Jewelry signifies amiable beauty of women

Women love to flaunt jewelry irrespective of the country or culture that they belong to. A woman cannot look complete without a piece of jewelry. The special occasions such as wedding, engagement, and parties will remain incomplete without jewelry. From wedding rings to the stunning necklaces, jewelry continues to be an indispensable part of a woman’s life. The Engagement Rings in Dubai are known for their reasonable prices and for their quality and class. It is worth to visit Dubai for buying diamonds as they offer diamonds that are graded by The Gemological Institute of America or GIA, International Gemological Institute or IGI, and Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) Antwerp.

Ways of finding the right jewelry store:

Listed below are some of the points that would help the buyer to locate the right Jewelry store in Dubai easily:

  • Check the types of jewelries and carats that the store offers and whether it would fulfill the need of the buyer.
  • Check if the store has an online presence and offers jewelry online as well as offline.
  • Check the return policy and the delivery details of the store.
  • Check if the company has been in the business since many years.
  • Check the client testimonials, blogs and the feedback.
  • Check the payment options that the company approves.

All these points would help the buyer to locate the jewelry store easily and efficiently.

Select the right Eternity Rings in Dubai for her:

An eternity ring or the infinity ring is usually gifted to the wife by the husband for completing 50 years of marriage successfully. It consists of a band of valuable metal which can be gold or platinum and is fixed with an uninterrupted line of equally cut stones such as diamond. This signifies everlasting love of the couple. When choosing an eternity ring one should ensure that

  • the color, cut and the carat weight are accurate
  • the diamond has been certified by GIA, IGI or HRD Antwerp
  • the type of the metal that has been used in the ring
  • the size of the ring can be resized according to the requirement
  • the ring has an insert of the same type of band metal to prevent marks on the finger

All these points would help the man to find the right eternity ring for his partner as every woman has a unique preference and style which does not match with any other woman.

Thus, invest on the beautiful jewelry pieces as they signify the beauty of a woman!

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Embellish Your Beauty With Trendy And Latest necklace Designs

Embellish Your Beauty With Trendy And Latest necklace Designs

Jewelry has been used by women since times immemorial. In the past, women for religious or cultural reasons wore beautiful jewelry and headpieces. Nowadays,jewelry is simply used by women for enhancing their beauty and adding glam to their particular outfit. Ladies wear jewelry for special occasions, for looking stylish at their workplace or in their day-to-day life. For whatever reason jewelry is worn, it helps to add to a woman’s looks and confidence. Every woman is different in terms of individuality, personality and sense of fashion. Mirina Collections finds a way to bring out a woman’s individuality and confidence through our designs.

Such needs of women have been well understood by some elite designer jewelry houses that have come up with a wide variety of endearing jewelry items for the fashionistas of the world. These pieces of jewelry vary in terms of designs, materials they are made up, shapes, cuts and colors. The wide range of fashionable jewelry items available with these jewelry houses make it possible for women to find a specific jewelry item design that matches their personality well and will bring their confidence out. Such jewelry houses also grants women the facility to get design that is unique and one of its kind. So whether you are looking for trendy and/or the latest necklace designs or for gracing special occasions like a wedding, party, get-togethers or for your workplace, your wish is likely to be filled with such a jewelry house known as Mirina Collections.

 A premier designer jewelry house has an expert team of jewelry designers who work together todesign a unique and customized collection item to fulfilla particular woman’s needs. Once the design gets created, it is sent to the fashionista to style it as she wishes. Such a designer jewelry house offers the online buying option, so women can effortlessly buy jewelry from it from anywhere in the world. They can make the payment for the chosen jewelry items electronically and in a cashless and hassle free manner and their items would reach their place in the fastest possible time. Here they would be getting the maximum value on their money.

 The advantage of buying jewelry items from a reputed designer jewelry house is that it has experienced and creative designers who can create endearing and finely crafted jewelry designs which are inspired from different cultures. Women from anywhere in the world can look ravishingly beautiful in them. You will certainly gain by purchasing charming and appealing necklace sets online from such a designer jewelry house.

 Mirina Collections is a leading designer jewelry house that offers women exquisite, fashionable and stylish jewelry items like necklaces, chokers and fashion accessories like sunglasses. Its creative jewelry designer’s design personalized collection items that are inspired from different cultures. These help to enhance women’s looks and enable them to create the right impression at special occasions and in their day to day life.



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Enhance Your Beauty With Body Jewelry

Every one of us wants to look beautiful and charming. This is a basic instinct of al men and women. No one in this world would want to do which makes them ugly or make them sound ignorant in terms of fashion.

With the changing times we have been changing our preferences and tastes to follow the current trends. We followed every trend which made us look beautiful and more beautiful. We followed tattoos and then piercing.

