The Meaning of Beautiful Irish Jewelry

Have you ever been to Ireland?

Ireland is a magical beauty worth a visit at least once. My family and I visit Ireland often and stay at a self catering cottage called Peaceful Cottage in the west, Connemara often. The beauty of the west coast is unsurpassed except by the warmth and friendliness of its people.

The Irish culture and tradition is something everyone should experience in their life time. But if you can’t get there just yet or you want to remember its warmth the easiest way to enjoy Ireland’s beautiful heritage is through Irish jewelry.

Jewelry as beautiful as Ireland itself steeped in symbolism and tradition.

While jewelry is usually designed to be beautiful, Irish jewelry truly stands apart because it isn’t just pretty to look at, it has deep meaning and cultural ties.

There are many Celtic symbols but there are five beloved symbols translated into beautiful Irish jewelry time and time again.

The Claddagh Ring, Irish Harp, Celtic Cross, Trinity Knot and last but not least the Shamrock.

The Claddagh Ring is the most famous of all Irish symbols isn’t just for the Irish anymore. Named after a tiny fishing village Galway on the west coast, this popular design universal symbol of enduring love. The claddagh design has two hand holding a crowned heart. It’s a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty.

The Irish Harp, although not as renowned as the shamrock is the official emblem if Ireland. The harp can be found on various official government documents such as the Irish presidential seal and passports. Irish harp jewelry is elegant and a true symbol of what it means to be Irish.

Legend says that the Celtic Cross was basically created by St. Patrick who drew a circle through a cross to tie in the symbolism of the Moon Goddess to teach the pagans about Christianity. Today it is viewed as a symbol of God endless love synonymous with the Irish faith.

The Trinity Knot like the Celtic Cross is a symbol of faith and heritage. Ancient Celts believed the triple knot was sacred. Christians adopted it as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Today the trinity knot is viewed as the Irish love knot.

Last but certainly not the least of the Irish symbols is the beloved shamrock. This lovely three leaf clover is adorned by all of Ireland. Like the trinity knot St. Patrick also used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. The shamrock is the flower of Ireland and beloved as jewelry worn as a symbol of good luck by all.

Ireland the land of magical beauty, rich in tradition and culture. When you give a piece of Irish jewelry you carry on Irish tradition one gift at a time. Irish jewelry can be found at reputable online stores. We suggest checking the company’s Facebook page and searching for online complaints before purchasing.

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Native American earrings- Every woman’s choice

Women look beautiful especially when they put the most beautiful jewelry on. Amongst various types, earrings are one such accessory that adds a tinge of that extra beauty to a woman’s face. Earrings can be worn in two ways; they can be either clipped on or worn on pierced ears. For pierced ears, one can choose from studs, chandelier, post and hoop or hook earrings.

One can choose from the wide variety which includes earrings made in sterling silver and gold. Precious and semi precious stones and metals are used to make these earrings. Turquoise, jet, coral, lapis, opal, mother of pearl are some of the precious stones that add to the look of the earrings. Native American tribes like Navajo or Zuni also handcraft these earrings. The Zuni tribe is basically Indian tribes and they make use of stones to make elaborate designs. The Navajos are expert in creating exquisite deigns with the help of silver sheets, balls and wires.

Chandelier earrings match formal wedding dresses and look good with casuals too. These are available in sterling silver or 14 k gold. Studded with gemstones, these pairs woo the women with their immaculate finish and magnificence. Choose the one that matches your dress and grab the spotlight at a party.

Earrings accentuate every look, may it be casual or formal. Different shapes of earrings compliment different face shapes. Long and chandelier earrings look good on people with round faces. Teardrop earrings complement heart shaped faces. The assortment of earrings includes Zuni turquoise earrings, Turquoise earrings and turquoise inlaid earrings. The stone is a fad with the Jewelry lovers. Most of these stones used in the earrings are result of rocky or marine deposits in mines and seas.

The earrings are beautifully designed to look appealing on any woman who wears them. Silver metal used in these earrings is of high quality and adds to the grace by making the earrings a bit sober irrespective of the stones used in it. The stones used are of various colors and you can buy one for every dress. The placing of stones is done carefully in order to avoid their mislaying. Pricing of these earrings is done keeping the customers in mind. The price range is varied and there are pieces which suit everyone’s pocket. You will also find earrings which are studded with more than one precious stone. All of them unified together to make every pair a masterpiece.

