Jewelry For A Perfect And Complete Look

It is certainly true that jewelry can highlight your dress and even be a perfect solution to stand out from the crowd or leave an impression. Word jewelry is term used to describe different forms of accessories: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even head and hair pieces (tiaras, hairpins etc).

Jewelry exists for more than a thousand years. And what is even more interesting, people were wearing it before even starting to live in proper shelters. Historically speaking, from the past till the present day, both men and women used jewelry to show off their status, their power and personal taste and style. Although in the past, men were wearing bigger and shinier jewelry, today it is mainly female accessory. The best part of wearing these details is that with them, even the dullest monochromatic wardrobe combination, can look interesting and seductive.

There are, however, few rules one should follow, when buying, combining and wearing jewelry. Try to be discreet, and do not wear too many details, because they will lose their purpose, and you will end up looking like a Christmas tree. If you wear gold, stick to it, in color that is. Mixing silver and gold is hard to do in a tasteful stylish manner, so do not push your luck. Always chose accessories based on where you go. You do not wear the same things to a club, to the opera and to work. Same goes for jewelry, leave chains at home on official occasions. If you are wearing something made of plastic materials or some bijou be sure they look classy and nice (you do not want to see stones falling off, or color not being sustainable). Also check out if they will leave dark color marks on your neck or finger, and see if you have allergies, because some materials can cause them.

Precious stones and precious metals are not a guarantee that something will look good and stylish on you. Some cheap bijou pieces can look adorable and be very trendy! If you are planning to buy something which is a timeless piece, like a wedding ring, ask for the premium quality, and keep in mind that it does no come cheap. However, if you need a trendy detail, something which is hot this season, and will be no longer fashionable in few months, buy something cheap and bijou, it pays off to be rational.

Jewelry must be clean in order to look good. Here are few tips on how to maintain your collection. Gold can be cleaned by soaking into a mixture of warm water and few drops of dishwasher balsam. Diamonds can be cleaned in a mixture of warm water and ammonia (leave them for approx 20 minutes). Pearls should be cleaned with a soft fabric – muslin is the best option. Last but not the least, silver jewelry can be brushed with special silver shampoos or pastes you can find in any store.

No matter which jewelry type suites you best, be sure to match it with your overall appearance, styling, personality and the place you are off to. Take the jewelry off, when showering or swimming in the sea or a pool. You can lose it or it can change color or form, and if that happens it may not be that flattering anymore.

Source by Roberto Sedycias

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