Top 5 Black Hair Brands

Each year black women spend billions on beauty products, with an emphasis on human hair, lace wigs, weaving hair, Indian hair and Remi hair. These items are procured in mainly China and India and then are packaged, marketed and distributed by several well known hair companies. So who’s leading the way in this rapidly growing industry? Here is a list of the top five leading hair companies, all of which can be found at Elevate Styles.

1) Shake – N – Go

Piano Color’s trademark owner, Shake – N – Go, established itself in 1991 designing and manufacturing fashionable, durable, and comfortable human and synthetic hair products. They market such brands such as NUDE, SAGA, MilkyWay, Weave Master, EQUAL, and Free Tress. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces, and accessories.

2) Outre

Owned by Sun Taiyang, Outre has always helped set the standard for continuous growth in the hair industry. They offer the widest variety of colors, lengths, and styles to meet your needs. Providing such a leading edge in hair fashion, few brands can equal their premium quality products and dedicated service professionals. They carry such reputable brands such as Outre Velvet Remi Weaving Hair, Outre Premium Yaki, and Batik hair brands.

3) Hair Zone

Parent company to the Sensationnel label, and renowned lines such as Goddess, Premium Now, Premium Too, Empress Lace Wig, Bump, Kanubia, and Instant Weave, Hair Zone is one of the leading manufacturers of hair pieces, braids, weaves, extensions, accessories and designer wigs for professional stylists and consumers around the world. They just revamped their website in December of 2010 so viewers can see their latest products.

4) Midway International, Inc

As a leader in importing and distributing human and synthetic hair products, Midway International operates with a dedicated research and development department staffed with industry professionals with over 30 years of experience and knowledge. With this dedication they’ve been able to produce brands such as Bobbi Boss, Human Hair Weaving & Bulk, Lace Mono Top, First Remi, Indi Remi, Lace Front, Forever Premier Weave Selection, Clip-On Extensions, and Enhancer Premium Finishing Closure.

5) Beauty Plus

Best known for the Janet Collection, Beauty Plus is a leading manufacturer of human and synthetic hair products. Having been in business since 1980, Beauty Plus remains at the forefront of innovation in the hair industry. Along with its sister productions, Femi Collection and Lisa Collection, Janet Collection serves as a pioneer of hair products for Beauty Plus without ever losing touch with consumer’s constantly changing tastes.

Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

Women over the age of 30 have their own unique challenges when it comes to make up and I am looking to address the following:

-What colors are right for me (ex. how do women pick the right

shades that compliment their eyes and skin tone)?

-Am I too old to wear trendy shades?

-How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc.

-What are the key tools necessary to get the best evening look?

-Solutions for common mistakes women over 30 make.

-Are there any rules that women in their 30s, 40s, 50s+ should be


I have been in the industry for over 14 years, and I get these questions all the time. The main thing to remember is that makeup should be fun–it is what you make it! Do not look to others for rules…if it feels good to you and makes you feel good about yourself, that is what’s important.

-What rules do you use for women over 40?

I really dislike it when people who tell women over 40 “don’t wear shimmer!!” It’s hogwash. Of course women over 40 can wear shimmer. Just don’t overdo it–make sure the product is finely milled and is very high quality. Shimmer actually makes the skin look fresh and dewey, which is exactly what skin over 40 needs!!! It’s all about choosing a product that is right for you–not about adhering to “rules”. Don’t buy the cheap stuff–it will look like glitter, and that’s not cute. A Radiance Booster is a perfect example. It gives a golden glow to the skin without looking like you have anything on.

-What Colors Are Right For Me? Am I too old to wear trendy shades?

This is my most asked question. I give the same answer every time: what colors do you like? What colors are you passionate about? This is your starting point. Never wear something because someone tells you to. You need to be comfortable in it. If it is a color you are passionate about, and that you love, it will work–I guarantee. So, put away the “rules” about eye colors and what colors work best for whom. Let’s make makeup work for you by using colors that you like, that you are comfortable in–even if it’s blue!!! The key is to not overdo it. If you like blue, use a small amount as an eyeliner, not all over the eye. Or, use it as an accenting color. Be subtle, not brash (unless that’s the look you’re going for!!!)

-How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc?

Keep it simple: Always use a base for the eyes. It brightens the eyes and gives longer life to your products. Then, take a bone or nude color all over the eyes. Take a darker color like brown or a shimmery dark color and blend it on the bottom half of the eye. The key is to blend makeup, don’t just place it on the skin. Blending it (applying a back and forth motion) makes it last longer, and look better. Then apply eyeliner and mascara, and that is a simple, glamorous look that is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

-Blush is simple: use a very small amount on the front of the cheek, and blend it out.

