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Beauty of Birthstone Jewellery and the Different Beliefs About Jewellery of Birthstone

The beauty and charm of birthstone jewellery is hard to be expressed in words. The birthstones have an everlasting beauty and a mysterious appeal. The unique powers attached to these pretty stones make them more special, tempting and unique. For centuries, birthstones are used in jewellery all over the world. In ancient times it was one of the widely used jewellery and the reason for this was the magical powers attached to them.

The people were crazy to have a birthstone in their rings, bracelets, earrings and other articles as they thought these stones can protect them from harm and other dangers in life. Wearing the birthstones was considered lucky as they were assumed to evade the bad fortune also. It was believed that these stones are a protection item for its wearer and can bring good luck to him or her.

These birthstones have been dedicated to the twelve Zodiac signs and the twelve months of the year. The fascinating garnet is the stone of Aquarius and represents commitment and fidelity. The sophisticated amethyst is associated to the Pisces zodiac. Aries is linked with the bloodstone and the dramatic sapphire is the stone of Taurus. Sapphire represents truth, faithfulness and sincerity.

Agate is the stone of Gemini and the shining emerald is the stone of Cancer. For the Leo, onyx is the dedicated stone. The sizzling red or orange colored cornelian is the stone of Virgo. The pretty and delicate emerald is associated to Libra and the shimmering mermaid’s treasure “aquamarine” is Scorpio’s stone. For Sagittarius the simple and classic topaz is dedicated. And finally passionate ruby is the stone of Capricorn which represents love, power and royalty.

It was also believed that by wearing the endlessly captivating birthstone jewellery one can cure different diseases and problems with the help of the magical power they posses. Wearing a ruby ring was believed to heal the stomach ache and emerald was thought to be good for the eyes. Yellow stones were used to cure jaundice and this idea is still popular and followed by many people. Peridot however was believed to give good sleep, and to cure asthma topaz was used.

The metals used for this type of jewellery are gold, silver and white gold. The gemstones look marvelous in silver color as the beauty and grace of the stone is enhanced. Rings, earring, brooches, pendants and other items are made using these birthstones with divine beauty. There are so many exciting colors of birthstones to choose from. You can give jewellery of birthstones as gifts to your loved ones as it can be a very sentimental keepsake that will be cherished forever.

Many famous celebrities adore the birthstone jewellery and consider different gemstones as lucky for them. They think these stones have brought them the fame they are enjoying today and so they never forget to wear their lucky birthstones either in rings or pendants etc. Some of the famous celebrities including Princess Stephanie of Monaco, singer Roberta Flack and actress Drew Barrymore love wearing amethyst because it is lucky for them. The birthstone of the famous Oscar winner Halle Berry and Grammy winner Whitney Houston is Peridot. Princess Diana also used to wear a sapphire engagement ring.

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