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Harry Winston Exquisite Jewelry Pieces

The primary goals of Harry Winston exquisite jewelry pieces are to provide inspirational pieces of jewelry that are of a high quality design and are truly a pleasure to wear. It is fitting that a jewelry designer of the high calibre of Harry Winston should have a home in one of the most exciting and […]

All About Mexican Jewelry

US is among the biggest importer of the Mexican Jewelry. Due to the elimination of all tariffs by NAFTA, US traders have embarked on an ambitious plan to benefit from Mexico, the third largest producer of the costumer Jewelry. Characteristics The use of color is evident in the Mexican Jewelry which itself is characterized by […]

Tanzanite Rings – A Rare Beauty

Gemstones, semi-precious or precious, have always attracted people’s attention from all parts of the world. Several types of gemstones are available in today’s market. Tanzanite is one amongst them. This beautiful, rare blue gem has a purple hint and is very popular all over the world, especially in the United States. It was originally known […]

Handmade Jewelry Techniques

  Jewelry shopping is very popular to those savvy customer that are addicted with the beauty and elegance of jewelry. But this kind of activity, especially for women are very expensive because many jewelry artisan sold there items at a high cost, that includes all their expenses. Lots of money will be saved if people […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry Chains

Jewelry chains are fine metals that are used as an adornment on neck and hands. Decorative gems and pendants are attached to add to its beauty. Sterling silver jewelry chains are worn with casual dresses and lend a chic look to the owner. A small chain with a tiny pendant gives a subtle look to […]

Turquoise Jewelry – For The Bold And The Beautiful

Turquoise jewelry is a perfect choice for a party as they complement your looks. Don these classic pieces which never go out of fashion and make a style statement. For special occasions like weddings or bridal showers, beautifully designed silver turquoise jewelry would look stunning and add elegance to your attire. The elegant and vibrant […]

Jewellery Stands Display the Beaded and Hand Crafted Jewellery More Beautifully

All jewellery businesses have the same basic needs and question about displaying jewellery. Especially the beaded and hand made jewellery should be properly displayed to grab the attention of the customers. There are many portable jewellery stand kits available which are specially made for the exhibition trade businesses and are easy to assemble and unassemble. […]

oh,Pearl Jewelry For Everyone

Jewelry enhances beauty, and converts the ordinary looking into glamor dolls. Pearl jewelry stands out as no other gemstone as it enhances skin tone and accentuates femininity. Who was the first person to discover this perfectly round and lustrous gem? It dates back to thousands and thousands of years ago. Pearls were the first stones […]

Wedding Necklace

The graceful beauty of a >wedding necklace has fascinated brides for centuries. It is hard to find jewellery that is as gorgeous and elegant for a bride to wear on her wedding day as pearl bridal jewellery. There is something pure and incredible about the colour of pearls that make them perfect for any woman. […]

Diamond Maintenance Tips

Except color, clarity, weight and cut, an elegant diamond may have dreamy memories, an unforgettable promise and more expect. But even as hard as diamonds, we should also remember that careful maintenance can make it bright eternity! Diamonds have an affinity for oil, so, people should avoid touching oil while wearing diamond. The oil will […]