The Beauty of Green Amber

The beauty of the natural dark green colors of Baltic amber makes a truly stunning gem. As with any amber, green amber is formed by the fossilization of amber from ancient pine trees that lived between forty and sixty million years ago. The naturally clear amber from the trees is colored by the organic material from plants that get caught in the drying material. The organic plant material contains various chemicals that react with the sticky resin to produce a variety of colors and patterns within the amber. The eye-catching beauty is largely due to these variations in the vibrant and rich colors of the green amber. While not as valuable as the less common clear or transparent amber, green amber is more expensive and sought after than the more common brown amber.

Historical beliefs

As with many gems, amber has a unique place in religions and traditions. To have the strength and courage of a tiger ancient Chinese cultures wore amber or “tiger’s soul”. In ancient Greece amber was believed to be the tears of Apollo’s daughters and was used to ward off evil spirits.

One unique aspect of amber is that it will burn if placed directly into a fire. This property attracted mystics who often burned amber in various ceremonies and rituals. In addition to the wonderful combustive properties of fire they also were drawn to the many reflections of light through the amber that gave the appearance of movement within the gem.

The first amber jewelry can be dated back to 12,000 B.C and the Paleolithic area. Amber was used as a valuable trading commodity by both the Romans and the Celts. As today, the Baltic area has always been the largest producer of amber, and in the 1100’s Gdansk was the major producer of natural amber.


Both gold and silver are used in combination with green amber to make beautiful jewelry. While not of a mineral origin, amber is still considered a gemstone. There are only a few other gems that are not minerals. The more patterned and colored the green amber is the more valued it is by jewelers. They are able to use the natural patterns in the amber to enhance the design of the ring, bracket, necklace or other item they are making.

A soft and warm gem, amber is gentle to the touch and very comfortable to wear. Since amber attracts and stores static electricity it may have some chemical properties that allow it to stay warm against the skin. It is a perfect gem for delicate settings and pieces as it is very lightweight.

Easy to care for, green amber requires a simple buffing to remove any scratches that may occur on its surface. Green amber is used to make all different types of jewelry items including rings, earrings, necklaces and brackets.

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A Look at the Beauty & Value of Personalized Jewelry

On the special occasions which we celebrate for our loved ones, whether it is a birthday or a wedding anniversary, we all use gifts to commemorate the occasion. There are also many different kinds of gifts which people use, and many of them have to be appropriate for the occasion which is being celebrated. A Valentine’s Day gift will be starkly different from a birthday gift, and it is upon the person giving the gift to understand which gift will be appropriate for the occasion.

There is one gift which is actually appropriate for every single occasion, and that is jewelry. Many people might balk at the idea, but given how jewelry doesn’t need to simply be a necklace or a ring and can be a watch or an earring as well. While many people might also say that men don’t wear jewelry, and are therefore exempt from this rule, it is by no means proven. After all, the number of men who love their Tag Heuers and Omegas is well known.

So these days giving jewelry to both sexes is a rather common practice on all kinds of occasions, and if you want to make the gift even more special, then what you can do is personalize the jewelry as well. This kind of jewelry is actually fast catching on to be a popular gift because they are a refreshing change from the mass produced jewelry that is available in all the stores.

People always want something new and on top of that when they are getting something which only they will own; it makes for a much more powerful gift than anything else which they might have received on the same day. This is because a gift which has been personalized is something which is absolutely unique and is not going to be owned by anyone else.

However, while giving personalized jewelry is a great gift, it can be confusing to know exactly what kind of jewelry the person who is to receive the gift might prefer. There are many different kinds of gifts which you can expect to find when you show up at the store, and choosing which is the best personalized jewelry to gift often depends on the person you are going to give the gift to. Some of the more common kinds of personalized jewelry include the following:

• Initial necklace: This is probably the most common kind of jewelry which can be personalized. It is easy to find a jeweler who can engrave the initials of a person. There are also many necklaces these days which can even bear the entire name of a person, which makes the gift even more personal. You can even have the names of a couple on the jewelry, which makes it the perfect gift for them.

• Initial bracelet: the initial bracelet is an item which is rather similar to that of the initial necklace except that it is worn on the hand instead of around one’s neck. This is something which makes for a more subtle gift and for people who may not want to draw immediate attention to the gift itself. You can also check out the charm bracelets as an alternative if you are looking for something which is a little more uncommon. Such charm bracelets are often worn by young women and are therefore the perfect gift for them.

• Dog tag necklace: The dog tag necklace is something which is often worn by young men and it displays information about the person who is wearing it, from their name and date of birth to their blood type as well.

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Jewelry Charms Make Beautiful Jewelry

Jewelry charms can be added to almost anything. However, charm bracelets are one type of jewelry that is always in style. There are different prices and styles and characteristics to choose from. You can find charms in gold, silver and in different carats like 10K and 14K. Then there are the Italian charms which seem to be quite popular. They have interlocking links and can be suited to your passions. They come in thousands of designs so you will never be stumped as to what to purchase. They can include things like food, colleges, animals, cartoons, sports, phrases and birthday cakes. You can even interchange them yourself.

Italian charms are made from 18K gold and enamel. It consists of two pieces, the base link and the charm itself. The charm usually has an iron or copper base plate which the gold is plated onto. These base metals are there to keep the piece sturdy. Then they use semi-precious stones like lapis, garnets and cubic zirconium. The enamel gets painted and the best are soldered onto a link. Make sure the springs are tight. You can actually build your own bracelet and see how it looks.