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The Beauty of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has many forms

People have been creating and wearing fashion jewelry almost as long as they have been wearing clothes. Jewelry helps a person define their personality, bring out their best features and add some pizazz to their outfits. Fashion jewelry can range from very casual and inexpensive to very formal and somewhat expensive. People create fashion jewelry from numerous materials including wood, paper, rice, plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass and just about everything else you can imagine. There are even people who create jewelry from recycled garbage. Whether it is casual or dressy, made from wood or even gold, choosing the right jewelry can help you create your own personal fashion identity.

Choosing fashion jewelry

When choosing fashion jewelry you have a lot of options. One idea is to have a common theme and choose all of your jewelry to compliment that theme. For some people, it is animal jewelry. They will choose frogs pins, snake earrings and turtle bracelets in a variety of colors to match each outfit in their wardrobe. By doing this, they are creating a fashion identity and people identify with them for that. Often, people may stop by their desk at work just to see what new animal jewelry they are wearing that day. Another idea is to choose a signature color and work your fashion jewelry wardrobe around that. For some people, variety is the spice of life and they will simply choose a unique fashion jewelry suite to compliment every outfit in their wardrobe.

Quality vs. price

You may be tempted to buy fashion jewelry at a very low price, sometimes even the dollar store has pieces that are cute, but be careful about the quality. No matter how inexpensive the piece is, it won’t give you a good value if it falls off halfway through the day. You don’t have to spend a fortune for good fashion jewelry, but you should choose pieces that are well made and will last a long time in your wardrobe. Even if the piece goes out of style, rest assured that it will be back “in” someday and then will be even more valuable since it may qualify as vintage.

Where to find great fashion jewelry

There are many places to find fashion jewelry both off and online. You might try shopping at craft shows, specialty shops and just about every popular department store. Of course, shopping for jewelry online offers several important advantages because you can bring outfits out of your closets to match up with the jewelry on your screen and also you save a lot of time and expense by not running around from store to store.


Fashion jewelry has long been a part of many different cultures and can be made from a variety of materials. Fashion jewelry can help a person develop their fashion identity and accentuate their best features. Another great advantage is that you can create several different looks from the same clothing pieces and help stretch your wardrobe. Shopping online is a great way to find and purchase good quality jewelry at a reasonable price.

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How to make a beautiful diamond ring

To make a beautiful diamond ring would require a type of metal smithy and stone setting skills. But this is nothing extraordinary and one can make a beautiful diamond ring if he has the aptitude and love of aesthetics. Here is a step-by-step guidance how to make a beautiful diamond ring.

Before setting out to make a diamond ring, one should be very clear about the budget. Consulting a jeweler may not always help as he may not know the state of your personal finances. How much you wish to spend on a diamond ring is a very personal choice and it is important to make a budget that you feel comfortable with. Once you finalize your budget, it is necessary not to keep altering the budget despite pressure.

Visualize the overall appearance and feel of the ring. The choice should be whether a traditional ring and a modern ring, whether a solitaire or multiple stones, whether all diamonds or a mix of diamonds with colored stones

After determining the general style of the ring, you need to decide the type of metal you want and the style of the band. Generally, wedding bands are made from gold, platinum or sterling silver. Your jeweler will be able to show you a variety of bands in which to set the diamond from a simple Tiffany style to an elaborate or complex type of band.

This is a crucial step. You have to select the diamond. Please know that your jeweler may tempt you with a number of dazzling stones but you need to remember the four Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat (weight) as also your budget. Take the help of a professional if you are unsure.

Cut actually refers to two different aspects of a diamond’s appearance – the shape of the stone and the quality of workmanship. Popular diamond shapes include round, marquise, princess, radiant, pear, oval, emerald and heart.

As you may be aware, the color of diamonds is graded. Colorless or near colorless diamonds are rare and considered extremely precious. Most diamonds invariably have a slightly yellow tinge to their color. A stone graded “D” is considered colorless. Stones graded E or F are colorless to the eye though in reality not colorless. Stones graded G, H, or I colors will have more yellow, but will still be near colorless to the naked eye. Stones graded J, K, L, or M will have a very faint yellow tint. You will be able to see the slight tint when the stone is placed next to a whiter diamond or when set in a white metal like platinum or white gold.