-Foundation: always use moisturizer first…then, apply a powder foundation. It will even out the skin tone, eradicate redness, while feeling like you have nothing on. Foundation should be a tad lighter than your skin tone. Dark foundation will age you, so when in doubt, go a little lighter, and you can always change the tone or color with bronzer.

-What are the key tools necessary to get the best evening look?

Honestly, women have been raving Radiance boosters. It is an all-in-one product for eyes, lips, and face. It adds glamour and glow without looking like you have anything on. You simply dust it over your face with a brush, and you will take ten years off your face! It’s luxurious, glamorous and simple!

-Solutions for common mistakes women over 30 make?

I think women are nervous with makeup after the age of 30. They lose their sense of adventure, and decide to go safe. This is fine, but remember: makeup is supposed to be fun-to accentuate who you are!!! I think the biggest mistake is that women over 30 and 40 go into “neutral” mode. Meaning, they only buy neutral colors. Some solutions to this are to buy a shimmery steel grey. This color looks good on ANYONE! Or a shimmery Bronze. Again, you can’t go wrong with this color, and it will add some adventure to your makeup wardrobe!

The Best Women’s Hair Styles For Fall

The fall hairstyles are out now and women are already flocking to salons to get the trendy new women’s hair styles for Fall. When you’re choosing a hairstyle make sure that you take into account the shape of your face, the texture of your hair, and what kind of maintenance will be necessary in order to keep your cut looking good. Someone with really thick curls may not want to take the time to straighten their hair into a sleek bob every morning.  Someone with fine hair might not want to have to use rollers, curling irons and other products to get piles of perfect curls.  Some of the trendiest hair styles for this fall are:

The bob – A classic bob is very in this season.  Celebrities have been photographed with angular, precision cut bobs with and without bangs.  If your hair is fine a layered bob, also known as a shattered bob, can give your bob the fullness it needs without having to use a lot of product everyday.  Shiny and sleek bobs are going to be one of the hottest fall looks. Retro looking bobs with soft waves or pin curls are also very hot.

Long waves – If your hair is long you can update your look for fall without having to chop off any of that length.  Long, soft waves are one of the most popular women’s hair styles for women with long hair.  Soft waves are easy to get using a set of large rollers and a little hair spray. Pop the rollers in before you go to bed for waves that will last all day. You can also get waves using a medium warm flat iron.

Ponytails- Simple, sleek ponytails are showing up in the fall photo shoots of Vogue and other popular fashion magazines.  The no-nonsense ponytail can look very sleek and polished with fall outfits. Plus it’s easy to do and it looks great all day which makes it perfect for busy professionals.

Different Types Of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has many trends, which are updated regularly. But, you can select the jewelry only if you know the different types. So, for your help various types of fashion jewelry are described here.

• Handmade jewelry: Hand crafted jewelry has become very popular because of different styles, and it’s made of a combination of stones and beads. Such jewelry looks original compared to the rest of the types. A variety of the materials are used, hence you can wear it with any outfit. Moreover, you can also use simple pieces, creating a delicate look. Today, beads and stones are mostly used in bracelets and necklaces, including colors as blue and brown.

• Special jewelry: Special jewelry is developed for special events, like weddings or parties. It includes rings, brooches and necklaces, which sometimes become a fashion statement for others, but not a focal point. In this category crystals and heavy stones are mostly used.

• Earrings: Earrings have become very popular as fashion jewelry collections, besides the latest trends include large size, and dangling earrings. Moreover, this trend is increasing with the time, whereas a mixture of gold and silver is very popular.

• Bracelets: Another type includes bracelets, and the jewelry is considered incomplete without it. These days, huge and chunky bracelets are more in trend; similarly large bangles in various colors are also very popular and widely used along with fashion dresses. They are mostly made with stones to create a hand crafted look. Moreover, to make affordable items, stainless steel is used than silver, as silver is expensive. Besides, steel is very long-lasting, and the designers have developed amazing pieces in this material. The material is also mixed with beads to create an elegant look.

• Rings: Rings are very famous items in fashion jewelry, and women feel incomplete without them, so they are necessary. Though, new trends in this category include more wild and funky designs, but delicate rings are still in demand because you can wear them on any occasion. Even you can wear a ring while working. Mostly the rings are decorated with beads and stones of good quality, and they are affordable. However, rings with precious stones, like diamonds are very expensive.

