Pendants – Small Pieces With Great Significance

One of the most expressive ways for people to make statements about themselves is to show something that represents them. The first choice would be clothing, something used to cover our bodies, but at the same time showing people what we like.

Clothes have been around ever since the beginning of time. Even though when they first appeared they consisted mainly of garments that covered a small portion of the wearer’s body, nowadays they are all about taste, fashion and trends.

There are some people that design clothes and determine which is fashionable within a certain period. Other clothes go with a certain style of music. Some clothing items are meant to make a statement about the status of the person who wears them. No matter which is the reason why you are wearing the clothes of your choice, they fall into a certain category.

Something that goes hand in hand with clothes is jewelry items. These small accessories are worn with clothes in order to compliment what the textile garments have to say. For instance, a woman that wears a blue dress usually wears earrings to compliment the color of that dress, a small necklace from the same set and a bracelet that goes with the rings on her fingers.

Nowadays, jewelry has become something that defines the wearer, instead of being there to compliment the clothes. With the necklace around your neck or with earrings you show off there is always something that can make it better while sending a clear message – pendants.
Apart from ornamentation, pendants serve a lot of other purposes. For instance, they can be worn in order to identify the wearer, by comprising the name and other data about the person. A good example for this would be the ‘dog tags’ around the necks of American military.

Some pendants can be offered to someone in order to show their achievements regarding a particular subject. This is a common practice in countries all over the world like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeeland, India and others.

Another common use for pendants is to express one’s religion or beliefs. The catholic and orthodox Christians have the cross as a symbol for protection and a statement of their beliefs. The Jewish people have the Star of David, something that symbolizes their religious beliefs, but which also serves as a protection tool against any harmful occurrence.

In cultures around the world there are many symbols that, when worn as pendants, can bring protection, wisdom, unity, mysticism and other interesting things like that into the life of the one who wears them. All you need is a little guidance before you make your choice.

Some of these symbols are the Tree of Life, the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Merkaba, the Golden Spiral, Tibetam Om, Gordian knot and many others that hold great significance and powers. These are just a few of the designs that can be found at
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