Johnny Depp Is The Face Of New Dior Men’s Fragrance

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is the face of a new Dior men’s fragrance.(Photo : Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp is joining Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman at Dior! The 52-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor has been announced as the new face of an upcoming men’s fragrance.

WWD reports that Depp will appear in advertising for the yet-to-be-revealed scent, due out in September. It will be the first time Depp has appeared in a fragrance campaign.

Louise Rosen, founder and CEO of Paris-based consultancy for luxury brands The Message Inc., told WWD that the campaign is “great news for Dior.”

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“Johnny Depp is a mainstream eccentric. It’s quite a contradiction, and it is the key conundrum that perfume houses are permanently trying to solve: How to please everyone – to maximize sales – and at the same time be unique, novel, original – to cut through the market noise. A somewhat dark, serious, respected actor, [he is] a man who has values, a man of integrity,” she said.

“He’s the last guy you’d expect to sign for a fragrance, and so, yes, it does bring depth and probably longevity to the story. The latest celebrity won’t do. At a time when everyone can star in their own piece of personal advertising, you need someone who has achieved more than having a Twitter account. This Johnny has.”

We can’t wait to see the campaign!


This article was originally published on Fashion & Style. 

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