A Buyer’s Guide to Pendants


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The Pendant is a popular piece of jewellery. It has been a valued and celebrated part of human history since ages. It has been used time and again as a symbol of prestige, power, opulence and wealth. A pendant is an ornament that is suspended from another piece of jewelry such as a necklace, neck chain, ribbon, brooch, bracelet, or earring. Pendants take many forms including large gems or pearls, cameos, crosses, lockets, amulets, or watches. This piece of jewellery has been in vogue since time immemorial. They add and element of timeless grace and beauty to the look.

Today, there is no dearth of the variety of pendants that are available in the market based on their design, material and sizes. Gold and silver pendants used to be the norm of the yesteryears however with the evolution of the society, these are made in a wide array of designs and materials. They are worn in various styles and manners in different cultures depending on the requirement of the occasion.

With the evolution of the modern society and widespread urbanization and digitalization the role of the pendant in contemporary society has undergone a drastic change.



The rope pendant is used to add a look of modern sophistication and elegance. The length of these pendants can be 35 inches or longer. These are usually created by wrapping lengthy chains over the weaver so as to lend the appearance of a rope. There are different kinds of rope pendants available in the market that vary in length, material and design. They provide the consumers a wide array of products to choose from.



These usually have a length that varies between 30 to 35 inches and tend to cascade down the breast bone of the wearer. They are used for adding a look of elegance and delicate grace to the look. These pendant offer the freedom of pairing them with the desired outfits be they modern or traditional as per the requirement of the occasion. They offer a look of timeless grace and effortless beauty.



The chokers usually measure 14-16 inches and are worn below the collarbone. They lie slightly lower than the collar and shouldn’t be worn if the neck is to be highlighted. They add an element of delicate grace to the look and are usually single stranded.



These usually range between 18 to 29 inches. These are the classic pendants and are both graceful and elegant. They offer one of the most common lengths in which pendants are available in the market. They usually worn below the collarbone and can also be paired up with a variety of other ornaments.



These are known for their length. They are generally 24 inches long and elegantly cascade down the neck of the wearer to provide a beautiful and graceful look. These necklaces are very eye-catchy and once worn, they tend to steal the spotlight and divert all attention towards themselves. They look gorgeous as 925 pendants.



The use of pendant as a part of jewellery has existed since prehistoric times. It is essential to familiarize oneself with the different types of pendant that are available in the market at the disposal of the consumer to gain a better understanding of the features and characteristics of each. It helps in being able to choose the right pendant for the right occasion. In order to avoid being duped into buying pendants of inferior variety or ones that do not meet the requirements of the occasion, it is advisable to develop a working knowledge of the material and characteristics of each pendant. The features of these pendant vary immensely and therefore it is essential for both buyers and manufacturers to grasp the fundamentals of these pendants.
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