Sterling Silver Jewelry: The Standard For Quality, Reliability and Beauty

Sterling silver jewelry comes in various forms such as bracelets and chains including sterling silver figaro, curb, ropes, box, and snake, charms, lockets, earrings, rings, omegas, pendants and slides. Sterling silver jewelry also includes silver rings, earrings, charm bracelets, ear cuffs, sterling silver belly chains, thumb rings, and more.

Sterling silver jewelry is always made of silver which is 92.5% pure, it is composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper. Sterling silver jewelry always has the stamp of sterling silver on it, accompanied at times with the name of the designer or jewelry manufacturer. The word “sterling” is the most respected in the jewelry business today. Since pure silver by itself is too soft, another metal such as copper is added to it, to give the silver its added stiffness and other qualities. The resulting mixture which results is composed of 925 parts pure silver in every 1000 — this proportion never varies — it is fixed by law. This is referred to as sterling and is often incorrectly called or referred to as solid silver.

The sterling silver jewelry is made from this sterling silver, which is a white and highly reflective precious metal. It is of superior quality, which reflects in its look and feel. Although less durable than stainless steel and other precious metals, sterling silver is often employed in watches that coordinate or look like sterling jewelry. A protective coating may be added to prevent tarnish. Sterling silver jewelry is not very cheap, yet is also not beyond reach. It has a very distinctive look and can be easily distinguished. There is no mistaking the high reflective shine of this jewelry, which is one of its characteristics trade marks.

It adds a sophisticated charm to your personality. Sterling silver jewelry has a very stylish look and lends an incredible elegance to your entire look. The inedible stamp of quality along with the chic sophistication makes it a wonderful must have product. It is a very versatile ornament which crosses all barriers of age, cast, creed etc. It can be worn by anyone whether young or old.

Some care has to be taken of any sterling silver jewelry that you own. This jewelry does tarnish with time. To clean the sterling silver jewelry use a polishing cloth or sprinkle a fair amount of dry baking powder on a soft cloth and hold it in the palm of your hand. Rub carefully to avoid scratching stones or glass components. When done, shake the powder off.

Sterling silver jewelry has a unique air of class, sophistication and style surrounding it. It is a wonderful thing to own and also to gift to people who matter. It says a lot about your personality and taste. Wearing sterling silver jewelry can immediately enhance your over-all persona. It is available for both men and women being one of those essential pieces of jewelry which you must have in your collection.

Its versatile look allows it to be used on many occasions and the feel as well as texture is quite fashionable as well as glamorous.

Source by Angela Davis

Handmade Artisan Jewelry – An Assortment of Beautiful Gems

Handmade artisan jewelry is crafted with the highest quality semi precious gemstones and findings. Many popular gemstones used today are turquoise, jasper, garnets, peridot, jade, mother of pearl and tiger’s eye. Artisan jewelry may also feature many variations of cultured freshwater pearls. Distinctive, exceptional, handmade jewelry may also highlight wire works and different styles of sterling silver or gold-filled chains.

Beautiful gemstones are come in all sizes, shapes and colors. The shapes may range from tiny chips, squares, rounds, triangles to large puffed, flat or irregular. The colors found in semi precious gemstones are endless. They may vary from a rainbow or sunset to the colors of the mountains, desert or oceans! Turquoise may be the traditional color or it may be green, yellow or variegated. Some of the many faces and color of jasper include landscape, poppy, African, picture, ocean, red jasper and silver leaf jasper. Jade is another gemstone of many colors such as green, light purple, black, red, amber and white. These many shapes and colors of semi-precious gemstones combined with beautiful findings create exceptional pieces of jewelry.

Cultured freshwater pearls also may be found in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. They may be natural or dyed in shades of green, blue, red, purple, gold or in a combination of colors. The pearls many shapes may be round, coin-like, rice, potato, square, petal, diamond or, stick. Artisans for many years have created gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings with an array of freshwater pearls.

