The Decorative Jewelry Boxes Can Make Pleasant Gifts


They’re beautifully made, with unbelievably intricate hand painting. They are purely for decorative purposes as well as for storing small and big items such as rings, earrings and others.


Decorative Jewelry boxes add to the beauty of jewelry and other valuable items kept in it. These boxes are available in a number of sizes and a vast range of colors and designs They could be made of glass, wood, metal or more than one or two materials.


Decorative Jewelry boxes are useful for displaying jewelry at home, and in exhibitions and retail outlets. One should choose box according to the place where it would be kept. While using decorative Jewelry boxes do not forget the security aspect. Several security devices are available that can be attached to decorative Jewelry boxes to make them more secure. Some decorative Jewelry boxes have built-in security systems.


If one has to travel frequently with decorative Jewelry boxes, they should be ultra-secure, lightweight and easy to handle. As far as aesthetics is concerned, the wooden display boxes can exhibit real charm, elegance, royalty and class, though antique display boxes made of metal or glass also look quite elegant at times.


The choice of Decorative Jewelry boxes also depends on the kind of item that has to be displayed. Certain items look good only when displayed in decorative Jewelry boxes, such as old watches. But some items may look better in boxes made of aluminum or any other metal.


Handmade decorative Jewelry boxes look different from jewelry boxes produced in factories, in terms of class and elegance. Their prices are often very high. Though their supply is limited, they are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, textures and prices. If you are still not able to find one, it is always better to search for them online at


Until a couple of centuries back, all jewelry boxes were handmade. There are certain companies which offer to make handmade decorative Jewelry boxes available according to individual tastes and preferences. That could, also, cost one a great deal.


Most of the handmade jewelry boxes are generally made of wood. This is because wooden boxes often last longer than metallic boxes, are easier to make, and most of the time look more elegant and classy.


Decorative Jewelry boxes are made differently all over the world. However, they can be ordered from anywhere in the world, as many of them are displayed online. To see them online or order decorative Jewelry boxes log on to: –
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Replica Tiffany Jewelry Has Its Own Beauty

Actually, every one wants to buy the authentic and precious Tiffany Accessories; however, authentic tiffany jewelry is so expensive that it is beyond many people’s reaches. Under this situation, people turn to seek new ways to adorn your beauty.

Replica jewelry appears and you can take it as a good consideration. replica tiffany jewelry can help you save money and It looks identical to genuine jewelry and is worth purchasing as it can be purchased for much less. A lot of fine quality replica tiffany jewelry is now available. High quality replica jewelry manufacturers simply replicate tiffany, but maintain low costs by making use of cheaper materials. This is also the reason why replica tiffany jewelry is much cheaper than the authentic tiffany jewelry. And replica jewelry requires no hallmark; yet high end jewelry designers hallmark it. Replica tiffany jewelry is cheaper but has the same looks and styles that will make you love it at the first sight.

Even is cheap and has much in the internet, you must be very careful because there are differences between the original from the replica, regardless of the fact of what they are planning to buy. Fine quality replica cheap tiffany jewelry has very similar looks with the authentic tiffany jewelry, so it is difficult for you to recognize the difference between them. Conversely, before buying such an item, it is best to understand the designer jewelry and to shop so that the jewelry is purchased perfectly without making a dent in the pocket.

To reduce the cost and make the replica tiffany jewelry cheaper, replica makers use the semi precious stones instead of precious stones. When buying replica tiffany jewelry, you can look at the designs, colors, styles and prices. You should make sure that your replica tiffany jewelry will be suitable for your personality and enhance your beauty and appearance. Replica jewelry makes the wearer look a million dollars at reasonable costs. Consider all things into consideration and you can select your favourite and perfect tiffany jewelry.

I love  very much and have brought many pairs of them in the internet. If you are interested in, you can browse the net and find what you want.

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The Elegant Beauty of Jewish Jewelry

Traditional Jewish jewelry is absolutely exquisite and unique. For centuries, people all over the world have been fascinated by the artistic  beauty , historical significance, and spiritual symbolism encapsulated by Jewish  Jewelry .