Other than the types, the jewelry should be a combination of fashion and function, and such a piece is considered a solid jewelry. All these types will help you understand a lot about fashion jewelry.

Photo Shoots and Catwalk Modelling

There is a distinct difference between the types of modelling required for a photo shoot than for the type needed for a catwalk show. Although it is likely you may be asked to do both kinds in your career, most models specialise in either one or the other, due to the specific requirements needed for each one. Most models are more suited to one than the other; so it is worthwhile to determine which one you are most suited to, and try and focus your efforts in applying for those types of jobs.

To be a catwalk model it is imperative that you have long, sleek legs, an elegant neck, good posture, stance and gait, and that you are able to walk and pose well. Catwalk shows are nearly always used for modelling clothes, so therefore you must have an excellent figure for modelling clothes, and a perfect shape to fit the standard sizes produced, which tend to be very small. You must also be able to change clothes quickly during shows, and present a variety of different looks within a very short space of time.

You will have many people working on you a once changing your look for various parts of the show, and the atmosphere backstage at a fashion show is always continually one of high pressure and intensity, so you have to be willing and able to work under these conditions. Fashion shows also require preparation and rehearsals, so you have to be willing to devote a lot of time and energy in being a catwalk model.

Photo shoots may be for modelling clothes as catwalk shows are, but they may also be for beauty products, hair products, makeup or many other commodities, and you must be adaptable and able to move between genres and present anything you are asked to model well. Although there is more time available for hair and makeup to develop a specific look, you must still be able to take a wide variety of looks, in order to give the client what they want.

To be a photo shoot model it is imperative that you can create a wide range of facial movements and poses, that you can take focused direction from the photographer and apply it, and that you are able to promote the product appropriately. More attention will be paid to your face in photo shoots than in catwalk modelling, as your face will be in close-up on them. Therefore you must have excellent skin, facial symmetry, and grooming to be a photo-shoot model.

Decide which of these traits you have more of through a critical analysis of your look and personality, and therefore which type of modelling you are best suited to, and focus on that type of modelling in particular. However, it is unquestionable that both types of modelling are tiring, stressful and demanding, but with the right determination, drive, and knowledge about which type of modelling you suit best, modelling can be a very interesting and rewarding career.

Photo by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

 There are more than 50,000 different cosmetics on the market today. Most of these products simply pick up on the latest consumer fad, even though the product doesn’t actually work. For example, take a look around the cosmetics section of your local pharmacy…how many “eco-safe” products can you find?

The cosmetics industry thinks that consumers will buy anything regardless of the ingredients inside of a cosmetics line. The truth is that consumers are smarter than they ever have been. Today, those purchasing cosmetics now want to know what’s inside of that “magical” anti-aging jar.

Why are ingredients important? Anything that you put on your skin will eventually be absorbed by your skin. This means that selecting cosmetics with poor ingredients might actually hurt your skin and promote aging. What constitutes a “poor” ingredient? Ingredients that are not derived from natural substances should be avoided – after all, would you bathe in a tub full of oil?

Natural Collagen Cosmetics are taken from the purest ingredients on earth. All of these cosmetics are made taking GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) into consideration. The result is a cosmetics line that is safe for your skin while producing incredible anti-aging results.

Some of the ingredients that can be found in Natural Collagen Cosmetics include: Matrixyl(TM) -3000 (GHK and Pal peptides); GOTU – KOLA (ancient Chinese herb containing flavonoids, vitamins A, C, and E, Triterpen, and Magnesium); Aloe Vera (from the Aloe Vera plant); Vitamin E; and many other natural, anti-aging, substances.

While replenishing your skin with topical creams will provide some results, refreshing your skin from the inside should also be taken into consideration. Skin care is complicated…it takes a lot of work to create a younger, refreshed, look. When you combine topical creams with skin replenishing pills, the result is skin that literally glows from the inside out – regardless of the natural aging process.

Taking care of your skin can be tricky. With all of the anti-aging cosmetics out there, it’s hard to know which ones to choose. The best advice that you can take from this article is to nourish your skin with natural ingredients, work on the outside of your skin with natural creams, and don’t forget to restore the inside too.

Along with Natural Collagen Cosmetics, make sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water on a daily basis. Your skin needs all the help that it can get as you age in order to stop it from losing elasticity and collagen. When you give your skin what it wants, you can expect your skin to radiate in return. Anti-aging skin care doesn’t have to be confusing with the right advice and products by your side.