Though piercing has been a part of our ancestral society, now it has gained more popularity. The reason for the increase in popularity is solely because the younger generation has taken charge of this phenomenon. Ten years back it was a strict no to wear Eyebrow Jewelry but today people wear eyebrow jewelry and are quite proud of their possessions. This is the big drift in the way society thought and reacted.

Body Jewelry today is part of every youngster’s wardrobe. Body jewelry is designed for different areas on the human body. With the change in the trends there are different kinds of body jewelry floated for sales. You can purchase trendy body jewelry from any of the website at affordable prices.

However these body jewelry might harm you if you are involved in any kind of heavy sports or exercises. That should not deter you from wearing body jewelry; all you need to do is change into a piercing retainer while playing. These are acrylic temporary jewels and do not allow your piercings to close or narrow down.

If you have the will to get a body piercing there is always a way. just follow it.

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Jewelry of My Great-Grandmother

My great grandmother was a collector of so, so many knick-knacks. She hoarded imitation food, squeaky grapes and misshapen apples and hard fake bananas; she hoarded embroidered scarves from Spain, pale drawings of lumpy badly-drawn ballerinas, statues of the Virgin Mary in stone and copper and wood. She hoarded knitting and cushions and above all she collected jewelry, from antique rings to trash jewelry, enormous piles of wholesale jewelry that poured out of containers and across tables and out of drawers. Her house was like a museum of jewelry fashions from the past forty years; I used to wander, run my fingers through them in awe and wonder.

When I was a young child, my great grandmother was sick, as great grandmothers typically are. Every weekend we would visit her, like clockwork, take her unsure hands and her quiet humming out to dinner and a game of cards, vacuum her house and push the heaps of wholesale jewelry into fewer piles.

One day she didn’t answer the knock on the door and I realized, even then, what had happened. I hid in the car and hummed Amazing Grace to myself while the ambulances came to remove the great-grandmother. She was ninety-six:96 years old and she had lived lonely for twenty years in the apartment she grew up in, unrelentingly independent, consistently unwilling to move to a nursing home.

They snuck through her remnants, weeks later, bickered over the vintage fabrics and sorted through the bad drawings and ugly statues, made great piles of things too tasteless to keep, meant to be passed off to someone, anyone who might enjoy a basket of broken wax apples with their red skins chipping away to uncover cool white insides. They gave me a pile of her wholesale jewelry to keep my slippery hands out of the way; there was a strand of rosy peeling artificial pearls, long enough to wrap around my waist twice, and a junky gold ring with a great amethyst stone the size of a pebble, the setting shaped to look like small sphinxes, foreign and slightly bent. There was a wire brooch and a lucite bangle and, nestled at the bottom of the case with a ugly goldtone chain twined through it, a real wedding ring. It glittered like a firework before they stole it away from me and gave me a wax banana to love instead.

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Pearl Powder For Beauty

Using crushed pearls for cosmetics or medicine is not a new concept. Pearl powder has been around for a very long time. Some pearls that are cultured don’t always come out the oyster in the best condition for making jewelry, so those pearls are ground to a powder. The pearl powder is then used in many products. In India, many people ingest pearl power for health reasons. At Aloha Pearls we use pearl powder as an ingredient in our beauty products such as lotions soaps and bath gels. Women’s facial-care products, like “Pearl Cream” has pearl powder in its formula. Toothpaste also has pearl powder as a main ingredient. Many remedies for strengthening bones require pearl powder as well.

Pearl powder is known for rejuvenating skin cells. You can purchase any of these products on line. One of our products that is worth mentioning here is “Aloha Pearls Pearl Cream” that has rejuvenating pearl powder for renewing skin cells and natural facial cream that moistens the skin. The creams are scented with island fruits and flowers like passion fruit and plumeria. Noni is also used in many of our facial products to heal damaged skin. Pearl powder is said to counteract imbalances in the body such as hormonal and chemical disorders. Pearl powder is definitely known to have an indirect cure for sleeplessness in patients. It is said that pearl powder can regenerate muscles and bone structure. “pearl powder is one of the leading oriental cures and preventive medicine for osteoporosis, which affects most adult women”. Even people who suffer with cataracts can be cured with it. “Ground pearls is said to cleanse the body from liver-fire which causes cataracts and eye redness”.

Another one of our many beauty products is “paper soap”, which is paper- thin decorative soap that is shaped as flowers and sea creatures. Made in different attractive colors, these soaps can make lovely arrangements in the bathroom to add elegance. Because of the pearl powder texture, it also works like pumice and can be used for polishing certain surfaces. The many uses of pearl powder are inexhaustible. We have bath gels, made from natural kukui oil and noni, that rejuvenate skin cells and comes in such tropical scents. We also have “Gift Box Roses”; a lovely bouquet of colored paper soaps that resembles roses. Aloha Pearls has bath salts and loofah sponge soaps that are all made with pearl powder. These can all be found on our web site.

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