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A History of Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is typically a personal ornament that is worn somewhere on a person’s body. Such ornaments could be a necklace, bracelet or a ring that is made of precious metals, gemstones, wood or other kinds of materials. Yet jewelry has had many different functions throughout its history. Jewelry has been used as […]

Diamond Earrings – the Definition of Elegance

If you are looking to make a statement about your own personal sense of style and elegance, or perhaps you wish to make a statement about your status or success, then there are few accessories or items of jewelry which can compare to the sheer simplicity and beauty of diamond earrings. Real diamond earrings have […]

3 Main Types of Jewelry Items for Women

Jewelry is an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. Be it rings, necklaces or anklets, there are many types jewelry items available for women. Jewelry items can also be purchased online. Throughout history, women have worn jewelry. Many types of jewelry items were worn by women in Egypt, Rome and other ancient civilizations. In modern […]

21 Bridal Jewelry Style Ideas For Your Wedding Day

So you need some help deciding on the wedding jewelry theme? Here are 21 ideas to get you going: 1. Custom made costume jewelry – a great option for all bridal party members, especially for the bridesmaids jewelry 2. Fine jewelry – for the bride with gold and diamonds is the traditional option. 3. Cubic […]

Buy Body Jewelry And Quality Ear Gauges Online!

Body jewelry has been a constant desire for both women and men since ancient times. Nowadays, women are wearing body jewelry more than men because this is the fashion today. Even in the current situation, the majority of body jewelry is bought by young women. Women are well known that they bum around jewelry shops […]

Artifacts of Gold – Gold Jewellery

There are hundreds of designs which can be made out of Gold, but, it is not the design but the metal called Gold after which people run. Irrespective of age, caste, creed or country, Gold has a single meaning for all – royalty. It is one metal which separates the rich from the poor or […]

Stunning Diamond and Gold Jewelry at Affordable Price

Gold and diamond jewellery has been a special gift that can bring joy for a lifetime to both men and women for decades. Men and women have adorned themselves with jewelry in general to reflect social and official rank, age and marital status. It is widely said that “Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. Diamond jewellery […]

The Best Way To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Many people have discovered the beauty of wearing silver. More and more people are finding that silver jewelry compliments their attire just as well or even better than gold. Others are discovering that silver and gold combination jewelry is one of their favorites. However, fewer people fully understand how to properly clean their silver jewelry […]

Pendants – Small Pieces With Great Significance

One of the most expressive ways for people to make statements about themselves is to show something that represents them. The first choice would be clothing, something used to cover our bodies, but at the same time showing people what we like. Clothes have been around ever since the beginning of time. Even though when […]

Authentic Native American jewelry

Contemporary designs in Native American Jewelry will give you an elegant and stylish look. Native American jewelry is made with attractive gemstones, such as Turquoise, Wampum, Mother of Pearl and jade. Available in a diverse range of rings, bracelet and necklaces made of silver makes it really affordable. Jewelry plays a crucial role especially for […]