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Jewelry enhances beauty, and converts the ordinary looking into glamor dolls. Pearl jewelry stands out as no other gemstone as it enhances skin tone and accentuates femininity. Who was the first person to discover this perfectly round and lustrous gem? It dates back to thousands and thousands of years ago.

Pearls were the first stones that were valued and appreciated by people and are still considered as the most elegant stones that require no cutting and polishing. The gem’s beauty is outstanding from the moment it is removed from the shell. Ancient civilizations of India and China appreciated and accepted pearls widely. China’s history discusses the value of pearls thousands of years ago and also mentions that Shu King received a gift of pearls around 2300 B.C.

Egypt, the land of beauty, used pearls for decoration and Romans adorned pearls, while the women used it to upholster the sofas or add enhance to their gowns. Pearls are also mentioned in Bible and Koran. Everyone knows that women find pearls irresistible and love to wear pearl jewelry. Women find it suitable to adorn for every cultural festival.

Some people feel and think that pearl jewelry is not for men or kids, but that’s wrong. Nowadays many fashion houses design various styles for men, which they can wear daily like pearl bracelets or rings. Furthermore, the French have gone ahead and designed pearl jewelry for kids. A number of French women get their ears pierced and wear pearl earrings.

There is wide range of pearl jewelry to suit every woman’s taste. The whole family can adorn pearl jewelry, thus enhancing their style. Pearl is also considered as a symbol of purity and God’s gift and, in times gone by, it was considered as the most prized possession one could own. Pearl farmers yield cultured pearls through an extensive and grueling process. This process begins by gathering oysters, sometimes starting from formative years, all the way through raising oysters. Farmers also have to protect the oysters and keep them safe from predators and disease.
Their basic choice begins by selecting perfect oysters for yielding the best-cultured pearls and then surgically implanting the center of the pearl in the oyster thus allowing the cultured pearl to grow. This process takes a time phase that can extend in years to yield the perfect pearl. Only some of the oysters, those are grown to produce cultured pearls, provide pearls that are of sufficient quality to make jewelry.

Nowadays, all pearls that are sold in the market are cultured pearls. Many people don’t know the difference between cultured pearls and pearls produced from saltwater oysters. Conversely, the process to make freshwater pearls is the same as the one adopted for cultured pearls.

Pearl jewelry goes along with everything, from tweeds to plaids from jeans to skirts and beyond. Still not sure, as to what you want? Go ahead and choose some classic pieces for yourselves or to give as gifts. Guys love to gift pearl jewelry to their wives or girlfriends, as it is a safest bet, especially jewelry made from black pearls. So if you want something memorable and inexpensive, then think of a beautiful pearl ring or magnetic-clasp pearl necklace.
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