The ring worth fading your bank account

The whole world can relate to the beauty of jewelry. The broad collection of wedding bands, engagement rings and anniversary rings from various stores are a masterpiece that provides uniqueness for taste and preferences. The choice of taste can hold a special place in the owners’ heart that they can keep forever as they show their most precious gift to the world. Jewelry offers an exquisite and fabulous style that can represent anything to all tastes. There are various famous collections of jewels including wedding rings that date back to several years. Rings are worn for different reasons including adornment, reward given for a job well done, rings given to represent commitments like engagement and weddings and religious rings to signify a commitment to God. The basis of a crown ring is to symbolize the great reign of royalty and love.

These rings are increasingly being by couples for wedding rings instead of the standard ones due to their intrinsic nature. If you want to purchase something unique for your partner that means more than the standard off the shelf rings, then you need to think again before you go for any ring but a crown ring. The ring reflects the personality and identity of a person. In addition, they also strengthen the love of a relationship.

With a unique, yet delicate design, the crown ring is bound to make a big first impression. The ring comes in two color schemes that include the creamy White Agate set in 18k rose gold vermeil and the luxe Black Onyx set in platinum plated sterling silver. The scallops of the crown surround a unique fifteen carat-plus stone that adds an eye-catching appeal to the hand.

Currently, rings can be made from almost any material. They can be manufactured from silver, plastic, copper, gold, ceramic materials as well as wood. These wide varieties of brands can leave you with the most difficult choice when it comes to purchasing the right ring for your unique needs. However, the most popular materials in the market include metals like Gold, Platinum and Titanium. Most ring enthusiast prefers these metals to the rest of the materials due to their sturdiness, resistance to rust and resistance to shattering and wearing.

There are comprehensive collections of gold rings on the market. The rings are measured in carats. Most men’s and women’s bridal rings come in nine, ten, fourteen and eighteen carats. Note that it is rare to find a twenty-four carat ring. This is because the ring is too soft and can deform easily.

The most attractive gold crown ring is the yellow ring. However, there are other various collections including the rose gold that comes with a component and the white gold that is plated with silver-white rhodium.

Another prestigious metal ring collection includes the platinum rings. A crown ring made of this material is more durable than that made of other standard materials.

When purchasing a crown ring, it is not only important to consider the price of the ring but also the aesthetics of the ring.

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Fashion Jewelry Trends for Winter 2010/2011

Over the past few years, trends for fashion jewelry have taken some strange turns. A few years ago, it was all about chunky plastic bracelets in neon colors straight out of the ’80s. Then fashion jewelry went organic, with wooden details and yarn taking center stage.

Right now, fashion and costume jewelry are focusing on classic, elegant style. Vintage embellishments like ribbon details and rhinestones are back, while boho beads and plastic earrings are out. These fashion jewelry trends pair up perfectly with this season’s ladylike clothing. To be in style for this season, keep it pretty and simple.

For earrings, several styles are in fashion. Jewelry classics like plain gold balls or diamond studs are back in style, as are simple hoops. Earrings with rhinestone dangles or gem detailing are bound to be big this season, as are oversized studs that look like clip-ons. Classic button earrings with cloisonne or filigree details look chic again, while understated chandelier styles are still holding on. Instead of the chandelier earrings styles of the past few years, avoid the beads and colorful details. Stick to beautiful Bollywood gold for a stylish look.

Necklaces are also keeping it classic this winter. Instead of the obviously fake feathers, motorcycle chains and other unusual trends of recent years, this year’s fashion jewelry trends are all about looking like real jewelry. Plain chains, simple pendants and large-link necklaces are a few of the season’s most popular styles. Initial pendants are big again, whether on their own or hammered onto gold or silver discs. Gold in general is back in style, unlike the past few winters which have favored silver metals.

Fashion jewelry bracelets are still holding on to a few relics from the past few years. Thin bangles are still around, but look much more chic this time around. Plain, hammered or filigree styles make for chic bangles this winter, especially with gem details. Things like the simple diamond tennis bracelet are coming back into style, as are omega necklaces and bracelets and the hammered “X and O” look. Though not technically bracelets, classic ladies’ dress cuff and bracelet watches are also back in fashion.

