Effy Jewelry

Effy store was first established on Aruba Island, a place that is packed with natural beauty. Then the concept of the store was to bring reliable and highly admired collection of jewelry to the people at reasonable prices. At present, there are lots of Effy stores are available throughout the world for the loyal clients to enjoy the wonderful products of Effy Jewelry.

The customer service of Effy is the best among the jewelry industry of the world and become famous after getting an award for that. They exactly know what people want from them. Their generous and supportive policies of lifetime repair warranty and thirty day return for all the item is one of the main reasons behind their huge reputation among the people around the world. So that, people can easily believe that their investment will surely be backed with full support and the products that your purchase will last forever. That’s really incredible!

After hearing all about Effy Jewelry, I’m sure that you must want to go there and get something for you. If you go to any Effy store you will be stunned with the great Effy jewelry collection of diamond, gemstone and tanzanite jewelry and may wish to wear every single product there. Effy directly imports their fine diamonds and precious gemstones from the mines. After that, the experts of Effy designed every product by themselves at New York workshop. As a result, there is no chance for the third parties to influence the prices of the products. This a great benefit to the clients that they can easily enjoy the finest, unique and long lasting jewelry at cheap rates.

Effy Jewelry house offers a great verity in their jewelry products. Effy tried to introduce some exclusive products for some certain purposes and for certain group of people as well. Effy launch some stylish and unique Effy earrings on the market targeting modern women of 25-35 years aged through each collection. Generally, Effy earrings enclose the sign of uniqueness and elegance in their design. On the other hand, there are some sort of Effy rings are available in the market that can be used for some especial purposes like as valentine gift to your beloved one or fiancé. Though the prices of Effy products may seem expensive, you need to realize the best part of using Effy products before going to purchase one of it. If you are looking for something good and exclusive, then you have to spend something more for a real good product. So, if you want to gift someone or to buy something unique and elegant, you must have to go for Effy Jewelry.
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Zoppini Jewelry – Italian Charms and Bracelets From Italy

When you see the beautiful Italian charms and bracelets designed by Zoppini Firenze, you will understand why the Fiorentini (residents of Florence, Italy) say “e stato amore a prima vista,” meaning, “it was love at first sight.” Elegant, dramatic, sensual, bold, glamorous are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when you see the quality crafted jewelry by one of Florence, Italy’s most talented design teams, Manual and Mauro Zoppini, who followed in the footsteps of the jeweler father, Marco Zoppini.

Drawing from the rich tradition of jewelry craft that is legendary in Italy, the magic of the heart of Tuscany permeates Zoppini charms and bracelet designs. Melding the incredible strength of stainless steel with the infinite allure of fluid design and symbols that are timeless, the beauty of Zoppini jewelry has spread across the world.

To wear an original Zoppini charm bracelet puts you in a select category: no other charm manufactured in the world is crafted with the same attention to detail. With over 1,500 designs, Zoppini Italian charms from their introduction to the American market in 1995 have grown to be the most recognized brand in the United States.

What makes the difference between an authentic Zoppini charm and an “Italian style” charm? Materials, link construction and interchangeability. Zoppini uses 18karat gold, resulting in a very elegant finish. These authentic Italian charms are made from the highest grade of nickel-free stainless steel in accordance with European standards. The absence of nickel eliminates allergic reactions to the skin. On the other hand, “Italian style” charms are made of brass or usually gold plated.

The artwork of authentic Zoppini Italian charms is hand painted enamel and the stones that are soldered onto a link providing a bond that is practically indestructible. With “Italian style” charms, the art or stones are glued onto the link. Authentic Zoppini Italian charms are interchangeable with the other major brands; they will slide on and off smoothly, while the links of the “Italian style” charms tend not to fit into the bracelet securely.
The same attention to detail that has led to domination of the market in charm bracelets is given to every piece of Zoppini jewelry. You can choose one of the dramatic and bold contemporary stainless steel designs available in necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings of the “Dare to Love” collection that is accented with sky blue spinel stones, or the ethereal “Feelings” collection, a spherical design complemented with 18 karat gold, leather and cubic zirconia stones.

