Bead Jewelry: Fashion, Beauty and Elegance

Your choices of colors for bead jewelry are virtually limitless. Almost all hues of known colors can be used to complement your get up. Red and orange for a fiery presence while purple or green colors can be used for a more formal look.

You can also choose from different shapes of beads to make your jewelry. There are perfectly round beads that approximate the shapes of pearls. There are also heart-shaped beads to create a highly customized look for your jewelry.

Bead jewelry however is not exclusively used as necklaces. You can use beads for your earrings and bracelets. Bead jewelry is a unique piece of adornment. It is a standard practice of high class jewelry makers not to make copies of a design. So when you buy beads jewelry, you can be assured that your piece was designed just for you. There are no other beads jewelry designs that will look exactly like yours. This adds to the allure of beads jewelry.

You have to use long beaded jewelry with large pendant if you want to highlight your neck. It is also advisable to use the bright color beads jewelries if you plan to wear dark clothes.

For a more modern look, you can wear a V-shaped dark blouse or a long-sleeved dark cotton sports shirt and adorn it with yellow or bright green small beads necklace. While these colors will not scream, the lively colors will balance your dark modern wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you opt for light color dresses for the ultimate summer and casual look, you must use dark colored beads jewelry. Deep blue or amber will be perfect for your casual ensemble. The white background will set your jewelry apart, making it more noticeable.

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Advice On How to care for porous, delicate gemstones and hard, non-porous semi-precious stones

Advice On How to care for porous, delicate gemstones

Pearl, opal, emerald, turquoise, amber, coral and onyx are all examples of delicate, soft or porous gemstones.

As such, silver or gold jewellery items which carry this type of gemstone should be carefully cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or designated care kit. Harsh, abrasive cleaners will scratch these precious stones, creating flaws that remove their lustre. In emeralds, where natural flaws are often filled and hidden with oil, harsh cleaning will remove this oil, producing a similar effect on their appearance.

Even soaking in warm water can damage these gemstones, as residues left behind once the water has been absorbed build up leaving them dull and lacking their original shine. For the same reason, care should also be taken to avoid contact with make-up, perfume or hairspray.

Where such stones are dampened, they should always be allowed to dry completely before being stored away.

Hard, non-porous semi-precious stones

Hard, non-porous gemstones can be safely cleaned in warm water and a mild detergent. Use a small, soft brush to remove any build-up around the stone, taking care not to disturb or loosen the setting. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and dry/buff with a soft cotton cloth, such as would be suitable for cleaning gold jewellery. Store carefully, to avoid causing scratching to other, softer stones/materials you may have in your jewellery box, as much as for their own protection. Diamond, sapphire, ruby, topaz, garnet, cubic zirconia and aquamarine are all examples of hard, non-porous gemstones.

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Save yourself With Evil Eye Jewelry

Jewelry is a special kind of accessory that acts as an embellishment to physical beauty. Jewelry can be traditional as well as modern but the function of the jewelry is just the same. It might actually amaze you if we mention to you a jewelry collection that will make sure that your beauty is not been viewed with devilish intentions. Such jewelry will protect you from evil eye, which is likely to harm your innocent charm.

It is said that beauty initiates a feeling of admiration as well as a feeling of jealousy. While admiration can add more life to the beautiful things, jealousy can completely destroy the charm of that beauty. For this purpose only, we have evil eye jewelry collection to protect you from devilish admirations that can actually kill you. You can use this jewelry collection along with other embellishing jewelry to form a protective shield around yourself.

The faith in evil eye jewelry dates back to ancient Israel and is still used by women to get decked up with a protective shield. It is actually the lucky charm which even Madonna used for safeguarding her youthful beauty. Used traditionally in Greece and Turkey, they are gifted on special occasions like birthdays and weddings as a symbol of blessing. Often people find it difficult to buy such traditional jewelry as there are very few shopping outlets for such jewelry. However, with luckycharm USA, you need not feel anxious about where to find such a collection as they have shelved their assemblage especially for believers like you. So, what are you waiting for? Just log on to the company’s website and get an evil eye jewelry collection for yourself.

We are an online jewelry store providing exclusive collection of evil eye jewelry and various other jewelry collections such as kabbalah jewelry. These jewelry collections include different types of evil eye bracelets, anklets and necklaces. The collection is not only limited to evil eye jewelry but we also have Hamsas and other religious jewelry. There are also special home decoration items which perform the same function inside the house. You house is the most precious place for you and its protection is as important for you as your own child. Our products are original and are imported from Israel itself. You can easily access our collection presented at three Lucky charm stores or you can visit our online store to buy the desired jewelry from the collection available at

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Express the beauty with Diamond jewellery

Women are obsessed about Jewellery because it represents femininity and even social status. They feel beautiful and confident once they are loaded with jewellery. Wedding, social gatherings and celebration are always an ideal place to exhibit jewellery. These days designers, Jewelers and manufactures are specially designing jewellery for wedding. Diamond has always fascinated women.

