6 Runway Modeling Success Tips

The purpose of Runway, or Catwalk modeling, is to showcase new designs.

The model who can make the designers’ clothing  look absolutely fabulous, in any light, is the one who gets the most gigs…period.

Runway modeling is a great way to launch your career! You never know who is in the audience: a top designer, photographer or talent scout.

Great runway models are made, not born (well there are some exceptions). Here are 6 tips to help you knock them dead on the catwalk:

Runway Modeling Tip #1 – Posture: Stand up straight with your shoulders at the back. Never slouch or hunch. An erect posture will make you look and feel more confident and secure.

Runway Modeling Tip #2 – Focus: Don’t gaze and gawk in every direction. Keep your eyes focused straight ahead. Never look down at your feet or scan the audience. Focus your gaze on an imaginary point straight off in the distance.

Runway Modeling Tip #3 – Chin Down: In most situations, it’s good advice to “keep your chin up”. Well not on the runway. Remember, your audience is sitting down and looking up at you. So tilt your chin down slightly.

Runway Modeling Tip #4 – Hands Open:Remember to Keep your hands open and fingers visible. Not only do balled up fingers and hidden hands make you look like an amputee in photos but clenched fist make you appear tense, fearful or angry.

Runway Modeling Tip #5 – Arm Swing: The rules vary between women and men. Ladies, while your lower arms may swing as you walk, keep your upper arms close to your body. Men, on the other hand…let your arms swing naturally with your gait.

Runway Modeling Tip #5 – Walk This Way: Walk like a runway model, which is properly but naturally. Ladies,put one foot directly in front of the other, but with long confident strides. This will naturally make your hips sway and your arms swings. Guys, take even longer strides. (I don’t need to tell you not to sway your hips…right?)

Runway Modeling Tip – Bonus: Modeling is an art…but Fashion is a business. Remember to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

  • Always arrive early.
  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Respect yourself, the craft and those around you.

Try not to be a “Diva”. Remember, though you are on center stage, the show is all about the designer and his or her line. Be flexible and prepared to think and perform ‘outside the box.’

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