Jewelry Charms Make Beautiful Jewelry

Jewelry charms can be added to almost anything. However, charm bracelets are one type of jewelry that is always in style. There are different prices and styles and characteristics to choose from. You can find charms in gold, silver and in different carats like 10K and 14K. Then there are the Italian charms which seem to be quite popular. They have interlocking links and can be suited to your passions. They come in thousands of designs so you will never be stumped as to what to purchase. They can include things like food, colleges, animals, cartoons, sports, phrases and birthday cakes. You can even interchange them yourself.

Italian charms are made from 18K gold and enamel. It consists of two pieces, the base link and the charm itself. The charm usually has an iron or copper base plate which the gold is plated onto. These base metals are there to keep the piece sturdy. Then they use semi-precious stones like lapis, garnets and cubic zirconium. The enamel gets painted and the best are soldered onto a link. Make sure the springs are tight. You can actually build your own bracelet and see how it looks.

You can also find fairly cheap Italian charms. The less expensive charms are made from brass and can tarnish over time. If you love Disney and all the characters you can even get a bracelet which has 37 coloured charms. It features the favourite characters like Mickey and Minnie, Pooh and Tigger. These are sometimes meant for keepsakes and can be handed down to sons and daughters or grandchildren. Collecting these kinds of charms is definitely worth the money. If you are a collector then this could be a lucrative pastime. These kinds of bracelets will only increase in value over time.

Another nice thing about charms is that they make wonderful gifts. You can give them at Christmas, birthdays, wedding and anniversaries. Charms are also a beautiful gift for newborn babies. Some ancient people believed that charms would protect a baby from evil as they grew older. You can find a variety of charms easily at your local jewelery store or other online vendors. If you are looking for unique and unusual charms your best bet is to scour the internet and see what you can find. If you want you can always personalize a charm bracelet.

You can even get bracelets with memory charms or family charms that you can wear and remember forever. You can get a tailored charm bracelet that is all about you and your personality.

Source by Ross Rudy U Chaudhry

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