The diamond craze is now the ultimate statement of fashion. Diamonds are often embedded on gold. The usual practice is to use 14 carat gold for the purpose. Diamond jewellery satisfies the need of modern woman for something delicate and wearable. It is also versatile and it complements all types of costumes and suits both formal and informal occasions. A diamond is the ultimate style icon and makes a statement of elegance and style that no other piece of jewellery can make.

Diamond jewellery is one of the best jewellery and wearing it is a desire of every woman. Diamond jewellery plays an important role in the life of any woman because diamond reflects so well with any of the metals like gold, silver, platinum etc. and is also not prone to be damaged easily. Because of the demand of items of diamond jewellery in the market, jewellery designers have launched their new collections and designs according to the budget of every prevalent income group.

There is a vast selection in diamond jewellery like diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond nose rings, diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond armlets, diamond anklets, diamond bangles etc. That is why more and more female customers get attracted towards diamonds. However, the craze for diamond accessories is also prevalent among men apart from women in the form of their want for diamond studded watches.

It is very important to know about the four Cs of diamonds while one visits showrooms and jewellery shops for buying the jewellery items that have been made out of diamond. The four Cs are useful for knowing more about the value and price of the diamond. These Cs are: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

The best choices of metals that blend in effectively with the jewellery item of diamonds are 18 carat gold and platinum. But these days platinum or white gold has become the best choice for the jewellery as this metal is very hard and durable. diamond jewellery with platinum as the precious metal used as the base is the most lasting variety of jewellery available in the market today. There are some popular brands of Diamond Jewellery which are Tanishq, Adora, Asmi, D’damas, Gitanjali, Sangini and Nirvana. is online shopping portal, selling designer and traditional jewellery through its specialized jewellery section.

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Tiffany Diamond Necklace Review

In our minds the world-renowned brand Tiffany is well-known for its silver jewelry. However diamond plays an essential part in Tiffany jewelry. As you can see in the pictures below, Tiffany diamond necklaces are very eye-catching, I believe nobody can resist such beautiful and pure jewelry.

Tiffany diamond jewelry this season fully reflect the luxurious style. The fairy-tale-like color and shape successfully creat the feeling of fairytale. Wearing such wonderful necklaces you will change into a gorgeous Princess. The Tiffany necklaces below match well with black dress as well as evening dress of other colors. But I want to warn you that the Tiffany necklaces I mention here are not suitable to go with fluffy or natural droopy long hair. In my oppinion, a simple hair-up or short hair will be a good choice in matching with these Tiffany necklaces.

This Tiffany pendant necklace is very lovable. Lively delicate snowflake shape makes it like a little elfin dancing in the winter. You will look fresh with this necklace going with light-colored evening dress.

This Tiffany diamond necklace is full of classical temperament. More than 100 diamonds makes the necklace’s luxury temperament reach its peak. The classical beauty and complex process hidden in the simple shape makes the necklace classic yet fashionable. Therefore, this necklace is suitable to go with evening dress in formal occasions as well as daliy working suits.

Simple circular shape, large inlaid diamonds, flower design make it a easy-matching necklace. Whether it is at banquets or in the office, you can wear it. Snow-like purity and fairy-tale fantasy are strongly reflected through Tiffany designs.

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Dazzling and scintillating body jewelry

When the word jewelry comes into our mind, our mind begins to explore about the designs and types of body jewelry. There are many varieties and range of body jewelry that are there in the market. Some beautiful jewelry attracts most of the people.

Females are mostly attracted towards the jewelry as it increases the beauty of a lady. Indian ladies are most fond of  the jewelry as it increases their beauty.

There are many sparkling Ear Body Jewelry that are available in the market. Ear jewelry increases the beauty of a face.

These days there is a trend for body piercing. People are very much keen to purchase these jewelries.

The Ear Piercing Jewelry are well known for the beauty and its chirpy ness.

The jewelry barebells are mostly available in all the places, you can make a purchase of them by contacting to any person online or by searching for them on the websites.

Eyebrow piercing is also very much famous all over the world. Eye brow piercing increases the beauty of a person. The eyebrow jewelry piercing looks very attractive and also available in different designs.

The gold belly botton jewelry is for the belly, this button is for the belly and it increases the beauty of the belly. This is one of the most scintillating jewelry.

The Piercing Jewelry Wholesale is not that much expensive, I think that its quite cheap as compared to other jewelries and can be purchased in bulk.

