Harry Winston Exquisite Jewelry Pieces

The primary goals of Harry Winston exquisite jewelry pieces are to provide inspirational pieces of jewelry that are of a high quality design and are truly a pleasure to wear. It is fitting that a jewelry designer of the high calibre of Harry Winston should have a home in one of the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities in the world, (New York) with almost a century of selling to the public. Over the years new designers have brought their own since of innovation and individuality while incorporating the simple rules of high quality designs with stunning elegance and style. The level of accomplishment reached an all time high when Harry Winston acquired the once royally owned Hope diamond.

Re mastered for extra brilliance and lustre the infamous diamond was donated to the Smithsonian institute.  The rarest rough diamond with 601 carats was bough by Harry Winston and later a 40 carat sister diamond was designed into an exquisite engagement ring for the elegant sophisticated first lady of politics and fashion Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. One of the most legendary off screen onscreen partnerships was cemented with a Harry Winston 69 carat pear shaped engagement ring for Richard Burton when he proposed to the stunningly beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. The beauty of the diamond mirrored the timeless beauty of the screen icon. Many a movie icon was pictured with a famous Winston

Diamond, none more famous than the child star of stage and screen Shirley the “Good Ship lollypop” Temple. The diamond industry found a true artist in Harry Winston his conceptual and fearlessness in pushing the boundaries of jewelry manufacturing with highly skilled gemmologists and craftsmen make him the Stephen Spielberg of the jewelry industry. His use of creative settings to incorporate stones set by hand made his diamond jewelry second to none and sought after the world over. The name Harry Winston is synonymous with style, elegance, high quality and the knowledge that your piece of jewelry is a timeless creating.

What sets Harry Winston jewelry poles apart form the competition is the unique designs in innovative settings with high carat diamonds sculptured with almost a century of craftsmanship knowledge and appreciation of what the customer wants. The Hollywood A list celebrities have had the pleasure of wearing some of the most  stunningly beautiful jaw dropping, eye watering custom made jewelry giving him the title of jewelry designer to the stars.

For decades of red carpet poses by  the  screen legends that  have made us swoon  with envy from Marilyn Monroe to Mage, Liz Taylor to  Gwyneth  Platrow  and  Jolie, the pair shared not only the similarity of having the most gorgeous man on the planet on their  arm too having the most gorgeous jewelry on the planet. Harry Winston Inc. supplies the world’s diamond markets from the almost half ownership of one of the largest Canadian diamond mines.

With stores in Paris London Tokyo, New York and the ultimate in glamour Beverly Hills Harry Winston has cornered the global jewelry market. The internet based jewelry business is very competitive and with stunning diamonds precious gem and timepieces the beautifully displayed website that incorporates the Winston wares is a sight to behold and a pleasure to browse through for styles, designs and prices in the comfort of your own home via the internet.
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All About Mexican Jewelry

US is among the biggest importer of the Mexican Jewelry. Due to the elimination of all tariffs by NAFTA, US traders have embarked on an ambitious plan to benefit from Mexico, the third largest producer of the costumer Jewelry.


The use of color is evident in the Mexican Jewelry which itself is characterized by the passionate craftsmanship of its artisans. The Mexican silver jewelry ranges from $50 to almost $5000 depending on the individual pieces. You will also find a lot of metalwork with inscribed religious themes and items for decorative body art.


Mexico is rich in mineral deposits of silver. In fact the modern resort town of Puerto Vallarta originated as the premier silver trading port. These pieces high light the importance of culture and religion on the Mexican mindset. In Mexico, artists colonies between 1930’s to 1950’s produced great silver designs. Margot de Texaco and William Spartling became the ultimate household name in the Jewelry business in 1970’s and still demands the highest accords. Get a professional advice as even the marker Jewelry can easily be forged. Many of the pieces are mistaken for silver when it is actually crafted from a bright durable material, Alpaca.

Tips for Shopping

Experts recommend that shoppers check the weight of the silver and examine any splits. The best indication of any restoration is the back side which will be affected from constant hammering. Look for the number marks inside the necklace or ring. These are signs of a high quality craftsmanship. Many of the silver Jewelry parts originate for Texaco which has been the keeper of silver art for over hundred years. Look for minute imprints of Texaco, which may require a magnifying glass. Be wary when shopping for major brand like William Spartling that has most fakes.
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Tanzanite Rings – A Rare Beauty

Gemstones, semi-precious or precious, have always attracted people’s attention from all parts of the world. Several types of gemstones are available in today’s market. Tanzanite is one amongst them. This beautiful, rare blue gem has a purple hint and is very popular all over the world, especially in the United States. It was originally known as Blue Zoisite, and was renamed Tanzanite in October of 1968 by Tiffany & Company.