As you treat both the inside and the outside of your body, you will find that your skin starts to take on a healthy color almost immediately. As the color of your skin increases, you will begin to feel younger and healthier all at once. It’s amazing what the right anti-aging skin products can do for you once you understand how skin really works.

Photo by Mervi Eskelinen aka tasselflower

How to Prepare for Modeling Auditions

While it is true that there are hundreds of perks that models enjoy like being able to visit beautiful locations, getting pampered, attending special event, getting to meet celebrities plus earning thousands of dollars, there is also more to it than meets the eye. It is still a job and you would need to follow the tricks of the trade in order to book jobs.

Even the most famous models in the world still have to undergo modelling auditions. The modelling world requires different skills and talent, it is more than just taking beautiful photos, and it is also about commanding respect and charm, as well as learning how to become professional in every way.

Here are some modeling audition tips

1. Be real.

This means having a genuine love for modelling, for acting out the scenes, for producing works of art. Do not get hooked up on commercial reasons for doing the job. Modelling must be done out of love for what you do, the perks just come in second. Be able to model dresses that real people wear, beauty products that real people use, be able to model a dress that can be worn by all shapes and sizes and then find out the best shape and size for you and promote your assets.

2. During the modelling auditions, select the proper dress.

Never under dress but never over dress as well. Learn what the photo shoot is all about. Present your assets. Select a dress where your body figure will come out and choose the perfect shoes. Be sure that you will look glamorous, up to date and colour coordinated, never appear dull. Take careful attention for your hair.

3. Get advice from fashion experts. Check the trends that are already out in order to avoid it. Watch modelling competitions and reality shows in order to get tips on what you can do. Learn as much as you can read magazines and learn the style and form of clothes that will accentuate your body.

4. Before the modelling audition you have to be able to know if the theme is about high fashion, glamour modelling, petite modelling, plus size modelling, teen modelling, mature modelling, body part modelling like hand modelling and real people modelling. You have to know if you fit the criteria to avoid wasting your time and to be able to develop the necessary skills needed for the job.

5. Advance your knowledge with runaway modelling as well, you have to learn how to walk and strut your stuff with confidence. Practice using different kinds of heels. Spend time practicing at home and on stage.

Fashion Designer – Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is one of India’s foremost designers, who have developed a unique style of their own, reflecting the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary fashion. With a background of art history and musicology, which has enriched her horizons, Ritu Kumar’s understanding of ancient designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has created a new classicism. Ritu holds the status of a revivalist in the Indian fashion industry, which has successfully bridged the gap between traditionalism and modernity.

Ritu, who began her work with four hand-block printers and two tables, in a small village near Calcutta thirty years ago, was the first woman to introduce the ’boutique’ culture in India under the brand name ‘Ritu’. Today she has twelve outlets in all major cities in India. Ritu Kumar’s boutiques feature a multifaceted showcase encompassing the very best of Indian design, with specially produced range of high fashion garments and accessories using silk, leather and cotton.

Ritu Kumar’s range of western and Indian apparel is all about traditions and individual talent, and women across the continents can easily identify with her vision of design.

Ritu has gone a long way to redefining the term ‘fashion’ in the Indian context. Most importantly, she has demonstrated that handmade products can be as profitable as and even more glamorous than that of machine, and that Indian fashion is more than capable of holding on it’s own in the international arena of haute couture. Her couture is readily recognizable by its classicism, beauty and finesse. Her design philosophy is based on the premise that everything founded on good aesthetic, cuts across all borders-be they geographical, cultural or otherwise. This very aesthetic is the factor central to the Indian handwriting which underlies her creations. As the world truly becomes a global village, more and more of the elements that make up modern culture are taking on rich hues and ethnic tones. Pluralism is the mantra, while tastes are fast becoming eclectic, be it in music, arts, food or fashion. Within fashion, Indian techniques have increasingly commanded a premium for their creativity, style and finish. The Indian influence on contemporary wear is unmistakable.

In sync with these evolving trends, in April 2002, Ritu Kumar launched her new sub brand, ‘LABEL’. This is a reflection of modern and global trends that shape our lives today. ‘LABEL’ cater today’s woman, who is increasingly independent, discerning and global. It is a modern offering, focusing on the cut, color, drape and feel of the garment. This brand has a universal appeal aimed at today’s mobile lifestyle. It is fashionable, affordable and like all Ritu Kumar products, it is of the highest quality.