Native American earrings- Every woman’s choice

Women look beautiful especially when they put the most beautiful jewelry on. Amongst various types, earrings are one such accessory that adds a tinge of that extra beauty to a woman’s face. Earrings can be worn in two ways; they can be either clipped on or worn on pierced ears. For pierced ears, one can choose from studs, chandelier, post and hoop or hook earrings.

One can choose from the wide variety which includes earrings made in sterling silver and gold. Precious and semi precious stones and metals are used to make these earrings. Turquoise, jet, coral, lapis, opal, mother of pearl are some of the precious stones that add to the look of the earrings. Native American tribes like Navajo or Zuni also handcraft these earrings. The Zuni tribe is basically Indian tribes and they make use of stones to make elaborate designs. The Navajos are expert in creating exquisite deigns with the help of silver sheets, balls and wires.

Chandelier earrings match formal wedding dresses and look good with casuals too. These are available in sterling silver or 14 k gold. Studded with gemstones, these pairs woo the women with their immaculate finish and magnificence. Choose the one that matches your dress and grab the spotlight at a party.

Earrings accentuate every look, may it be casual or formal. Different shapes of earrings compliment different face shapes. Long and chandelier earrings look good on people with round faces. Teardrop earrings complement heart shaped faces. The assortment of earrings includes Zuni turquoise earrings, Turquoise earrings and turquoise inlaid earrings. The stone is a fad with the Jewelry lovers. Most of these stones used in the earrings are result of rocky or marine deposits in mines and seas.

The earrings are beautifully designed to look appealing on any woman who wears them. Silver metal used in these earrings is of high quality and adds to the grace by making the earrings a bit sober irrespective of the stones used in it. The stones used are of various colors and you can buy one for every dress. The placing of stones is done carefully in order to avoid their mislaying. Pricing of these earrings is done keeping the customers in mind. The price range is varied and there are pieces which suit everyone’s pocket. You will also find earrings which are studded with more than one precious stone. All of them unified together to make every pair a masterpiece.

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