A new gem to the world, Tanzanite rings and bracelets have attained a fine and remarkable reputation of being a highly demanded precious jewelry for engagements and weddings across countries.

Tips to Select

  • The most popular color of this rare gem is the one with deep blue and purple hues at the edges. Ensure that you are visiting a reputable jeweler to buy Tanzanite rings. Some jewelers may substitute a less expensive gemstone for the real one. This rare gem is not easy to find, however, you must find a descent one online.
  • Consider all the factors. This rare blue gem in its original form is basically brownish or gray in color. If possible, look for loose gemstones and place them into a structure of your choice. Since it is a soft stone, it can get damaged easily, hence, if the gem that you chose already has cracks in it, the chances that gemstone is going to break increases. Because this rare blue gem is mined only in Tanzania, it is possibly one of the most expensive gems to consider for a ring.
  • Take good care of your precious Tanzanite rings. Since it is a soft gem, you have to give a little more consideration while taking care. Never place Tanzanite rings in ultrasonic cleaner because it may get damaged beyond repair. To avoid damage while not being worn, it is advised to place it away from other pieces of jewelry to prevent damaging it accidentally.

All Styles and Shapes

From split shanks to solitaire stones, from multi-gem rings to fancy cuts such as pear, oval, etc. the collection offers all types of solutions to customers. Sophisticated designs such as oval shaped Tanzanite are also quite popular these days.

As a gem, this precious stone is also available in the form of earrings and necklaces. The Jewel Site offers online customers with pleasurable shopping experience, and has an amazing collection of great jewelry products. Visit their website today to learn more about Tanzanite Ring.
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Handmade Jewelry Techniques


Jewelry shopping is very popular to those savvy customer that are addicted with the beauty and elegance of jewelry. But this kind of activity, especially for women are very expensive because many jewelry artisan sold there items at a high cost, that includes all their expenses. Lots of money will be saved if people would know how to make their own jewelry. Some would probably disregard this idea, as they would think that handmade jewelry is not as good as those jewelry sold at stores, made from well known artist. However, handmade jewelry are more likely appreciated if they are just made nice enough to be worn.


Notice that there are now lots of jewelry making tutorials that can teach you how to make your own jewelry. Not only that, they can also teach you on how you can obtain materials and tools needed to get started with jewelry making. The demand for jewelry continuously grow, and you may as well consider jewelry making tutorial for you to also learn how to make your own jewelry, this can also be a good chance for you of taking the lead to the newest trends in fashion jewelry.


As I’ve said earlier, commercial jewelry are sold at a high cost – mostly overpriced. Considering the value of the metals and stones needed are quite high, an amount of labor cost are being added also. Now, obtaining materials probably not a problem for you because you can always buy materials at a wholesale cost, but saving loads of money by creating your own jewelry eliminates the labor cost you are actually paying when you buy commercialize jewelry. And this might be a great opportunity for you to start your own handmade jewelry business.


Think about this, beautiful jewelries are made with jewelry makers, and jewelry makers learned jewelry making through tutorials. So the point is, you too can make your own beautiful jewelry creation if you will just consider taking jewelry making tutorial lesson. The only exception of jewelry makers from you is if they happened to take apprenticeship for this craft. But if you really desire to make this craft possible, for sure you will, it is just a matter of how much time and money you will invest to this venture.


There are many sources for jewelry making tutorial like tutorials in books, ebooks, Internet, and seminars. These sources of jewelry making tutorial can really give benefits to you, whether jewelry making is just your mere hobby or you are into jewelry making business.


A Handmade Jewelry Comes in Different Forms, it could be a precious stone , a mineral, or a metal. A jewelry is made for the purpose of beauty and luxury. History tells us that jewelry was once used by primitive men as a symbol of praise to their gods and as well as ornaments in the body. Jewelry derived from the Latin word jocale which mean plaything.