Timeless Hebrew jewelry has become extraordinarily popular recently, due in part to the vast array of shapes, styles, and materials available. Whether you are shopping for a gift for a loved one or for a new accessory to help you express yourself, Hebrew Jewelry presents an almost endless variety of choices.

Today you can find excellent retail shops and online stores that sell Jewish rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at exceptionally low prices. You should have no trouble at all locating that perfect accessory to give as a special gift. There is something extra-special about owning a piece of jewelry that is steeped in biblical tradition and spiritual significance. Whether worn as a proud symbol of your beliefs or a way to accentuate a stylish outfit, this jewelry will surely get noticed and appreciated.

Of course, there is a certain sentimental value to owning an unforgettable piece of Jewish craftsmanship. It symbolizes freedom and spiritual values for the Jewish culture everywhere. When you wear a piece of this exquisite jewelry you are displaying your beliefs in a very distinct way. Many traditional Jewish families love to pass down a spectacular piece from generation to generation, but people of various ethnicities and faiths have come to treasure the sacred ornamentation of this ancient and beautiful culture.

The David star, or “Star of David,” is one of the most meaningful symbols in all of Jewish culture and religion. It is in the shape of a hexagram with two equilateral triangles. Sometimes this unforgettable icon is also is called the “Shield of David.” This unmistakable symbol appears on synagogues, the Jewish flag, tombs, and on Hebrew Jewelry. It is an ancient symbol, but it was not commonly used by the Jewish people until the Middle Ages. Now it is the most identifiable symbol of Jewish culture, and probably the most popular design for jewelry representing the Hebrew traditions.

Whether it is a 5 Metal cut Star of David, a sterling silver Star of David necklace, or a 72 god names pendant, the pieces you can purchase through certain retail stores and online shops are absolutely breathtaking. High quality Hebrew accessories are more accessible than ever, so you can find the perfect item for the women, men, and children in your life. The history of the Jewish people is one of struggle and triumph, spirituality and redemption. Anyone who appreciate the values of faith, unity, and perseverance can proudly wear jewelry with Hebrew designs as a unifying sign to those of like mind. It is also a great way to remind yourself of your higher values and purpose.

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Which Pearl Is Fake And Which Is Real

This article is about real pearls, both natural and cultured. First, the term ‘pearl’ should be applied only to natural pearls, formed in a mollusk when some event in nature induces the oyster or mussel to form a pearl. These pearls are quite rare and are the pearls of antiquity before pearl farmers learned to culture pearls. Freshwater pearls fished from the rivers in the USA are natural pearls, but now-a-days, most freshwater pearls are also cultured in freshwater pearl farms.

In any event, naturally forming or cultured, such pearls are formed in the oyster or mussel and are not fakes. The real difference in the totally natural pearl and the cultured pearls is what makes the pearl start to grow and the thickness of the nacre. Nacre is the pearly layers that make a pearl so lovely. The natural pearl will have very thick nacre, generally forming in concentric rings around some starting source or irritation to the mollusk. A large natural pearl is very, very rare. Cultured pearls generally use a ‘core’ of mother-of-pearl, the shell of the mollusk.

The bead core goes into the mollusk and nacre is formed around the core. The core determines the overall shape of the pearl. How long the oyster is allowed to let the pearl grow determines the thickness of the nacre. Thicker nacre is better. Best of all is thick nacre and a smooth, almost blemish free surface. Pearls grown inside the mussel or oyster do have a gritty feel to the tooth.

Fake pearls are made by coating a core of some sort (mother-of-pearl, plastic, etc.) with a plastic, a kind of paint containing ground fish scales or other stuff that look pearly to the eye. Generally, the fakes do not have a gritty feel to the tooth. Most may be identified with a little practice and a 10x jewelers loupe or microscope. The way to do it is to compare real pearls with some known fakes. The fakes almost always show a grittier look to the surface and not the more smoothly formed natural nacre.