To hold the jewelry together and even embellish it, findings can be made of sterling silver, brass, pewter, or gold-filled bead caps, spacers, and bails found on or between the semi precious gemstones, cut glass, or crystals. These intricate pieces may be decorated with flowers, swirls or just about anything! Findings add to the individuality of each necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.

In addition, handmade jewelry may be enhanced by wire. Different sizes and kinds of copper, sterling silver, or gold-filled wire, may be worked in designs and then strung with semi precious gemstones, cut glass or crystals. Artists may couple together beads with wire or may use wire to beautifully embellish gemstones and even pearls. The artists have never-ending possibilities with wire creations!

Cut glass or crystals may add more shape and color to a piece. More than one type of gemstone or pearl may be used to create a single gorgeous necklace, pretty bracelet or pair of attractive earrings. Given the many shapes, colors and sizes of these wonderful semi precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, and findings, artists create the most beautiful jewelry.

Source by Diane Pickette

Making Beautiful Jewelry With Resin Casting

The use of polyurethanes is not limited just to making serious things like molds and casts. You can have lot of fun and also express your creative streak by making resin jewelry!

Making jewelry with polyurethane resins is an enjoyable hobby where you are only limited by your imagination. You can literally make any shape, size or design that catches your fancy. Make artistic finger rings, earrings, bracelets, neckpieces in any color and pattern with interesting fillers and more.

Following is an outline of the procedure for making resin jewelry:

  • You need an optically clear resin for making jewelry. It should be non-yellowing and preferably UV resistant too. Special, high-quality jewelry resins are available in art stores.
  • Plan what you wish to make in advance. Decide the shape and size and choose appropriate molds accordingly. Also, decide the color (if any) you want in the jewelry.
  • You can add almost anything as a filler – such as dried leaves, flowers, feathers, beads, stones, buttons, sprinkles, glitter and what not. Any special keepsake can also be cast into a resin and worn as a memento.
  • Prepare the mold by applying an appropriate release agent and let it air dry.
  • Mix the resin slowly and thoroughly (generally equal parts of resin and hardener) to avoid air bubbles.
  • If you want to color the resin, add a few drops of a urethane dye to the mix and blend properly. For an enchanting marble effect, leave it after just a few stirs.
  • Now slowly pour the mixed resin into the mold. Fill till the brim to allow for shrinkage.
  • If you are adding fillers, pour a bit of resin at the bottom, gently add the filler and then top it off with resin again.
  • Despite careful mixing, the resin is bound to have a few bubbles. Some will rise to the top of the mold and pop on their own. Pick out the remaining ones with a toothpick or gently blow them away with a straw.
  • Cover the mold to keep dust from getting in, and allow it to cure overnight.
  • Test with a toothpick to check for cure. Using fingers will leave unsightly marks on the cast.
  • Once it has properly cured, the resin cast will pop out easily. Now finish it by trimming with a scissors or smooth the edges with sandpaper.
  • Adding a fine coat of wax will render a fine gloss and finish to the piece.
  • Add loops, wire or rings to turn the resin cast into wearable jewelry such as earrings, finger rings, bracelets and necklaces.

In sum, making resin jewelry is simple, enjoyable and lets you show off unique charms and trinkets that can never be found anywhere else! You can also use the same procedure to make other fascinating items such as paper weights, fridge magnets, wall pieces, etc.

Source by Aarron Barry

Celtic Jewelry – A Beautiful Mystery Unraveled

Celtic jewelry like the Celts themselves has a rich history and a proud tradition. Immensely beautiful with intricate Celtic symbols and delicate designs, Celtic cross jewelry, Celtic knot jewelry, and beautiful Claddaugh rings have been admired and desired for thousands of years.

Celtic Cross Jewelry

One of the most enduring, and coveted “gifts” of Celtic culture is jewelry featuring the Celtic Cross. According to Irish legend, St. Patrick created the first Celtic cross by drawing a circle over a Latin cross.

For an Irish Catholic, the circle in the Celtic cross may be a symbol of eternity and the endlessness of God’s love. It can even represent a halo emanating from Christ.