You can also find fairly cheap Italian charms. The less expensive charms are made from brass and can tarnish over time. If you love Disney and all the characters you can even get a bracelet which has 37 coloured charms. It features the favourite characters like Mickey and Minnie, Pooh and Tigger. These are sometimes meant for keepsakes and can be handed down to sons and daughters or grandchildren. Collecting these kinds of charms is definitely worth the money. If you are a collector then this could be a lucrative pastime. These kinds of bracelets will only increase in value over time.

Another nice thing about charms is that they make wonderful gifts. You can give them at Christmas, birthdays, wedding and anniversaries. Charms are also a beautiful gift for newborn babies. Some ancient people believed that charms would protect a baby from evil as they grew older. You can find a variety of charms easily at your local jewelery store or other online vendors. If you are looking for unique and unusual charms your best bet is to scour the internet and see what you can find. If you want you can always personalize a charm bracelet.

You can even get bracelets with memory charms or family charms that you can wear and remember forever. You can get a tailored charm bracelet that is all about you and your personality.

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Celtic Jewelry – A Beautiful Design

Yes, Celtic Jewelry is Beautifully Designed … but it also has a purpose.

Jewelry has existed since prehistoric times, probably originating as a method to fasten clothes together (such as a Celtic kilt clasp, brooch or buckle) and as a way to store and later display wealth. Although some jewelry still has functional purposes, now it is most often worn in order to enhance a person’s appearance.

But in addition to personal adornment, certain types of jewelry are able to convey a particular symbolic meaning about the people who wear them.

For example, wearing a piece of Celtic jewelry is almost always intended to signify that the person wearing it traces his or her ancestry to the Celts.

Celtic jewelry is often worn to indicate that a person is proud of being a Celt. The design of Celtic jewelry is often intricate and almost always steeped in the past.

Wearing these beautiful pieces of jewelry is an effective but easy way for people to signify the importance to them of their Celtic heritage and culture, while at the same time allowing those people to carry on and continue Celtic traditions. The Celtic cross that incorporates both Christian and ancient Celtic pagan design elements is a popular example.

Types of Celtic Jewelry.

Celtic jewelry can be made out of almost anything, including precious metals such as gold, sterling silver and platinum. Precious and semi-precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and topaz, can be incorporated into almost any design. Celtic jewelry can also be made from lesser metals such as silver plate, vermeil, brass or pewter, which are sometimes set with synthetic gems such as cubic zirconia.

Since ancient times, Celtic   jewelry  has been famous for its  beauty  and its fine craftsmanship. Many different types of Celtic jewelry incorporate “Celtic knots,” the beautiful, stylized representations of endless knots that were used by ancient Celts to symbolize their pagan religious beliefs.

A Celtic cross, encrusted with diamonds, is a particularly striking piece. But many other well-known Celtic design elements, such as the Tree of Life, the Trinity Knot, dragons (especially Welsh dragons) and the Claddagh design can be incorporated into Celtic jewelry.

Clasps, pins and brooches, buckles, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins, and, most notably, torcs, are classic, traditional pieces ofCeltic jewelry. Other types of Celtic jewelry include tie tacs and tie pins, lockets, cuff links, earrings and even watches. Many pieces of Celtic jewelry are made by gifted artisans, and almost all exhibit fine craftsmanship and intricate detail.

Back to the True Purpose of Celtic Jewelry.

People who are able to trace their ancestry to one of the “Six Celtic Nations” – Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany – have a proud and honorable heritage, one that can be nurtured by wearing Celtic jewelry. A large part of the popuations of Ireland and Britain, together with their relatives who live elsewhere, are of Celtic ancestry. And almost all Celts celebrate and honor Celtic traditions and the Celtic heritage. Celtic jewelry is a way, a very visible and beautiful way, to honor, celebrate and revel in Celtic culture.

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Roman Numerals Create Both Beauty and Meaning in Jewelry

The most cherished jewelry is that which is both beautiful and also uniquely personal to the individual wearing it.

The use of cultural symbols in  jewelry  can create this special combination of  beauty  and meaning. Jewelry with Roman numerals, in particular, can keep close a memory of the special times and people in your life.

Roman numerals are a numbering system originating in ancient Rome based on seven letters given values as numbers. Any number can be created with a combination of these seven letters. Roman numerals continue to be popular today to give extra gravity to a number or date.

Romanesque symbolism has a strong, bold feel about it. It speaks of tradition and things that last, surviving the test of time. Roman numerals are classic, timeless, steadfast, enduring.

The clean, straight lines of Roman numerals create an elegant and appealing design all on their own. They convey a sureness and confidence that, when combined with their meaning, creates a deeply personal piece of jewelry.

Roman numeral jewelry helps us embrace moments in time – birth, graduation, first date, engagement, marriage, and other special memories. It can celebrate either a beginning or a culmination. As a gift, it can be a wonderful and special way to communicate your feelings about another. Or, as a gift to yourself, it can be a reminder of a goal achieved or a day that changed your course.

Whether a Roman numeral ring, pendant, bracelet or charm, date jewelry allows the wearer to hold a personal moment close. The special date is always with you, but you choose whether to share its meaning. It can be an open and public statement or a very private memory that only you, and possibly one other, knows the meaning of.

With a simple numeral, you can create a piece of unique jewelry that carries hidden meaning discreetly through time.

Source by Lynn Stefani