The look is grittier but the feel to a tooth is smoother. After some practice comparisons, most fakes are fairly easily identified. Still, some are hard to detect without very thorough testing sometimes using solvents and acids which attack the real pearl nacre but not the plastic fakes and visa versa.

Other than that, a look at the drilled holes in the beads will help. Since the pearl is formed naturally without a hole, the hole must be drilled. The surface of the pearl at the drill hole will not ‘sink in’ or ‘rise up’ as is seen in many fakes that are formed and coated with the holes already made to the core. In the real pearl, the nacre will be smooth with the drill hole and might even be chipped a bit. Some folks recommend having a dentist do an x-ray to see what is inside.

Still, unless a person is very, very familiar with reading the images the results are very iffy. A core will look like a core whether in a fake or a cultured pearl. A core will not be present to any large extent in a pearl formed freely in the ocean but those pearls just are not around or to be had except in very small sizes.

Using a good loupe (hand held magnifier) of 10 power is likely the best home test. Of course, try the teeth first! Then look at the drill holes and the surface compared to a good cultured pearl. There is not a one-in-all test I can recommend. Some of this will simply require some ‘pearls’ of real and fakes for comparison. When you look through a 10x maginfier at the surface of most fakes, the surface might look gritty, uneven, “orange peel” as in paints or even flaked off in small places.

There is a difference difficult to describe. The comparison of the nacre of a pearl to the fake surface is a good indication for use at home, following your teeth, of course. Again, look for the rising or falling surface at the drill holes, like a “painted surface” has sunk into the hole or been pulled up from it.

Even the jewelers are fooled once in a while but not often. Have you seen Mabe pearls? These are the large ‘half pearls’ often seen in rings and pendants. Some years ago some really good fakes hit the market and were being sold at very competitive prices — that is, compared to the real ones. Many were sold and bought as the real thing! The testing for these required disassembly of the fake mabes plus solvent and acid tests. A lot of buyers were taken in on this one, likely never to know they bought and later sold fake mabe pearls.

If you get pearls and you are not sure if they are fake or real and you have a hard time to tell them apart, go to you closest jewelry store and talk to them. See if they can run some of the test that I just menched to you. They will be able to tell you if the pearls are fake or not. But like is said it is very hard to tell some of the real ones from the fake ones. You need to be careful when you are shopping around for any kind of jewelry and make sure that you go to a jewelry store that you know are good. Recommended a real pearl Jewelry online store

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The Best Necklaces to go with any Tank Top

In many places across the nation, the heat index has risen as temperatures have heated up in these late days of summer. So what’s a girl to do when she still wants to look fashionable but not be weighed down with heavy jewelry during a heat wave? Throw on a lightweight pendant necklace of course.

Fashionistas from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between have been spotted out and about in cool layered looks utilizing the basics of summer fashion – tank tops. From Lauren Conrad to Ashley Olsen to Lindsey Lohan to Kelly Ripa, these ladies who set the style standard are reverting to basic gauzy thin tank tops paired with shorts, Capri khakis, skinny jeans and bubble skirts. And their accessory of choice – a long pendant necklace.

Pendant necklaces are an easy go-to when you’re running out the door. They help to complete the outfit and pull your look together. Whether it’s charms, polished stones, lockets or personalized pendants, these necklaces do a great job of looking effortlessly chic and stylish. The key to wearing the look is to start with necklaces that are longer than the neckline of the tank top. After that, feel free to mix and match by adding necklaces of varying length. This will help you to create a unique look that reflects your personality.

Layering is big this season, whether it’s thin tank tops or necklaces. Throw on a couple of both, add a great pair of skinny white jeans, some gladiator sandals and a messenger bag and you’ll be ready for the farmer’s market, a vacation get-a-way or a stroll on the boardwalk. Long pendant necklaces are versatile enough to go with many selections in your closet, and best of all, they’ll still be a style “Do” come fall.

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