Some say the four “arms” of the Celtic Cross represent the elements (fire, earth, air, and water). Others believe the cross denotes the four directions of the compass, and still others feel it is a representation of human existence – mind, body, soul and heart.

Celtic Knots

The most distinguishing characteristic of Celtic knots is their intricate patterns and design…and the debate as to the meaning of those designs. While it is unquestionable that many of the ancient designs had some significance, those meanings changed from tribe to tribe and location to location.

Many believe that the intricate looping in knots was a way to keep out evil spirits. It is also generally accepted that the looping Celtic knot design denotes eternity and interconnectedness. Still, there is no definitive guide as to the meaning of Celtic knots which, adds, perhaps to their mystery and appeal.

Claddagh Rings

Named for the town of Claddagh near Galway in which they are said to have originated, Claddagh rings are beloved Celtic symbols of Irish culture and sentiment. Unlike other Celtic symbols, the meaning behind the Claddagh ring is well-documented. The Claddagh design has a heart (symbolizing love) topped by a crown (symbolizing loyalty) held in two hands (signifying friendship). The phrase that is usually associated with the giving of a Claddagh ring is “Let love and friendship reign.”

It’s not surprise that the Claddagh is a popular marriage band. In Celtic times, it was worn on the right hand with the heart turned outward to show that the wearer is unattached or with the heart turned inward to show he/she was “spoken for.” If the Claddagh ring is worn on the left hand with the heart turned inward, it shows that two loves have been joined in marriage.

Celtic Then and Now

At one time, Celtic people could be found throughout Eastern and Central Europe, as well as in the British Isles, where the earliest examples of Celtic jewelry originate. The emergence of the powerful Roman Empire encroached on the lifestyle, traditions, and homeland of the Celts who were forced to move to abandon their homes and relocate in remote areas in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall in southern England.

Despite their hardships at the hands of the Romans, Celts endured, thrived…and continued to produce Celtic jewelry. The tradition has remained strong for centuries. Irish Celtic jewelry and Scottish Celtic jewelry have enjoyed a huge resurgence in their homelands and with “ex-pats” around the world, as people seek to rediscover and celebrate their cultural traditions.

Source by Sam Serio

The Beauty of the Navel Ring

Belly button piercings have been popular for years and will continue to be popular in the future because of all of the beautiful jewelry that can be worn in the piercing, such as navel ring. The navel ring is one of the more common pieces of jewelry worn in a navel piercing, but it comes in so many different colors, shapes, and styles that it can still provide a unique and interesting look.

The navel ring is usually one that is held in place by tension. The ring is constructed as one solid piece and then tension holds a bead or ball in place. Like other pieces of body jewelry, these bars come in a variety of lengths and gauges so that you can personalize your piercing as much as possible. There are very small rings or those that are a bit bigger and more noticeable that you can change out depending on your activity and the style that you wish to achieve.

The navel ring has become a lot more fancy and ornate over the last few years. In the past they were quite simple and understated but now they are offered in many different varieties including different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. Additionally, the navel ring selections are more ornate as the balls that hold the rings in place are different sizes, shapes, and colors to make each and everyone truly beautiful and unique. Being able to choose a navel ring that really fits your personality and your sense of style makes the piercing so much more enjoyable.

A navel ring is a lot of fun to wear because it can be simple or fun and flirty. Whether you are wearing them just for yourself or you want them to be out there and seen by all those that you come in contact with, you will love the different shapes, styles, and materials that you can use to make the piercing even better. Rhinestones and your favorite logos will allow you to personalize the experience even more, so be sure that you shop around and find the navel jewelry that will really fit your personal style for every occasion.

A belly button is very simple to take in out, although it may take some practice the first few times. There are tools that you can buy that will make it easier to remove the captive bead, although with some practice you will find that you can easily remove them. The ease of taking out the belly button ring will make it simple to change out your jewelry to fit your mood, your attire, or just the occasion.

Source by Quinlan Murray