Magical beauty – loose Pearls

For fans of pearl jewelries that have numerous collections of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and others, it is really wonderful to have them in your jewelry box. But sometimes, pearl jewelry designs are repetitive and can be dull and boring. For this reason, many people want to buy loose pearls for use in making their own customized jewelries that fit their lifestyles and individual needs.

If jewelry making is your hobby or even source of additional income, you are probably accustomed to buying loose pearls. These are also ideal for fashion designers who would like to incorporate pearls in their crafts and projects.

There are many types of loose pearls available and sold in the market. They are sold cheaper as compared to finished pearl products and most often, are already drilled for the convenience of the artist who will use them. But for those who would are doing numerous and bulk pearl processing, it is best to purchase your own pearl driller.

The kinds of loose pearls available in the market include round-shaped ones, keshi, stick pearls, biwa, coin-like, baroque, button, and drop/oval pearls, peanut-like, cross and mabe pearls.

Round pearls are expensive ones and depending on the type of pearl (South Sea are very expensive ones while freshwater pearls are considerably affordable), the price can go as high as thousands. For people who are starting out in the pearl jewelry aspect, it is best to try working on freshwater shells first.

Keshi pearls look like cornflakes. Stick pearls as the name implies look like sticks. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped on the other hand. Depending on your project, there are numerous kinds of loose pearls that will be perfect for your needs.

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