Matching Jewelry to Skin Tone

Just as some clothes flatter your size and shape and certain hair styles flatter your face, so, too do some types of jewelry complement the shape of your face, the length of your neck, the colour of your eyes and… the tone of your skin.

Silver jewelry looks stunning against tanned or darker skin. The refined and aristocratic sheen of silver never looks garish or in poor taste. To turn your silver jewelry into something really special, seek jewelry with a gemstone. Lighter stones shine brightest against darker skin, and gems such as the opal, rose quartz and, of course, the white pearl always show darker skin to advantage, casting a beautiful glow.

It’s gold-filled jewelry that we recommend to those of you with paler skin, as its golden hue warms the cooler tones of lighter skin. Gold-filled jewelry is always impressive and stylish, without being too shiny or loud. You, too, will benefit if gemstones are paired with your gold-filled jewelry, especially exotic and vibrantly coloured gemstones such as the reddish garnet or the black onyx.

Selecting Jewelry to Fit Your Face Shape

A necklace with a gemstone pendant at the center, or a long, thin necklace with a square, round or elliptical pendant, also inlaid with a gemstone, will look fabulous on you. Choose pendants that dangle at about chest level.

You might also try silver earrings of a modest length and interesting shape, such as a flower or heart. Make sure they balance your face, without making it appear too wide.

Necklaces 42 cm or longer are also very becoming, especially when they boast a gemstone pendant or are strung with geometric-shaped gemstones, such as the Zircon.

Source by George Brisby

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