The clarity of diamonds is also graded. Almost all diamonds have some internal or external flaws. Flawless or diamonds are very rare and hence very expensive. Diamonds graded VVS1 and VVS2 look flawless to an untrained eye. Diamonds graded VS1 and VS2 have flaws visible with a loupe but not to the naked eye. Stones graded SI1, SI2 and SI3 stones have flaws that may or may not be visible to the naked eye, but will have clear flaws under a loop. Stones graded I1 will have small inclusions visible even to the naked eye.

As is well-known, the carat weight is the size of the stone. And no tutorial on this is necessary.

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Tips to Take Care Turquoise Jewelry

The uniqueness and rarity of the color turquoise jewelry make an attraction, especially for women. There are tons of creative pieces that jewelers can do with these precious stones. Turquoise jewelry is especially popular gift ideas for people born in the month of December, as it is their birth. Nevertheless, many people, regardless of the month, were born, are really powerless in love with the beauty of turquoise.

Turquoise jewelry can be really expensive, especially the high quality product and authentic. Because of the popularity of turquoise, May you find a lot of counterfeits. That is why we have to be a little cautious when buying one. If you bought your jewelry at a high cost, but it is good to treat them as your children and take care of them the best possible way. Here are some tips that can help preserve their true beauty.

• To clean Turquoise jewelry, you can use your usual cloth to wipe away Grimes or dirt. This could brighten your stone in two ways. First, it removes tarnish without any damage. Secondly, cleaning cloth with the money can add luster turquoise stones.

• In the absence of a fabric of money, you can use a soft cloth. You can add a little water to soften the fabric and polishing the stone. Make sure you follow so far in wiping stone with a soft, and this time dry cloth. This would eliminate any trace of moisture after cleaning the stone. After doing so, allow your turquoise dry naturally.

• Be sure to keep turquoise jewelry away from other precious stones difficult, especially diamonds, because they can leave scratches on your precious jewels.

• When you withdraw your turquoise accessories, make sure you do so by towing on the metal part of money or jewelry. Do not pull on turquoise.

• Keep your turquoise jewelry in his store after each use. You can wrap them carefully with a tissue or 100% cotton paper and place them in your jewelry box or in a zip-lock plastic bag. In doing so, you can prevent and tarnish the possibility of hard materials scratch your turquoise accessories.

• Do not use soap, chemicals or hard on your perfume turquoise jewelry coz these can harm your precious turquoise jewelry. 

• Make sure you withdraw your turquoise rings before putting their hands on creams or lotions. If you are organization to use oils, remove jewelry and turquoise. Even your natural skin oil can affect the color turquoise jewelry over time. May they even change color a little.

Turquoise jewelry is really beautiful once worn. It can instantly your jazz appearance total, especially if you’re about to attend a special occasion that you need to dress. Turquoise is really not difficult to bear. With the advice above, make a mental note of things you must do to preserve the beauty of turquoise. With proper maintenance, turquoise can really take a long time and will continue to decorate for you as you need it.

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Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling With Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you have a valuable collection of fine jewelry you most certainly want to keep it as clean as possible so that the true beauty of the rings, necklaces, bracelets and ear rings look as great as they did as the day you purchased them. You certainly do not want to stop wearing your pieces just because they have lost their glimmer and shine.   Gone are the days of having to rub a messy paste wax on each and every piece of your jewelry to get it clean. Today your jewelry will shine and sparkle with the help of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This type of cleaner is designed to remove those tiny particles that get trapped in the crevices of jewelry. Sonic jewelry cleaners use ultrasonic sound waves in a liquid to clean the jewelry. A small machine holds the liquid in a tank and you simply put the jewelry inside and turn on the machine. The tiny bubbles that form and collapse quickly are what scrubs away the tiny dirt and dust particles that have attached themselves to the jewelry. A transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in the ultrasonic cleaner.