If you are in the mood for something whimsical, the design of the “Coffe Collection” elevates the beloved coffee bean to a work of art. Whichever design you choose, you will feel infused with the passion for beauty that Italian jewelry artisans have shared with the entire world.

There is also a practical side to Zoppini jewelry-the “Time” collection is a magnificent assortment of stainless steel watches with features such as a magnifying quartz crystal, stainless steel chronograph buttons, unidirectional rotating bezel, Miyota 2115 movement with calendar and phosphorescent points on the time indicators.

Using the highest grade of stainless steel as its foundation for its jewelry, Zoppini has removed the barrier that has prevented many from wearing jewelry; allergic reactions to certain alloys, such as nickel. In addition, Zoppini Firenze continues the artisan tradition of Italian jewelry craft, surpassing the highest manufacturing standards in Europe and indeed the world.

You will see Zoppini jewelry adorning the models of top fashion magazines and worn by those who love the beauty and quality of finely crafted jewelry all over the world. Wherever you happen to be in the world; Brazil, Europe, Dubai, Canada, Asia or Italy, you will find Zoppini jewelry stores.
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Online Jewelry shopping in India

Jewelry can be worn by both men and women and is loved by all as they add glory and beauty to their personality. Jewelry is an age old fashion that is being worn with much care and is still in practice. Jewelry come in various form like the necklace, rings, bracelets, pendants, bangles etc. jewelry is also made from different materials like gold, silver, diamond, semi precious and precious stones etc. You will also find artificial jewelry in vogue today as you get to wear all kinds of jewelry at a very affordable price. You can have jewelry that matches your dress and accessories. And also due to the increase in the prices of precious metals, artificial jewelry is the most preferred one today.

Today you will find online jewelry shopping to be the most preferred option when buying jewelry, be the real gold jewelry, silver jewelry or artificial jewelry. Online shopping is the most convenient one as one does not have to leave the comforts of your home to buy jewelry and also one does not have to move from store to store in order to choose the one that suits your taste and budget.

There are Loose Gemstones Jewelry, pearl jewelry or gold jewelry for you to see and choose the one you want. Various websites have come with exquisite design of gold jewelry for the bridal wear, for formal wear, informal wear and for many other occasions. Gold jewelry is considered to be the best and auspicious metal by the people in India. Gold enhances the beauty of women and is also considered as a good investment option.

People also love gemstones that comprises of stones ranging from rare gems to the most ordinary ones. Many online websites offer finely cut polished shapes gemstones like the cushion, oval, emerald, pearl, topaz, coral, opal, topaz, jade, ruby, sapphire, turquoise etc. these loose gemstones can be used for making jewelry or many types. The color, luster and their aesthetic appearance add beauty to the jewelry.

Pearl jewelry too is the most favorite of many women since ancient times. This beautiful organic gemstone comes from the ocean. Pearl jewelry looks great and can match with any outfit and for any occasion. You can make bangles, necklace, rings and earrings of your choice. There are many beautiful range of pearl jewelry design online and you can choose the one that suits your taste and is according to your budget. Pearls are a true beauty when it comes to jewelry and suits women of all age groups.
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Guide on How to Wear Jewelry

Wearing jewelry can add a touch of elegance to your appearance. Special events or grand parties are being flooded by individuals that wear stylish dresses and gorgeous jewelries attached to their body. If you can notice, both pretty and not so stunning style of jewelries is always center of everyone’s attention. In fact the blame is not on jewelry itself.

Designers won’t create ugly jewelry for everyone’s center of laughter that may be embarrassing to his creation. But rather the majority of the time, it’s a wrong pick and knowledge on ways to use the jewelry in a right way. A person should wear the jewelry, not the other way around, this suggests that jewelry can make and break somebody’s outfit. The right jewelry should permit a person to standout with beauty and class with less effort. It is important to learn some care tips for jewelry in order that they always look like new.

Jewelry is regarded as one of the most vital accessories that add beauty in finishing the specified complete look. If you are bewildered of picking and wearing the right jewelry ( like any other jewelry fashion victim ), here are some beneficial tips to guide you.