Body jewelry are one of the most beautiful ornaments to put on the body as it increases the body beauty. Jewelry are these days sold all over the world in a large scale. As there is huge demand for the body jewelry all over the world.

So, I would say that whether male or female every one can afford for the beautiful jewelries and should wear them.

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Matching Jewelry to Skin Tone

Just as some clothes flatter your size and shape and certain hair styles flatter your face, so, too do some types of jewelry complement the shape of your face, the length of your neck, the colour of your eyes and… the tone of your skin.

Silver jewelry looks stunning against tanned or darker skin. The refined and aristocratic sheen of silver never looks garish or in poor taste. To turn your silver jewelry into something really special, seek jewelry with a gemstone. Lighter stones shine brightest against darker skin, and gems such as the opal, rose quartz and, of course, the white pearl always show darker skin to advantage, casting a beautiful glow.

It’s gold-filled jewelry that we recommend to those of you with paler skin, as its golden hue warms the cooler tones of lighter skin. Gold-filled jewelry is always impressive and stylish, without being too shiny or loud. You, too, will benefit if gemstones are paired with your gold-filled jewelry, especially exotic and vibrantly coloured gemstones such as the reddish garnet or the black onyx.

Selecting Jewelry to Fit Your Face Shape

A necklace with a gemstone pendant at the center, or a long, thin necklace with a square, round or elliptical pendant, also inlaid with a gemstone, will look fabulous on you. Choose pendants that dangle at about chest level.

You might also try silver earrings of a modest length and interesting shape, such as a flower or heart. Make sure they balance your face, without making it appear too wide.

Necklaces 42 cm or longer are also very becoming, especially when they boast a gemstone pendant or are strung with geometric-shaped gemstones, such as the Zircon.

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The radiance and beauty of Diamond Stud Earrings cannot be replicated


It is difficult to resist the brilliance and sparkle of Diamonds. Everyone loves and wants to flaunt their diamond jewelry. These jewelry pieces include various types ranging from bracelets, rings and earrings too.

Diamond studs earrings are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that have been recently quite in trend. They are a perfect accessory if you intend to look stylish and elegant. The radiance of the diamonds coupled with beautifully crafted designs and sparkling colors of the gemstones create an exquisite and appealing aura, which catches the attention of everyone.

Since eternity, diamond earrings have allured the heart of every woman all over the world. Invariably diamond studs earrings help to make the perfect fashion statement. With women always loving to have something exquisite and unique in their possession of jewelry, such studs can definitely be a big boost and ensure that the wearer looks elegant and beautiful along with a spark close to their smile.

Apt for all occasions

Stud earrings made from diamonds can be worn ideally with nearly all kind of outfits; whether western or Indian. You can wear them anywhere and at any time. Adorn your diamond earrings with an evening gown to a cocktail party and stand out in the crowd.

You can wear them with a short dress or a skirt and a blouse or a knitted sweater to an evening coffee party for a chic look. Diamond studs impart a sophisticated look to your aura with their elegance. Moreover, the glow of these exquisite pieces will ensure that onlookers are awe struck by their radiance and you become the center of attraction at events.

Attractive designs and shapes

Diamond studs are found in an endless array of styles, shapes and designs. Now you can also customize according to your own individual style. Diamond studs earrings can be artistically made using different colors of gemstones including blue, green, yellow, pink or brown. They can be crafted in multiple designs and shapes such as square, round or heart shaped.

Studs earrings made from diamonds can also be found in variety of settings in sterling silver, or gold or platinum. There are many contemporary as well as traditional styles of diamond earrings. All this variety ensures that every taste of women is met to perfection and they don’t have to bother about not finding their right match based on this taste.

Perfect Gifts

Stud earrings made from diamonds are an ideal gift for all important occasions. You would love to get this alluring gift from your loved one. At the same time, giving diamond stud earrings as birthday or an anniversary present will be deeply appreciated. They will be cherished for a long time. This charming gift creates an everlasting memory. Not that this gift can only be for your wife, these earrings are also an apt gift for your daughters, sisters or your mother or some special friend.

Online Selling

Stud earrings made of diamonds are now available online. In this era of ecommerce, many reputed online jewelry stores offer a very varied collection of diamond earrings. You can get a clear idea of the different styles and prices of diamond earrings that are available when you search the net.

Just type “diamond studs earrings” into the Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo and you will find many reliable websites which have uploaded their designs. The reputed sites update their designs and keep offering good discounts and deals especially on festivals. Many online stores even offer certificate of guarantee for the quality of their diamonds.

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Jewelry For A Perfect And Complete Look

It is certainly true that jewelry can highlight your dress and even be a perfect solution to stand out from the crowd or leave an impression. Word jewelry is term used to describe different forms of accessories: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even head and hair pieces (tiaras, hairpins etc).