This is definitely a season to stock up on fashion jewelry, so go ahead and splurge on a few pretty pieces. With classic styles that are meant to look like genuine jewelry, you’ll be able to wear this winter’s buys for years to come.

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2009 Beads Jewelry Fashion Trends Forecast

Foreword: In 2009 you’ll see more bright and natural colors in fashionable beads jewelry…

Spring of 2009 is right around the corner and there’s no better time to plan for the upcoming bead jewelry trends than right now, before the 2009 spring and summer seasons really begin! Predicting future fashion and jewelry trends is always a little bit of a game, but I’ve been reading a lot of fashion magazines, listening to my customers that visit my bead jewelry display table and generally talking to people about what they are looking for. There are some definite trends for 2009 and here are some of the things I’m hearing:

Colorful and Natural

I have seen some emphasis on “nature” influences which sometimes shows itself in the materials such as wood or stone beads use in jewelry, but I’ve also seen a lot more “flower” and “leaf” shaped beads and pendants on the scene. Any sort of botanical or organic looking jewelry pieces or beads are still popular from what I’ve seen. I don’t make much, but I’ve actually had people asked me if I have anything that has “natural warmth”.

Big and Beautiful

It sounds like the days of dainty shiny pieces of metal jewelry are gone for the moment and the big and colorful gemstone jewelry and beads are still pretty hot right now. People are still asking for more “chunky” jewelry, sometimes with larger stones and crystals that catch the eye, sometimes with asymmetrical patterns or at least oddly cut beads and gemstones.

Cocktail Rings

If you’re shopping, wearing or making rings, consider “rings with bling!” Cocktail rings are generally over-the-top diamond or gemstone rings that are overly colorful, shiny and, yes, sometimes a bit gaudy. But that’s part of the fun! These go along with the bright and bold bead jewelry you might be wearing and could even match or compliment it with similar gemstones or beads. You can make cocktail rings with gemstone beads, crystal beads or just about any other shiny materials.

Charms and Pendants

Again, going with the bold and bright bead jewelry, what stands out more than a beautiful chain that meets with a large bold diamond or gemstone charm or pendant on the end?

Modern Metals

Yes, natural and chunky are in, but there is still room for metals in beaded jewelry, especially when it is sleek and modern looking or even mixed with natural materials like wood and stone beads. There are always people who like the more “modern” beads and jewelry as opposed to the more traditional bead jewelry designs. You can buy modern beads for jewelry making or you can go for a more unique look and actually make

beads jewelry out of hardware washers!

Silver and Gold

Silver has been popular for the last few years and that will probably continue, but you’ll also see more gold and even two-tone chains and metals being used in both beads and jewelry pieces. Some of those silver and gold Trollbeads are excellent examples of mixed metals being used as a charm or pendant in bead jewelry pieces.

Faux Foreign Influence

I’m still seeing a lot of Asian and Moroccan influences in fashion, home furnishings and even jewelry. The influences don’t have to be completely genuine or “realistic” but that sense of something coming from a foreign country and past time are still popular. Even the big chain stores are catching this vibe and a lot of their house wares and jewelry give off that “Pier One” vaguely Indian or Eastern Orient vibe. When you’re creating bead jewelry necklaces or bracelets you could think about using dark wooden beads (natural) and mixing it with large metal Oriental looking coins and rings with a hole through the center to bring in the foreign feel!


You’ll want to think about bright and bold, but remember that natural element! Neons and wild synthetic colors are not popular, but bright natural colors definitely are in, both in clothing and jewelry fashion. Once again, I have to turn to the color experts at Pantone who have picked out the trendy colors for 2009. Don’t forget to look at the 28 page Adobe Acrobat guide there! It’s fun and inspirational! I’m thinking about printing a few of the pages out and hanging them around my beading area for inspiration when I’m creating my jewelry.