There are several benefits to cleaning your jewelry in this manner. First, you do not have to take large pieces of jewelry apart because the ultrasonic method cleans everything at the same time. This method is by far the quickest way to keep your jewelry clean and not only that, it saves money as well. Many people feel forced to take their intricate pieces of jewelry to a jeweler to have it cleaned and we all know that doing that is quite expensive as jewelers often charge a set price per piece. It takes a jeweler a considerable amount of time to clean jewelry and that is the justification for the rather steep prices charged.
Another benefit to the ultrasonic cleaner is precision. The dirt and grime is removed from every crevice on the jewelry and this is done on a consistent basis each time you use the device. Your jewelry is bound to be worn more when you have it cleaned in this manner and can even add to the life of some pieces of jewelry as jammed dirt particles can actually loosen pieces of jewelry from the settings.

The next time you discover that it is time to clean your jewelry look into buying an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. You will be very glad you did!

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Choosing Fake Engagement Jewelry Rings That Look Real

If you are in the souk for an engagement enclose, you may be happy to know that you don’t have to fritter a fate. When most of us think of a traditional sort, we think of a rhombus. Nevertheless, how much will it outlay you to grasp a good trait rhombus that’s finicky in extent? For many, it would affect economic hardship or even result in debt just to own this mode of hoop. A fake engagement pealed, however, is one that contains a sandstone that resembles a rhombus, such as cubic zirconia. This man-made, or bent, rock is intended to mimic a faultless, eye sterile sculpt and offers the wearer a good specter on the hand. Below are some tips to choose fake engagement jewelry rings that won’t bust your account:

Shop for a believable amount in solitaire semblance. Traditionally, engagement rings are designed like a solitaire (solo sandstone). If you want to find a fake engagement appear that skin cubic zirconia instead of a rhombus, it’s important to exclusive a volume that is believable. When semblance is termed believable, it means that others who see the wearer would not feign it is fake just because of its mass. In other terms, a 1 carat granite may be more believable than a 10 carat deseed save the wearer is known to be wealthy. Typically, a 1 carat or 2 carat solitaire offers the most believable device in fake engagement rings.

Choose fake engagement rings set in sterling silver. Recognized as a precious metal, sterling  silver 925 is both lasting and scenic. Because it resembles ashen gold and/or platinum, this gorgeous icy metal is a trendy excellent for those who crave a trait locale without the sturdy outlay tag. Of the precious metals, which contain authentic 925 silver, gold and platinum, worthy is the most affordable. When it comes to maintain its beauty, all that’s crucial is a polishing cloth to eliminate dirty and restore shine.

Know what you are business. If you warehouse online, which many do, buy from a reliable jeweler who specializes in attribute pieces. If you are in the market for excellent silver 925 and cubic zirconia fake engagement rings, store with a website that offers product photos so that you will know right what you will obtain. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Customer ritual is essential to all businesses, and a descent online trinkets store will tempt your inquiries and suggestions.

Don’t simulate that fake engagement rings lack in feature. By definition, fake is something that is not real. Faux leather is not authentic leather, but it is still charming. Cubic zirconia, while it is not an open diamond, is also beautiful and is nothing abruptly of breathtaking when worn as an engagement buzz. Don’t guess that just because you each cannot or will not squander affluence for a certain manner of ring, it is any less beautiful if you shop shrewdly.

As an ending thought to buy fake engagement rings, make loyal that the wearer knows that the ring is not a genuine diamond. It’s forever a good idea for couples to confer accounting, sort amount and pricing when it comes to this type of asset. In actuality, it is during these discussions that many couples resolve to invest in fake engagement rings in the opening so that they can allow other essentials in the potential.

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3 Benefits of Stainless Steel Jewelry

People nowadays seem to really be more interested in owning pretty things than they were at any other point in the past. The higher classes have always had that type of fascination with objects that were aesthetically pleasing, but it is only in recent decades that the same fascination has spread to a large amount of the population. In many cases, this fascination translates itself into the purchase and use of jewelry. Whether a person wants jewelry for its beauty, or wants it in order to look more refined or for any other reason, there are a number of people that buy jewelry every day of the week.