In wearing necklace, whether it has less or more strand, always make it tucked in your shirt. Otherwise, you can end up with tacky and childish look.

nowadays, you can wear a ring on your thumb, your pinky, or just any other finger, just be sure that it complements well with your clothes and matches the occasion. Keep away with inconsistent large size rings, they’ll simply make your fingers and hands look smaller. Avoid also wearing multiple rings since it appears to be too gaudy.

In wearing bracelets, always remember the rule which is don’t wear it too tightly around your wrist, nor letting them slide through your arms.

Like any other jewelries, there are also particular earrings you must wear in a selected event. It’s not suitable to wear diamond stud at the beach neither wearing punk-inspired earrings during a red carpet event.

Metallic wrist-watches go better with an evening suit, while leather watches are better in an off-the-cuff event.

Avoid wearing too much jewelry. Tons of jewelry attached on your body can be cluttered and confusing and can destroy your look. you can wear many accessories for as long as it complements well with your outfit, simply for example, layering hand-crafted glass bead necklaces or anklets if you desired a more laid-back or bohemian look.

You only have to wear jewellery that has the right length and size. Don’t wear overly large size jewelry since they look too showy. Wearing too small accessories look ungainly with huge person. Don’t mixed too large jewelry with small ones, just like thick necklace and miniscule stud earring mix, this would truly look clumsy.

Different types of jewelry can use for different events. Be at liberty to wear jewelry anytime and anywhere to boost your image and enhances your general appearance.

Different jewelry wants different cleaning methods, some easy cleaning tips for Swarovski jewellery are straightforward to find if you just do a quick Google search. Swarovski jewelry is costly so keeping it clean is important in making sure that it last you many years. No matter what type of jewelry you have keeping it clean will always aid in making it last and look good when wearing it. You do not need to wear dirty looking jewelry, the sparkle is what cause it to look good.

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Lapidary Jewelry – Make Beautiful Jewelry

When you think about lapidary you right away think about rocks and gemstones, but there are more sides to this like making wire jewelry or making a setting. Some find it better to buy the stones already finished and then create their own jewelry.

If you’re actually creative you can make your jewelry from nothing using silver, gold and bronze. Wire-wrapping is used to create solder-free jewelry to set finished stones. You must learn the fundamentals first, like what sort of wire may be employed and also the correct pliers required (flat nose, round and regular).

Bringing out the beauty hidden away within a rock is a particularly rewarding experience. Lapidary jewelry is a particularly exciting craft due to the many sorts of stones you may use to form gorgeous pendants, broaches, rings and bracelets.

It can be a pricey past-time but there are numerous clubs that you can join and use their tools, so check out your local lapidary club. Also purchase used lapidary tools which will help you keep to a budget.

Taking classes is a great concept as there are jewelry classes for all levels of experience. There’s a lot to digest on making lapidary jewelry, this is just some of the things you can make and methodologies to learn.

For amateurs you want to know the way to knot necklaces and bracelets on silk with clasps and without. Also learn the way to make earrings and chain necklaces. When you have mastered the knotting you can then move on to cutting and polishing cabochons.

Learn the way to cut the cabochons into a shape and the way to use the apparatus and also what safety gear should be worn. Gem trees are a fascinating and ornamental item to make. These are tiny pieces of gems that are attached to branches made out of wire and attached to a base.

For this you want pliers flat nose, round and regular nose pliers; wire cutters; wire and glue. This is an inexpensive project.

Silver is an enjoyable metal to work with you can shape and solder strips together to outline a picture or figure and then solder it on to a silver back. The spaces between these strips can then be crammed with cut gems. There are several systems for this and it’s a good ability to be in a position to cut, solder, file and polish the silver.

Lapidary jewelry is a great pastime and a smart idea is to join a group so you can source information and get pointers on how to start and what tools and supplies you want. Also visit rock shows and see the huge array of stones you should purchase and the jewelry folks have made to come up with ideas. But do be ready to devote lots of time to it.

It does take practice and most of all patience but you will be rewarded at the end.

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Thanksgiving jewelry for lovely ladies

The world would have been so crude and shapeless without them. They not only complete but compliment our planet. Their being in itself is a feel of assurance. Be it as mothers, as wives, as friends, as sisters or as daughters they always tend to giving in nature. Although nothing could repay their contribution in our lives, expressing appreciation would be a great way to applaud the spirit of a woman.