Jewelry has been used by early mankind, archeological findings and studies suggests that ornaments or jewelries was once used to strap in the clothings as a lock. But as mankind progresses, jewelry was used as a form of ornament, as well as a charms and other symbolic item in which they gave importance to drive away demons, sickness and as well attracting good life and luck. Early known jewelry are believed to be shells and other basic materials in which man could pick and stick it up in their clothing or body. Handmade Jewelry are a basic principle in which early man had developed and which later generations had followed with the help of machinery.

Handmade jewelries are nice, creative, and had no patterns or whatsoever to perfect. Its just a flow in which an artistic mind of a person flows in a continuous wave to create his or her own jewelry. As with the early ancestors, they dont use any machines to make a jewelry. Making Handmade Jewelry is Fun. Its relaxing and also a cheap gift for all occasions.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry Chains

Jewelry chains are fine metals that are used as an adornment on neck and hands. Decorative gems and pendants are attached to add to its beauty. Sterling silver jewelry chains are worn with casual dresses and lend a chic look to the owner. A small chain with a tiny pendant gives a subtle look to different apparel. As Sterling Silver is easily available and also affordable, it can be worn daily by poeple. The style, shape and design of the sterling silver chains can be modified and molded.

There are different styles in which chains are available.


There are no links. While looking at it, one feels that beads are attached to each other.


The thickness of this chain is wider than the trace. The links of the chain might vary in shape. When the links are square in shape and have a tighter hold on each other, they from “Briolette”


A link formed of 2 circular links is enclosed by a crescent shaped link. It looks ellipsoid in cross-section, when laid flat on a surface.


When the curb chain is laid flat, the links interlock themselves. The width of the chain may go up to 2 cms. These chains are thicker. They are so thick that they can be used for horse stack also. With experiment, a ‘Singapore’ style was invented.


The links are arranged in V-shape to give the look to lay entirely flat. The strands are so thin that it can either be plaited or twisted together.

Prince of Wales

Small circular links are entangled into each other. They entangle in such a way that it brings out a new style and also doesn’t look shabby.


Two twisting strands are placed in such a way that many small links are not completely joined. The disadvantage of such a chain is, when a single link break, the others follow in train. Figaro is the stylish form of a rope.


The links are tightly arranged that includes a square or round cross-section. The links are arranged in a crisscross manner.


The links are interconnected like plaited hair.


It is a commonly found style of chain worldwide. Such chains are consistent in breadth but have finer widths. They’re very delicate. It can hold pendants that weigh approximately 3.4gms.


The links of the chain are attached and look like wheat grains.
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Turquoise Jewelry – For The Bold And The Beautiful

Turquoise jewelry is a perfect choice for a party as they complement your looks. Don these classic pieces which never go out of fashion and make a style statement. For special occasions like weddings or bridal showers, beautifully designed silver turquoise jewelry would look stunning and add elegance to your attire. The elegant and vibrant greenish-blue gemstone coupled with silver jewelry would surely make heads turn, thus making you feel like the queen of the day. Turquoise jewelry can actually make any outfit look snazzy and sleek! They are also a fun and colorful way to dress up a simple jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble.

Are you looking for the perfect and sophisticated gift for your beloved? Choose a gift from the mystical and enchanting turquoise jewelry collection at My Wedding Jewelry and make your beloved happy. Turquoise is embedded in pieces of jewelry such as turquoise bracelets, turquoise rings, and turquoise pendants and the beautiful designs in turquoise jewelry at this website will surely catch the eye of the aficionado.

For a simple and classy look, try out the Turquoise Nugget 14KT Gold Plated 18″ Necklace and pair it with Turquoise Drop French Wire Earring and Turquoise and Flower Toggle Bracelet. You can also make your hand look pretty with the Turquoise Ring Sterling Silver with 14 KT Gold Accent. For a traditional look, you can opt for Navajo turquoise jewelry.

Did you know turquoise is the birthstone of people born in December? So, if you have someone dear to you who has his/her birthday in December, think no more about what to gift them, browse through My Wedding Jewelry and surprise them with awesome turquoise jewelry.

The enigma of turquoise has been continuing for ages and the beauty of the unique stone is timeless. Explore the realms of turquoise jewelry designs and make a gorgeous turquoise statement!
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Jewellery Stands Display the Beaded and Hand Crafted Jewellery More Beautifully

All jewellery businesses have the same basic needs and question about displaying jewellery. Especially the beaded and hand made jewellery should be properly displayed to grab the attention of the customers. There are many portable jewellery stand kits available which are specially made for the exhibition trade businesses and are easy to assemble and unassemble. These stands show the designs in proper form, looks great, attract and stimulate the customers.

