Ethnic Jewelry Design from Indonesia

Indonesia is located in southeast asia, comprises a vast country with many islands, with many different ethnic origins. With such geographical conditions make each tribe has the characteristics of art and culture unique. Ethnic diversity of Indonesia with such a rich art and culture. Variety of art is portrayed in a lot of handicrafts produced by residents of this country. Countries that are appropriate to visit, I wait for you there.

Jogjakarta Ethnic Silver
Jogjakarta which commonly known as Jogja, is a popular tourism destination in Indonesia after Bali. Jogjakarta is rich with culture and high art, puppets, dances, and crafts like batik fabric, and silver. Jogja silversmith well known because of the quality and uniqueness, is located in the area named kotagede.

Jogja silver jewelry crafts already existed since the 16th century, which at the beginning just to meet the needs of the royal palace Ngayokyakarta. Since the year 1930 kotagede began to develop into silver jewelry handicraft center that meets the needs of the general public.

Jogjakarta Ethnic silver jewelry has a unique pattern with typical Javanese style carvings,  usualy use filigree technique with natural motifs such as leaves, flowers, animals. Jogja silver jewelry like ethnic silver pendants, and ethnic silver Brooch can be seen in

Bali Ethnic Silver
Bali is famous in the world as a tourist destination, famous for the beauty of the beach, dancing, exotic dance and valuable works of art that captivate each eye and heart of anyone who has visited this island.
One work of art is quite well known characteristic art bali silver. More prominent in the form of paraphernalia jewelry. Craft motif of bali silver jewelry is very unique, with Balinese carvings. The model is unique and hard to imitate, because these trinkets are still produced manually with the touch of skilled hands and careful to bring into a unique shape and has a high taste.

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