Gemstone jewelry is one of the best gifts to greet the lady in your life. It’s not merely because women adore jewels but because gemstone jewelry is truly symbolic of women’s soul. Colorful, vibrant, gorgeous and precious; that’s the way they are and that’s the way they should be treated. While there is no specific pick when it comes to choosing jewelry as a thanksgiving gift here are few options to help you convey right message:

Emerald for mothers:
Green stands for earth and its stock. It is also the emblem of prosperity and well being that comes from womb of mother earth. It holds for lavish and selfless nature of earth. And such is the nature of mothers. Gift mothers with richly green eloquent emerald jewelry this thanksgiving in return for their unconditional love and devotion. While emerald goes well with all sorts of jewelry, pendant is most appropriate to gift mothers. If you are going for solitaire emerald pendants then yellow gold is the best option to twin it with. On the other hand if it is emerald with dazzle of diamonds then white gold or platinum would gel as well.

Ruby for wife/ girlfriend:
Red has always been the color of love and romance and same fits to Ruby. The intensity of red perfectly complimented by gems vibrant luster is an epitome of deep involvement. As a gift to your lady it implies love at a stage of profound passion. As far as the type and design of jewelry is concerned, shower her with whatever falls short in her jewel collection. With yellow gold ruby is classy, subtle and plain. On the contrary, when paired with platinum and diamonds glamour is red hot.

Aquamarine and Pink Sapphire for daughters and sisters:
Pretty, serene, caring and adorable are the words that often click while describing sisters and daughters. They play an unexplainable role in our lives. The lovely aquamarine and pink sapphire jewelry is perfect to describe their smooth gelling nature. Depending upon age aquamarine and pink sapphire jewelry ranges from mature elegant designs to jewelry specially designed for kids.

Sapphire to show gratitude:
Sapphire is the stone of sky and divine. In a relationship it stands for purity. If it is for expressing gratitude towards someone’s sincere involvement in your life then sapphire is best option to go for jewelry gifting.

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How to Take Care of Gold Jewelry ?

Taking Care of Your Gold Jewelry

Whether bought for yourself or as a gift, gold expresses love, permanence, individuality and style more eloquently than words could ever do.

If treated carefully, the gold jewelry item you purchase today could last a lifetime and might even be handed down to future generations. So here are some tips that will help preserve the beauty of your gold jewelry.

First of all, gold is lasting and durable but can get scratched or dented if treated roughly. This is particularly true of items worn on the hands like rings and bracelets that are prone to a lot of knocks. So remove these pieces before any type of strenuous activity.

Second, beware of chemicals. Gold’s worst enemy is chlorine. Repeated exposure can weaken gold’s structure, eventually leading to breakage. So keep your gold jewelry away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools and jacuzzis.

On a related note, acids, abrasives and other harsh chemicals found in some common household cleaning solutions can weaken your jewelry or damage its finish. So it’s best to cover up rings and bracelets with rubber gloves while doing heavy-duty cleaning. Or better yet, take them off altogether.

Gold can lose its luster over time if repeatedly exposed to dust, moisture, perspiration and makeup. So make sure to clean your jewelry regularly. You can use a cleaning solution of sudsy, lukewarm water, or bring it to your local jeweler and have it professionally steam-cleaned. After cleaning and rinsing, always dry and polish jewelry with a chamois or soft cloth to avoid scratches and bring out its shine.

Proper storage is as important as cleaning. Protect your gold jewelry by storing it safely in a jewelry box or keeping it wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn. Furthermore, keeping pieces stored separately will prevent them from getting tangled or scratching one another.

Finally, always inspect your gold jewelry for weakness or damage and bring it to a professional jeweler you trust for immediate repair. Pay particular attention to clasps (to ensure they catch easily but are still secure); prongs (to ensure they haven’t cracked, bent or loosened, which could cause the stone to fall out); bracelet and neckchain links (to ensure they don’t kink or bend); pin backs and earring posts (to see if they are bent or loose); and wedding bands, pendants and charms (dangling pieces and items worn every day for a long period of time) are subject to wear and can thin out and eventually break. Your jeweler will be able to handle these and many other repair jobs and ultimately restore your gold jewelry for you.

