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When you think about lapidary you right away think about rocks and gemstones, but there are more sides to this like making wire jewelry or making a setting. Some find it better to buy the stones already finished and then create their own jewelry.

If you’re actually creative you can make your jewelry from nothing using silver, gold and bronze. Wire-wrapping is used to create solder-free jewelry to set finished stones. You must learn the fundamentals first, like what sort of wire may be employed and also the correct pliers required (flat nose, round and regular).

Bringing out the beauty hidden away within a rock is a particularly rewarding experience. Lapidary jewelry is a particularly exciting craft due to the many sorts of stones you may use to form gorgeous pendants, broaches, rings and bracelets.

It can be a pricey past-time but there are numerous clubs that you can join and use their tools, so check out your local lapidary club. Also purchase used lapidary tools which will help you keep to a budget.

Taking classes is a great concept as there are jewelry classes for all levels of experience. There’s a lot to digest on making lapidary jewelry, this is just some of the things you can make and methodologies to learn.

For amateurs you want to know the way to knot necklaces and bracelets on silk with clasps and without. Also learn the way to make earrings and chain necklaces. When you have mastered the knotting you can then move on to cutting and polishing cabochons.

Learn the way to cut the cabochons into a shape and the way to use the apparatus and also what safety gear should be worn. Gem trees are a fascinating and ornamental item to make. These are tiny pieces of gems that are attached to branches made out of wire and attached to a base.

For this you want pliers flat nose, round and regular nose pliers; wire cutters; wire and glue. This is an inexpensive project.

Silver is an enjoyable metal to work with you can shape and solder strips together to outline a picture or figure and then solder it on to a silver back. The spaces between these strips can then be crammed with cut gems. There are several systems for this and it’s a good ability to be in a position to cut, solder, file and polish the silver.

Lapidary jewelry is a great pastime and a smart idea is to join a group so you can source information and get pointers on how to start and what tools and supplies you want. Also visit rock shows and see the huge array of stones you should purchase and the jewelry folks have made to come up with ideas. But do be ready to devote lots of time to it.

It does take practice and most of all patience but you will be rewarded at the end.

Source by Emily A Clark

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