Fashion Jewelry Trends for Winter 2010/2011

Over the past few years, trends for fashion jewelry have taken some strange turns. A few years ago, it was all about chunky plastic bracelets in neon colors straight out of the ’80s. Then fashion jewelry went organic, with wooden details and yarn taking center stage.

Right now, fashion and costume jewelry are focusing on classic, elegant style. Vintage embellishments like ribbon details and rhinestones are back, while boho beads and plastic earrings are out. These fashion jewelry trends pair up perfectly with this season’s ladylike clothing. To be in style for this season, keep it pretty and simple.

For earrings, several styles are in fashion. Jewelry classics like plain gold balls or diamond studs are back in style, as are simple hoops. Earrings with rhinestone dangles or gem detailing are bound to be big this season, as are oversized studs that look like clip-ons. Classic button earrings with cloisonne or filigree details look chic again, while understated chandelier styles are still holding on. Instead of the chandelier earrings styles of the past few years, avoid the beads and colorful details. Stick to beautiful Bollywood gold for a stylish look.

Necklaces are also keeping it classic this winter. Instead of the obviously fake feathers, motorcycle chains and other unusual trends of recent years, this year’s fashion jewelry trends are all about looking like real jewelry. Plain chains, simple pendants and large-link necklaces are a few of the season’s most popular styles. Initial pendants are big again, whether on their own or hammered onto gold or silver discs. Gold in general is back in style, unlike the past few winters which have favored silver metals.

Fashion jewelry bracelets are still holding on to a few relics from the past few years. Thin bangles are still around, but look much more chic this time around. Plain, hammered or filigree styles make for chic bangles this winter, especially with gem details. Things like the simple diamond tennis bracelet are coming back into style, as are omega necklaces and bracelets and the hammered “X and O” look. Though not technically bracelets, classic ladies’ dress cuff and bracelet watches are also back in fashion.

This is definitely a season to stock up on fashion jewelry, so go ahead and splurge on a few pretty pieces. With classic styles that are meant to look like genuine jewelry, you’ll be able to wear this winter’s buys for years to come.

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