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New age style of wedding ring

Now there are so many choices. For male wedding rings you can gift a fashionable and designer wedding ring as they are now fond of designer jewelry stuffs like their shoes and wardrobes. There are varieties of collections from numbers of designer brands. So you can choose your gift keeping in mind the grooms personal choice and liking. Every wedding ring has been crafted with equal importance and intricacies and technique. Traditionally wedding rings are made up of gold and silver alloy. But now designers are making rings of platinum and titanium. They are more durable and beautiful than a gold or silver ring. Platinum and titanium rings have a classy look with diamonds setting. Apart from diamonds valuable stones like emerald, ruby and Safire make these rings impressive and give them a rendering beauty. Just be sure and have a clear idea about the price and make your choice. Yellow gold is the most traditional of metals; for many people gold is a symbol of the warmth and love of a marriage. Look at the mark inside the band to see what quality the gold is – usually 14k, 18k, or 24k. While 24k is the most pure, it is also the softest. If you work with your hands, you may want to choose 14k or 18k to prevent scratches. White Gold is A hot trend because it coordinates with both silver and platinum jewelry, yet is cheaper than platinum. Platinum is very stylish metal is also the hardest metal, making it for many a symbol of enduring love. Also, because it is not mixed with the lesser metals that gold is, platinum is safe for those with allergies. However, you’ll pay more for platinum than for gold.

Now the design of the ring can be different. Big diamond with small stones or many small diamonds can be used. Designer houses provide a wide range of wedding rings for men. From plain silver and gold alloyed ring to white or red gold with diamond setting can be seen. You just have to make your choice. Basically diamonds rings are ruling the markets as they are more demanding than others. Diamond embedding rings, white gold wedding rings, platinum rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings are much expensive. Because they are done with intricate designs and attractive cuttings on their body. Valuable stones and design determine their price. Follow your instincts with the look and design of your ring, while asking yourself if it will be a design you’ll be comfortable wearing every day for the rest of your life. The traditional plain gold wedding band will be in style for years to come. If that’s too plain for you, consider a beaded edge or an engraved style. For a slightly flashier look, what about channel-set diamonds? Ultimately, choose a wedding band that you feel is expressive of your style and personality. I’ve heard of a couple that chose to have wedding bands custom-made that resembled bicycle gears, reflecting their mutual love of bike-riding. There’s really no wrong answer as to what style you should choose.

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Glass Jewelry – Fashion, Beauty and Elegance

No other accessories can match the evocative  beauty  of glass  jewelry . Glass jewelry can be handcrafted from sea glass or manufactured using state of the art glass technology. Fashion experts are increasingly using glass as a standalone jewelry item or as an important part of their creations.

The most well known glass jewelry designs are created using Venetian river glasses. Not far behind in popularity are glass jewelry designs crafted from the exotic beach glasses of the Caribbean. Both have a rustic beauty in them reflecting the serenity and beauty of river lagoons and clear beaches.

If you want add color to your wardrobe, then wear a glass jewelry bead necklace. The glass beads can consist of various glass colors of different shapes and sizes. It will surely enhance your presence in any occasion.

If you want a more subdued and refined glass jewelry, then you can choose smaller white or semitransparent glass beads. Deep blue glasses are also perfect if you want a more laid back but elegant accessory.

Your choices of colors for glass jewelry are virtually limitless. Almost all hues of known colors can be used to complement your get up. Red and orange for a fiery presence while purple or green colors can be used for a more formal look.

You can also choose from different shapes of beads to make your glass jewelry. There are perfectly round beads that approximate the shapes of pearls. There are also heart-shaped glass beads to create a highly customized look for your glass jewelry.

Glass jewelries however are not exclusively used as necklaces. You can use glass beads for your earrings and bracelets. Some glass jewelry can crafted with gold frames or silver linings. In this way, the value of your glass jewelry can be enhanced. Gold frames are perfect for glass beads used for earrings. It can create an illusion of depth for your glass earrings thus making it more attractive.

Glass jewelry is a unique piece of adornment. It is a standard practice of high class jewelry makers not to make copies of a design. So when you buy glass jewelry, you can be assured that your piece was designed just for you. There are no other glass jewelry designs that will look exactly like yours. This adds to the allure of glass jewelry.

