Oil issues, and an Item enriched with “Antioxidants” also essential fatty acids like the Essentials oils, OR In case you are searching for a Dependable and Helpful anti-aging Solution containing Antioxidants similar to the ones stated in this article, try Artistry.

The Artistry Brand respects your unique Beauty, and furthermore is in fact devoted to releasing Enhanced Solutions regarding your Skin’s Healthy image. Feel your outstanding Amazing Benefits of Artistry Skin Care and Cosmetics. Artistry is known as the Worldwide Leader all over Prestige Beauty. Arranging Values when it comes to Skin Technology. Devoted to the synergy of Healthiness and Beauty. Dependable to meeting any Individual Beauty wants involving every Woman. Looking to buy the Best Beauty, Cosmetics, & Skin Care on the market? You may Check out our fabulous Skin Care Reviews & Information now on website. – Robert Rakuonsha Lowe

Media And Influence On Women Body Image

It has become obvious now that the media advertises and promotes a very unhealthy trend of extreme dieting and other bad eating habits to women. Most of media sources put on their covers images of skinny emancipated females. Doing this they influence the subconscious mind of the masses. And women continue to spend their money trying to achieve this unattainable look they constantly see in media advertising.

To try and solve this problem let’s answer the next questions.

  1. What is body image?
  2. What kind of trends in the media industry are we noticing now?
  3. How do the media influence our perception of body image?
  4. What could be the reasons behind this?
  5. What are the consequences of this kind of trend?
  6. What are some real suggestions on how to improve your body image?

Your body image is how you perceive, think and feel about your body. This may have no bearing at all on your actual appearance. For instance, it is common in Western nations for women to believe they are larger and fatter than they really are. Only one in five women is satisfied with their body weight. Nearly half of all normal weight women overestimate their size and shape. A distorted body image can lead to self-destructive behavior, like dieting or eating disorders. Approximately nine out of 10 young Australian women have dieted at least once in their lives.

So, the basic trend in the media industry at the moment is to promote slim, even skinny unnatural looking women’s bodies as being beautiful.

Women of all ages but especially young women look at magazines, TV, movies and other media products full of images that show skinny women’s bodies. And these are perceived by the subconscious mind of young women as being a role model to follow and aspire to be like. Achieving this skinny look does not come naturally; it inevitably leads to practicing some kind of dieting, excessive exercising or abnormal eating behaviors.

Twenty years ago, the average model weighed 8 per cent less than the average woman–but today’s models weigh 23 per cent less. Advertisers believe that thin models sell products. When the Australian magazine New Woman recently included a picture of a heavy-set model on its cover, it received a truckload of letters from grateful readers praising the move. But its advertisers complained and the magazine returned to featuring bone-thin models.

What could be the reason behind all this? Why has this fashion trend occurred now?

Why are standards of beauty being imposed on women, the majority of whom are naturally larger than any of the models?

The reasons for this according to some analysts, is an economic one. By presenting an ideal look which is difficult to achieve and maintain the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits. It is estimated that the diet industry alone is worth $100 billion (U.S.) a year. This is a lot of money and certainly worth their while to continue to foster emancipated women as being the norm.

And the consequences of this trend are huge. On the one hand, women who are insecure about their bodies are more likely to buy beauty products, new clothes, and diet pills or other diet supplies.

On the other hand, research indicates that exposure to images of thin, young, air-brushed female bodies is linked to depression, loss of self-esteem and the development of unhealthy eating habits in women and girls.

The level of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are increasing rapidly every year. It is estimated that around 5 per cent of women and 1 percent of men have an eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia or binge eating some time in their life.

And about 15 per cent of all young women have significantly distorted eating attitudes and behavior that can lead to developing anorexia or bulimia in the near future.

So, what would be some real suggestions on how to improve your body image without resorting to unhealthy eating habits?

The First one is to change your goal from weight loss to just improving your health. Second, is to focus more the internal beauty like improving your self-esteem, self-confidence and internal strengths of your character.

Get informed by reading up on body image issues and self-improvement books. And give yourself a break from women’s magazines and the mass media advertising for a while if you feel you maybe prone to this kind of false perceptions.

To sum up, the media does impact on women’s body image significantly and it can affect women’s physical and mental health in a negative way. And the only way to stop these negative effects coming from the media is to teach women not to judge themselves by the beauty industry’s standards and learn not to compare themselves to the cover girls. And also it is important to promote a healthy life style with emphasis on internal beauty like improving self-esteem and self-confidence. Not on being a stick like model.

How to Become a Black Male Model

For many years, the world of modeling has been over saturated by beautiful and skinny female models. Male models have been given less limelight though most of them have been of Caucasian decent. The search and demand for black male models are on the increase with most designers have a preference of a darker skin to showcase their brands. If you have ever wanted to become a black male model, here is the chance for you.

To become a male black model, you need be black to start with. Beauty is not all necessary however. Most people perceive the world of modeling as a world of nudity and of anorexics. What you probably do not know is modeling is all about marketing. It is a mode of selling the jewelry, the clothing, fragrance and other accessories.

The demand of male models is increasing as more men become more conscious with keeping up with the latest trends and fashion. The man of today needs to looks good, smell good, and feel good. Men models are used to market and promote these products. The fashion world is looking for newer faces to market their brand and the advertisers too need different faces to appear on the covers of magazines and billboards.

So, how do you qualify to be on the catwalk? To become a black male model in high fashion, you need to have a masculine body-one that is irresistible to women. You have to have a height ranging from 5’11” to 6’2″. In addition, you have to look elegant and strong. For commercial models and ones in photo shoots, the height is not as much exaggerated. They may be shorter but have to maintain the same masculine features and a good looking face.

This career does not pay well, though with continuous publicity and earned celebrity and stardom, one’s salary may increase rapidly.

Getting in the business is not easy, so is staying in it. It comes with a lot of challenges. One has to remain in shape by dieting and working out regularly and for very long hours. This is no career for the faint hearted, as it demands lots of stamina and self drive. Their looks too should be the best. To become a black male model, you have to have what it takes to beat this. There are model scouts all over looking for these males, so if you are one of them, make yourself seen.