If the new shopkeepers, who are starting the business of beaded jewellery, will make visit of market in search of Jewellery stands then they can find a fussy jewellery stands which can properly highlight the work done on the beaded jewellery. These stands have wire assembling which may be hard to use but is good for beaded jewellery. Earring tree idea might be best for displaying the glass jewellery. Metal jewellery stands are also available in markets which are long lasting and are easy to use. So, according to the theme of the shop and taste of the shop keeper, the right designs of stands should be chosen. Necklace display stands are also an item for displaying. If the theme of necklace stands would be same as other stands have (not in design but in color) will bring the unity in trade.

The use of creative display Jewellery stands will brings a big difference in presentation and sales as well. May the large number of competitors use frames and boards for displaying? Distinctive jewellery stands definitely attracts and stimulates the customers to come in the shop to purchase some items. When the markets become overcrowded people usually come in those shops which have unique themes and show uniqueness in the decoration and jewellery designs. So the use of stands to display is beneficial. The good jewellery stands definitely enhances the look of items. Stands are especially advantageous for the businesses of wedding and craft show exhibitions.

If one is going to start a new business, in jewellery market, then he should first visit the market to observe what kind of jewellery is demanded and what kind of display sources are being used by the competitors. So summing up all this information, if the market is not using the jewellery display stands to display jewellery then the stands must be the first choice and if the market is using the display stands then the stylish and distinguishing stands should be chosen which should look different in the whole market. This will give your jewellery items a unique and different look among your competitors.

One easy way to display the beaded jewellery at different exhibitions is only the use of Jewellery stands. The efficiency is needed in exhibitions where the jewellery is chosen on its appearance. There are many simple but outrageous stands easily available in the market which deals in the efficient assembling.

Another option is to get the best stands is the professional stand makers. The jewellery stands can be purchased form the professionals who are master of their art. They will not only provide you with your required designs but will also give you the valuable and practical suggestions about different suitable designs and styles.
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oh,Pearl Jewelry For Everyone

Jewelry enhances beauty, and converts the ordinary looking into glamor dolls. Pearl jewelry stands out as no other gemstone as it enhances skin tone and accentuates femininity. Who was the first person to discover this perfectly round and lustrous gem? It dates back to thousands and thousands of years ago.

Pearls were the first stones that were valued and appreciated by people and are still considered as the most elegant stones that require no cutting and polishing. The gem’s beauty is outstanding from the moment it is removed from the shell. Ancient civilizations of India and China appreciated and accepted pearls widely. China’s history discusses the value of pearls thousands of years ago and also mentions that Shu King received a gift of pearls around 2300 B.C.

Egypt, the land of beauty, used pearls for decoration and Romans adorned pearls, while the women used it to upholster the sofas or add enhance to their gowns. Pearls are also mentioned in Bible and Koran. Everyone knows that women find pearls irresistible and love to wear pearl jewelry. Women find it suitable to adorn for every cultural festival.

Some people feel and think that pearl jewelry is not for men or kids, but that’s wrong. Nowadays many fashion houses design various styles for men, which they can wear daily like pearl bracelets or rings. Furthermore, the French have gone ahead and designed pearl jewelry for kids. A number of French women get their ears pierced and wear pearl earrings.

There is wide range of pearl jewelry to suit every woman’s taste. The whole family can adorn pearl jewelry, thus enhancing their style. Pearl is also considered as a symbol of purity and God’s gift and, in times gone by, it was considered as the most prized possession one could own. Pearl farmers yield cultured pearls through an extensive and grueling process. This process begins by gathering oysters, sometimes starting from formative years, all the way through raising oysters. Farmers also have to protect the oysters and keep them safe from predators and disease.
Their basic choice begins by selecting perfect oysters for yielding the best-cultured pearls and then surgically implanting the center of the pearl in the oyster thus allowing the cultured pearl to grow. This process takes a time phase that can extend in years to yield the perfect pearl. Only some of the oysters, those are grown to produce cultured pearls, provide pearls that are of sufficient quality to make jewelry.

Nowadays, all pearls that are sold in the market are cultured pearls. Many people don’t know the difference between cultured pearls and pearls produced from saltwater oysters. Conversely, the process to make freshwater pearls is the same as the one adopted for cultured pearls.