Last, if you have seen any other bead jewelry trends for 2009 that I missed, pls don’t hesitate to let me know…

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The Allure of Diamond Earrings

They say that it’s the accessories that make or break an outfit. The case is certainly true when it comes to that little precious item called diamond earrings. That Armani dress may have cost the earth, but, without the right accessory it might look totally lifeless. Conversely, even an inexpensive frock from a high street fashion outlet can look stunning when combined with the right diamond earrings. Everything depends on the ability to mix and match clothing and accessories. Even when it comes to the rich and famous, this can be a hit and miss affair.

Diamond earrings are a fascinating jewelry item. There are so many variations on the theme, each having their own particular appeal and effect: from simple diamond stud earrings, which even Jane Goodall could wear with her fatigues while studying African primates; to a stunning pair of stud and drop asscher cut diamond earrings, as seen worn by numerous Hollywood starlets walking the red carpet on Oscar night.

What is it that is so alluring about diamond earrings. Perhaps it is that they are worn higher up the human figure than rings, and are thus far more prominent. Diamond jewelry also calls on the interplay between diamond facets and light. Being closer to the face, diamond earrings are less obstructed by shadows created by the body, and so they really are given the opportunity to shine in all their glory.

Of course, dangling diamond earrings move, and with movement comes sparkle. That is because movement enables a fascinating interplay between facets and light. Diamond Stud earrings do not move around of course, and therefore they give a more consistent sparkle, which attracts less attention. Nevertheless, these types of earrings are no less appealing, and are in fact the classic manifestation of understated elegance.

In connection to the appeal of diamond earrings, I remember that there was once a survey, in which women were asked about their favorite jewelry item. Diamond earrings were surprisingly in the first place. When asked why, women responded that they expected to receive a diamond engagement ring anyway. It was a traditional item of jewelry that would be worn on a daily basis. On the other hand, diamond earrings where something special. One didn’t expect to receive them, and therefore such a gift was perceived as a real act of love. In addition, diamond earrings were worn on special occasions, and made women feel beautiful.

Of course, diamond stud earrings are not the sole territory of women, as demonstrated by the likes of David Beckham and Sean Combs (AKA Puff Daddy).

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The Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes Can Make Your Jewelry Look More Elegant

Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes are beautifully made, with unbelievably intricate Hand Painting. They are purely for storing small and big items such as rings, earrings and others as well as can be used for decorative purposes also.

Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes add to the beauty of jewelry and other valuable items kept in it. These boxes are available in a number of sizes and a vast range of colors and designs They could be made of glass, wood, metal or more than one or two materials and are painted with various colors and designs.

Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes are useful for displaying jewelry at home, and in exhibitions and retail outlets. One should choose box according to the place where it would be kept. While using Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes do not forget the security aspect. Several security devices are available that can be attached to Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes to make them more secure. Some Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes have built-in security systems.

The choice of Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes also depends on the kind of item that has to be displayed. Certain items look good only when displayed in Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes, such as old watches. But some items may look better in boxes made of aluminum or any other metal.

If one has to travel frequently with Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes, they should be ultra-secure, lightweight and easy to handle. As far as aesthetics is concerned, the wooden display boxes can exhibit real charm, elegance, royalty and class, though antique display boxes made of metal or glass also look quite elegant at times.

Until a couple of centuries back, all jewelry boxes were handmade. There are certain companies which offer to make Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes available according to individual tastes and preferences. That could, also, cost one a great deal.

Most of the Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes are generally made of wood. This is because wooden boxes often last longer than metallic boxes, are easier to make, and most of the time look more elegant and classy.

Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes are made differently all over the world. However, they can be ordered from anywhere in the world, as many of them are displayed online. To see them online or order Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes log on to: –

Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes look different from jewelry boxes produced in factories, in terms of class and elegance. Their prices are often very high. Though their supply is limited, they are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, textures and prices. If you are still not able to find one, it is always better to search for them online at

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Stone Jewellery – An Eternal Beauty

Stone jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last a lifetime. They have always been an integral part of the Indian tradition. The components of such jewelries constitute precious and semi-precious stones embedded in the traditional gold, silver, diamond and even platinum. There has been a significant increase in the global awareness of the economic potential of jewelry and gemstones in the recent past. This has accelerated the rate of production in this sector and intensified the demand for the gemstones producing countries.

