Diamond Gives a Beautiful Glow

Diamonds, from time immemorial have evinced the interests of historians, treasure hunters, kings and queens all the same. This underground rock, that was once charcoal, mellows with the centuries to form expensive, much sought after precious gems called diamonds. They are cleaned of any impurities, shaped and cut to enhance its glow and clarity. Once done, they are entitled for a prize cap of a huge catch. Some take great pains to ensure that theirs is the best bargain of all. There have been battles waged, sabotages carved, murders committed all to lay hands on this piece of antique.

So why are diamonds sought after with such rage? Young and old, men and women, shed their inhibitions to sing praises about this coveted stone. Research has shown that diamonds were once worn by only royals. They had adorned a heirloom of the greatest of greatest kings, dainty damsels, handsome princes and petite princesses. Anybody who wish to identify themselves among this elite panel would definitely want to adorn themselves of this exquisite piece of jewellery. There is something strange about this piece of stone that has many folklores to it. It is said to bring luck and prosperity to the person beholding it. Some are cursed to bring downfall too.

All said and done, why wouldn’t the common man take such pains to own a piece of luxury? It is a matter of class and ethnic importance. Wearing a diamond showcases his financial pose and upbringing. He will be looked upon with awe and respect because these are not the kind that you would come across every other day. Wouldn’t we would die to place ourself in his shoes. It gives you a sense of dignity and appreciation to find yourself in a “class apart”. But, of late diamonds have become more affordable and accessible to the lesser strata of the society who had long been wishing to own such regal inventory. Pioneers in diamond trade like debeers, ddamas and Kimberly have now started retailing their diamond sales so that they are more accessible and pocket friendly.

Blessed are they by mother nature who inherit laudable qualities without laboring for it. The sheen and dazzle of diamonds stand testimony to the fact that these stones are meant to rule the world. It would not be surprising to note that men are equally zealous like their women counterparts to adorn these lovely stones. Keeping this in mind, today’s market are filled with a plethora of designs and caricatures to cater to the men’s accessories. Today it is not in a woman’s world to adorn all that glittering metal and precious stones. Men are, in a subtle way are braving past to ascertain their hold in the jewelry world. When it comes to establish an affluent identity, there is no prejudice as to man or woman. Diamonds are there to enhance your stance and goes places in deciding your authority when decked with some outstanding pieces of jewelery. Invariably, gold was used to set diamonds. But, platinum has taken over its place in recent times. The shining grey metal is a perfect match when compared to the bright yellow metal. Platinum and diamond complement each other ideally in terms of quality value and respect. The glow and glitter emanating from this dual possession is sure to be the cynosure of all eyes.

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