Pearl jewelry goes along with everything, from tweeds to plaids from jeans to skirts and beyond. Still not sure, as to what you want? Go ahead and choose some classic pieces for yourselves or to give as gifts. Guys love to gift pearl jewelry to their wives or girlfriends, as it is a safest bet, especially jewelry made from black pearls. So if you want something memorable and inexpensive, then think of a beautiful pearl ring or magnetic-clasp pearl necklace.
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Wedding Necklace

The graceful beauty of a >wedding necklace has fascinated brides for centuries. It is hard to find jewellery that is as gorgeous and elegant for a bride to wear on her wedding day as pearl bridal jewellery. There is something pure and incredible about the colour of pearls that make them perfect for any woman. The best part about pearl bridal jewellery is that it will compliment any traditional wedding theme.

Pearls are classic wedding jewellery. Pearls are absolutely a girl’s best friend and are the best accessory for a wedding dress. Why not make the dream of beautiful pearls into a reality for you and your bridal party. It is your special day and you will keep in mind for forever. It can be made even more impressive with the exquisite range of cultured, freshwater and Akoya pearl designs. The beauty of the designs will amaze you.

Wedding necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, tiaras and hair decorations, you will find what ever your heart wishes. The pearl wedding necklaces can be traditional and single thread, chocker, drop pendant, twisted, and hand knotted. The wedding necklaces can be coordinated with other accessories to provide that much sort after synchronized look.

The most popular pearl bridal jewellery consists of pearl wedding earrings along with a pearl wedding necklace to emphasize the pearls in their wedding gown. A beautiful pearl wedding necklace can be paired with pearl cluster earrings as well as pearl studs. A popular choice for many women today is a simple silver wedding necklace with a single pearl pendant.

There are many types of pearl wedding necklace to choose like authentic pearls, cultured pearls, and simulated pearls. Certainly natural pearls will cost much more than the replicated types. You can find natural pearls that come in colours that range from a creamy white, pink, grey, iridescent, and even black.

Apart from pearl wedding necklace, Chez Bec provides you with an array of wedding necklaces like Africana Wedding Necklace, Amethyst Purity Pendant Necklace, Angel Wedding Necklace, Aqua Belle Wedding Necklace, Aqua Charm Wedding Necklace, Aqua Purity Pendant Necklace and many more.

If you want to get more information on wedding necklace, please feel free to contact ChezBec.
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Diamond Maintenance Tips

Except color, clarity, weight and cut, an elegant diamond may have dreamy memories, an unforgettable promise and more expect. But even as hard as diamonds, we should also remember that careful maintenance can make it bright eternity!

Diamonds have an affinity for oil, so, people should avoid touching oil while wearing diamond. The oil will stay in your diamond when you wear jewelry, making diamonds shine into the dim, so if stained with oil, wash with detergent or ultrasonic cleaning. But the jewelry with a small diamond piece could not to use ultrasonic cleaning to avoid diamond pieces fall off.

We said that the diamond would have a layer of oil after wearing for a period, so clear it usually could keep the light of diamond. So next is to tell some details on clearing diamond jewelry.

Detergent: use of container to install warm water, and mix with neutral detergent, then soak diamond jewelry for 10-15 minutes, after this, clear it with clean water and then to dry it. Remember, do not rinse under the tap directly, once the diamond fall off into the sewers that is too late to repent.

Quick wash: buy diamond cleaning solution in jewelry shop, and according to the instruction to clean diamond jewelry.
Professional Cleaning: do a maintenance for your jewelry in professional jewelry shop every two or three month, including cleaning, renovation and check the diamond loose or not.

The highest hardness rating for diamond is 10 degree, which means that this kind of diamond have a higher level for withstand sharp objects scratching than all other gems, so you will feel that they are more easily maintained. But you should note that, although the highest hardness, diamonds are likely to damage each other, so be carefully protected to avoid friction between them. Diamond is composed of carbon material, so it had better preferably wrapped with a soft handkerchief placed. Don’t put it into the man-made plastic box. It recommend that you could clean it softly before put it into box.

When you do housework, do not let the diamond jewelry stained with chlorine bleach, although it will not damage the diamond, it will fade or change color.
Do not wear it while wash or work. Though diamond is hard, it still will be damaged if have a collision with hard goods.
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