In any case, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account when dealing with jewelry. The first of those considerations has to be given to the actual concept of the materials that are used in the creation of the jewelry. Gold and silver are the two most popular jewelry materials nowadays, but another material has steadily grown in popularity over recent years. Stainless steel jewelry, though not really well known to a lot of people, is nevertheless a growing niche of jewelry. As more people discover the benefits of stainless steel jewelry, more people begin to purchase it. Here are the three main benefits of stainless steel jewelry.

Versatile: Stainless steel jewelry is very versatile. As previously mentioned, the reason that people buy jewelry differs from person to person. Some people buy it just to own something pretty, while others buy it to wear it and make themselves look more attractive in public. Some people also want to look more refined in public rather than attractive and once again wearing jewelry is a way to accomplish this. Regardless of what the circumstances are, there is a piece of stainless steel jewelry available that can help you fulfill those needs; making stainless steel jewelry very versatile.

Good Material: Gold and silver are both very beautiful materials and this is why historically a lot of jewelry and other pretty things were made from one or both of the two precious metals. One of the biggest problems with both, however, is that they both stain very easily. It is easy to smudge or strain gold and silver and for this reason jewelry of these materials needs to be handled very carefully and polished often. The same attention to detail is not a requirement with stainless steel and this makes it appealing to a number of different people.

Durable: When you consider durability, it is quite obvious that stainless steel outperforms either gold or silver. Stainless steel is not only a naturally hardy alloy (as it was created to be), but it is also an alloy that can handle a lot of wear and tear. This means that in the course of wearing jewelry that undergoes a lot of use (i.e. rings and bracelets), stainless steel jewelry will last quite a bit longer than its gold or silver counterparts. This is a bigger return on investment.

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Diamond Gives a Beautiful Glow

Diamonds, from time immemorial have evinced the interests of historians, treasure hunters, kings and queens all the same. This underground rock, that was once charcoal, mellows with the centuries to form expensive, much sought after precious gems called diamonds. They are cleaned of any impurities, shaped and cut to enhance its glow and clarity. Once done, they are entitled for a prize cap of a huge catch. Some take great pains to ensure that theirs is the best bargain of all. There have been battles waged, sabotages carved, murders committed all to lay hands on this piece of antique.

So why are diamonds sought after with such rage? Young and old, men and women, shed their inhibitions to sing praises about this coveted stone. Research has shown that diamonds were once worn by only royals. They had adorned a heirloom of the greatest of greatest kings, dainty damsels, handsome princes and petite princesses. Anybody who wish to identify themselves among this elite panel would definitely want to adorn themselves of this exquisite piece of jewellery. There is something strange about this piece of stone that has many folklores to it. It is said to bring luck and prosperity to the person beholding it. Some are cursed to bring downfall too.

All said and done, why wouldn’t the common man take such pains to own a piece of luxury? It is a matter of class and ethnic importance. Wearing a diamond showcases his financial pose and upbringing. He will be looked upon with awe and respect because these are not the kind that you would come across every other day. Wouldn’t we would die to place ourself in his shoes. It gives you a sense of dignity and appreciation to find yourself in a “class apart”. But, of late diamonds have become more affordable and accessible to the lesser strata of the society who had long been wishing to own such regal inventory. Pioneers in diamond trade like debeers, ddamas and Kimberly have now started retailing their diamond sales so that they are more accessible and pocket friendly.

Blessed are they by mother nature who inherit laudable qualities without laboring for it. The sheen and dazzle of diamonds stand testimony to the fact that these stones are meant to rule the world. It would not be surprising to note that men are equally zealous like their women counterparts to adorn these lovely stones. Keeping this in mind, today’s market are filled with a plethora of designs and caricatures to cater to the men’s accessories. Today it is not in a woman’s world to adorn all that glittering metal and precious stones. Men are, in a subtle way are braving past to ascertain their hold in the jewelry world. When it comes to establish an affluent identity, there is no prejudice as to man or woman. Diamonds are there to enhance your stance and goes places in deciding your authority when decked with some outstanding pieces of jewelery. Invariably, gold was used to set diamonds. But, platinum has taken over its place in recent times. The shining grey metal is a perfect match when compared to the bright yellow metal. Platinum and diamond complement each other ideally in terms of quality value and respect. The glow and glitter emanating from this dual possession is sure to be the cynosure of all eyes.

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