Beautiful bloodstone jewelry

The name of the stone comes precisely from these red inclusions, which are considered to resemble blood. Sometimes, these red spots are yellow instead and the stone is named plasma. Gemstones with such different two colors, like green and red, aren’t many, so this is a unique feature of bloodstone and implicitly, of bloodstone jewelry.

From the mystical point of view, it is believed that bloodstone gemstone banishes negativity, instills courage in dangerous situations, it helps break the old and harmful patterns in one’s behavior and build something healthier. From the healing point of view, bloodstone has positive effects over circulation and that’s why gemstone was used to stop the bleeding in the past. It is also said that having a few pieces of bloodstone in our homes, life energy will be increased. With so many beneficial aspects, it is not to wonder why bloodstone jewelry is so popular among people of different ages and occupations.

People like jewelry, especially women and each one appreciates different kind of jewelry, with different designs, not to mention various types of gemstones etc. Every person resonates with different stones of numerous colors. And the persons who like bloodstone gemstone can definitely be pleased with the choices offered. It is a beautiful deep green stone and always gives the wearer a profound air.

People wear jewelry for different reasons. Some women wear jewelry only to big occasions, some are profoundly in love with them, others are wearing them because of the personal meaning and others wear them only for the healing properties of the stones. Of course, there are many women who wear jewelry for all these reasons, including bloodstone jewelry. Rings are pieces of jewelry that women adore, no matter if for aesthetic reasons or emotional meaning. And a woman with great sense of style knows that you must not wear two or more rings on the same finger.

Bloodstone rings are found in many forms, such as: round, oval shapes, drop, square, triangular etc. There are many choices to make, appropriate for every form of hand and fingers. So, if you have short fingers it would be better not to wear rings with very big gemstones. But you can find bloodstone rings with smaller gemstones. You will wear the stone that you love and you’ll look great too, taking into consideration the esthetical appearance.

There are multiple possibilities when it comes to the bloodstone jewelry you can wear and it is impossible not to find something which suits you in every aspect of your life. It is a well known fact that jewelry makes women feel better and more beautiful. We can really combine the aesthetical aspect with the healing properties of the gemstones. And if there are people who don’t believe in them, they have nothing to lose if they give them a try.  Bloodstone gemstone brings positivity in our lives and protects us from the evil so why shouldn’t we let it?

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