You have to use long beaded glass jewelry with large pendant if you want to highlight your neck. It is also advisable to use the bright color glass jewelries if you plan to wear dark clothes.

For a more modern look, you can wear a V-shaped dark blouse or a long-sleeved dark cotton sports shirt and adorn it with yellow or bright green small glass necklace. While these colors will not scream, the lively colors will balance your dark modern wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you opt for light color dresses for the ultimate summer and casual look, you must use dark colored glass jewelry. Deep blue or amber will be perfect for your casual ensemble. The white background will set your jewelry apart, making it more noticeable.

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Gorgeous Antique Indian Jewelry On Sale

Fashion Jewelry Or Gold jewelry? Beautiful Antique Indian Jewelry On Sale

Jewelry is one of the most important parts of a girl’s wardrobe but it’s not possible for everyone to afford the dear pieces of gold jewellery. Jewellery is as significant as the other stuff in the wardrobe and you may need to set a budget to make a purchase. Synthetic jewelry can well fit into your financial position and you can make selections from a large range of designs. Fashion jewelry does not really mean cheap jewelry. You will be spoilt for the choice that you’re going to have to make. It is a good option to sport fashion jewelry instead of buying the real stone studded pieces that rip you off your money. One of the most terrific options available in artificial jewelry is costume jewelry pieces. They are available in modern and vintage designs and look extraordinary when worn with normal and formal dresses. The designers who design these jewelry pieces mix the gems with different metals and give striking appearance to every one of them. These jewelry pieces are available for prices much below your imagination.

Artificial jewellery has been about for many years and even the rich folks wore the synthetic makes of their jewellery. Fashion jewellery that is available today in the market looks as good as the gold jewelry. You’ll never have to worry about the loss of the jewelry as it doesn’t cost much. In gold jewellery, there could be a limited range of designs but with synthetic fashion jewellery, you can find pieces matching each dress that you have. You must know that synthetic jewellery never goes out of style.

{The designs of the fashion jewelry are attention grabbing and it may also be called as pretend and costume jewellery. Indian jewelry designs are seriously popular all around the world. It’s miles better to wear fashion jewellery or one gram old jewelry in order to save cash and look pretty. The prices of gold are touching skies and this is one of the reasons why most of the people today like buying synthetic jewelry.

Antique as a word only reflects history and beauty. It is born from the just and true sweetness of the old time. The fad for jewellery in a girl’s life cannot be voiced in words. The antique jewellery in particular makes the lady look truly beautiful, pretty and leaves her feel connected with the gone by golden age. Antique fashion jewelry isn’t just a piece to accessorize but it defines the personality of the woman and reflects her style, nature and preferences. Making an investment in antique jewelry is the most effective way to invest as it gives the classy feel of the evergreen jewellery. The fine antique jewellery can really dazzle your up.

Vintage costume jewellery also offers great designs at cheap rates. The quality of this jewellery is not compromised due to the cost. This sort of jewellery is cheap as it is not made of the precious stones but with the beads, cut glass and semi valuable stones. The collection of these costume designs can be actually addictive to you. The colours, designs and styles are just so noteworthy.
This unique, cheap antique jewellery hearkens you back to the lovely eras of the past where dressing up was given a large amount of importance. The feel by this wonderful costume jewellery can take you to the time of the faster and pure age. This distinct fashion class can really turn a lot heads around in galas, proms, cruise, parties and marriages. This jewelry is made to blind the clothes utterly with massive outstanding designs. These make you conspicuous in the ideal manner by the colours, designs and appealing patterns.
It offers great designs in antique jewellery at competitive rates. You can beautify the wardrobe for all occasions with their jewellery. You will find exclusive pieces of jewelry for making all the occasions special at discounted rates.

Your investment would go waste. With the amount that you spent on the gold jewellery, you might buy a number of pieces of artificial jewellery and even if the fashion went out, you would not feel bad. The fashion jewellery is made using cheap materials and this is the reason why it is inexpensive. You can pick up an exquisite piece in a touch also.

Beautiful Antique Indian Jewelry For Sale

Best Indian Pearl Jewelry Great Prices

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