The Industry:-The organized sector of the gems and jewelry industry in India is estimated to grow at 40 per cent per annum to US$ 2.2 billion by 2010. The financial year 2009-10, as per the Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council’s (GJEPC), showcased an upward movement in its efforts to spread trading relations and widen its markets. Gold Souk, the jewelry mall developer, in its effort to enhance the market strategy, has planned a sprawling gems and jewelry special economic zone (SEZ) spread across 40 acres with an investment of US$ 441.1 million. A total net imports of gems and jewelry in April 2009- March 2010, touched US$ 27.49 billion (app) taking the growth to the tune of US$ 19.9 million over corresponding month in the previous year, according to the GJEPC.

The Structure And The Suppliers:

  • India has achieved a sustainable growth in this particular sector, as a prominent international source for high quality designer (precious and semi precious) stone jewelry.

  • Based out of certain prominent states, spread across the North, West and East, production facilities owned by local as well as National brands have proved to accelerate the Indian stone jewelry sector, which is primarily an unorganized one.
  • The primal strengths of these units are their state-of-art technologies and the skilled craftsmen.

Overview: India is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry. She takes pride in being the diamond polishing capital of the world. India has evolved in being a major force in the global Gems and Jewelry business on the basis of the following strengths:

  • Availability of highly skilled and low-cost labor
  • Established manufacturing excellence in jewelry (both with and without stones) and diamond polishing
  • Most technologically advanced diamond cutting center in the world.
  • Harnesses the opportunity to address the global market

Conclusion:-Apart from the   beauty  and legacy associated with the stone  jewelries , the gems are of great curative value too. The ancient scientific scriptures stand tall in finding relationship between color, planets, and gemstones. The color stratification, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), goes on to explain the presence of cosmic rays in various wavelengths (colors), giving rise to unique affects on the health of our mind and body.

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Vintage Engagement Ring The Beauty of an Engagement Ring

Antique Diamond Sapphire Engagement RingsAn vintage engagement ring has a unique design or style. Some call this design the times. Vintage style engagement rings are available for engagement rings are beautiful and unique. Even though there are various types of styles that have an antique ring, most of them are made ​​of gold, but not all will rock the diamond, either: rubies, emeralds, sapphires and antique stones are popular. Some colorful vintage ring with a precious stone of a distinct kind. The settings that are finely made and you can appreciate the beauty of an engagement ring.

Meanwhile ring can definitely return date for several decades, some of the most popular designs return date to the 1800’s and 1900’s. Not all the same antique engagement ring.

Victorian style (1835-1900)

The most popular design for an antique ring is a solitaire and Victoria. There are also many designs at the Victoria and solitaire that uses other gemstones such as rubies, pearls, sapphire, amethyst, diamond, etc. Victorian engagement ringreflects the feelings of romantic time. Engagement rings and other jewelry, including a complex design with flowers, birds and hearts.

They also have designs such as rope and a small flower arrangement to enhance the beauty of the ring. Workmanship is very fine so you can see the elegance on it, perfectly designed for women or women with matching gemstone. There is also a ring with a style that represents distinct era. They use plentiful of precious stones.

Vintage Diamond Engagement RingsEdwardian style (1900-1920)

Platinum and white gold to the metal option for all jewelry, including engagement Edwardian rings.

Art Deco style (1930),

Art deco engagement ring is characterized by geometric shapes, symmetry and Egyptian motifs. White gold and platinum metals remain the option for engagement rings, and diamond and gemstone formed in the European style of the Old and Asscher cuts.

If the bride-to-be a hobby, art or history, good tactile is to discover ring which fits with the interests of their regions.

Keeping the mind ind, has a ring of jewelry you are judged by leading experts to verify its value, and insure the pieces if necessary. Vintage engagement ring engagement ring can make a captivating and extremely unique views and eye-catching. With a little diligence, discover a suitable ring can be easier and worthwhile, find out you are treating your relationship with consideration and care needed to survive and even longer than the ring.

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