Jewelry exists for more than a thousand years. And what is even more interesting, people were wearing it before even starting to live in proper shelters. Historically speaking, from the past till the present day, both men and women used jewelry to show off their status, their power and personal taste and style. Although in the past, men were wearing bigger and shinier jewelry, today it is mainly female accessory. The best part of wearing these details is that with them, even the dullest monochromatic wardrobe combination, can look interesting and seductive.

There are, however, few rules one should follow, when buying, combining and wearing jewelry. Try to be discreet, and do not wear too many details, because they will lose their purpose, and you will end up looking like a Christmas tree. If you wear gold, stick to it, in color that is. Mixing silver and gold is hard to do in a tasteful stylish manner, so do not push your luck. Always chose accessories based on where you go. You do not wear the same things to a club, to the opera and to work. Same goes for jewelry, leave chains at home on official occasions. If you are wearing something made of plastic materials or some bijou be sure they look classy and nice (you do not want to see stones falling off, or color not being sustainable). Also check out if they will leave dark color marks on your neck or finger, and see if you have allergies, because some materials can cause them.

Precious stones and precious metals are not a guarantee that something will look good and stylish on you. Some cheap bijou pieces can look adorable and be very trendy! If you are planning to buy something which is a timeless piece, like a wedding ring, ask for the premium quality, and keep in mind that it does no come cheap. However, if you need a trendy detail, something which is hot this season, and will be no longer fashionable in few months, buy something cheap and bijou, it pays off to be rational.

Jewelry must be clean in order to look good. Here are few tips on how to maintain your collection. Gold can be cleaned by soaking into a mixture of warm water and few drops of dishwasher balsam. Diamonds can be cleaned in a mixture of warm water and ammonia (leave them for approx 20 minutes). Pearls should be cleaned with a soft fabric – muslin is the best option. Last but not the least, silver jewelry can be brushed with special silver shampoos or pastes you can find in any store.

No matter which jewelry type suites you best, be sure to match it with your overall appearance, styling, personality and the place you are off to. Take the jewelry off, when showering or swimming in the sea or a pool. You can lose it or it can change color or form, and if that happens it may not be that flattering anymore.

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Beauty of Charm Bracelets Jewellery and an Admirable Variety of Charm Bracelets

The bracelets jewellery has been around for centuries and the bracelets have not lost their value even today. Bracelets and bangles are still adored by people and especially women love to wear these beautiful bands around their wrists. The jewellery of bracelets is very tempting and every girl loves to have a collection of beautiful and dazzling bracelets. Jewellery is always loved by women all over the world and bracelets are no exception. One of the hottest trends in bracelets is the amazing charm bracelets. Charms and charm bracelets are vogue these days and they are so tempting that no girl can resist buying them.

Charms are quite similar to pendants but they are smaller in size and are used for a variety of purposes. Moreover pendants are used in necklaces and charms are used in bracelets. In the past the charm bracelets were considered to be very lucky. They were believed to protect its wearer from bad luck and evil eye. Different shapes of charms were considered lucky by different cultures and regions. The tradition of wearing charm bracelets originated from Egypt. These good luck charms were used by people in the fields of battle and other tough situations as a protection. People thought that charms have special powers that will protect them and help them in solving their problems and so they used these charm bracelets regularly.

A diverse range of charms and charm bracelets is available to choose from. Vintage charm bracelets are ideal for the people loving antique jewellery. They are still very popular and adored by women having a taste for antique art. Vintage charm bracelets can be expensive but have a timeless beauty and never go out of fashion. Gold bracelets are also gorgeous and look dazzling on the wrist. Everyone loves gold jewellery so when choosing a gift for your beloved, gold charm bracelets can be perfect and you don’t have to worry that whether your gift will be liked or not.

Charms in bracelets jewellery are available in different sizes and shapes. They are made by using all materials like gold, silver, copper and even plastic. You can select any size and shape of charm for your bracelet. These small and dazzling charms look very tempting when hanging in the bracelet. Italian charm bracelets are exceptional and they are unique because the style of making them is different from ordinary charm bracelets. Instead of the hanging charms an Italian charm bracelet has charms soldered flat on the bracelet base. This gives it a very creative and modern touch.

When it comes to charm bracelets jewellery, Pandora charm bracelets are worth mentioning. The charms of Pandora bracelets are made up of beads and gemstones. Pandora charm bracelets have usually round shaped charms. Pandora charm bracelets are one of the finest handmade jewellery. In each bracelet of Pandora three threads are used and beads are screwed on these threads. The beads move freely on the threads. Gold and silver is also used for making the lovely Pandora bracelets. People are crazy about the charm bracelets. Charm bracelets make perfect gift when you want to give someone a token of your love and commitment.

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