Science and Beauty – The Evolution of the Custom Jewelry Industry

Diamonds are forever, and beautifully crafted custom engagement ring design is supposed to be timeless. That doesn’t mean however that the custom jewelry industry is immune to change. Technological advancements and a shift in the wider public’s attitude to style and fashion have led to an evolution in the custom jewelry industry, and you may be surprised to learn just how.

From helping the expert craftsmen and women to produce samples of their work with greater ease and speed, allowing their market of real customers to become global without them leaving their workshops, and even helping to spread the word of their creations to a far wider audience of like-minded people through social media platforms, the developments brought to the custom engagement ring design industry sound almost too good to be true.

Read on to see why they aren’t.

A new dimension of jewelry design

In the early days of custom engagement ring design, paper wasn’t just for the anticipated first wedding anniversary. From the initial sketches right up to 3D projections of the finished piece, everything was hand-drawn, before the piece came to life in the form of a painstakingly hand-carved wax model.

Although many engagement ring designs still begin life as pencil sketches, which are works of art in their own right, CAD programs changed the 3D rendering world long ago, and the technology has been used in the custom engagement ring design process for years.

Recently however, another technology has allowed the custom jeweler to save hours on crafting the model: 3D printing. With the creation of samples and model rings automated, the jeweler can offer a wider selection to the customer to view, while also saving time to concentrate on making the designs the best they can be before the 3D printing takes place.

A worldwide web of customers

The custom engagement ring market, like that of any bespoke product, has always been inherently local. If you were to communicate with your jeweler every step of the way, viewing samples and agreeing on design choices, you needed to be able to visit the workshop.

As the rise of digital communication has allowed the custom jeweler to reach a far wider market, this is no longer the case.

Initial consultations can take place over face to face video calls, and once the jeweler understands the customer’s vision, the pencil sketches can be scanned and sent via email. Once they have been approved, the 3D CAD renderings can be sent also, a process that culminates in the 3D printing of a sample piece. With high quality photographs of this also emailed and approved, the final piece can be created and sent out to the happy customer, their perfect custom engagement ring design received from an expert custom jeweler who they may never actually meet in person.

A social phenomenon

The rise of artsy, visual social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram has led to an awakening in the general public to much wider circles of fashion, as trends and looks are shared across the globe at the click of a button.

People are realizing there are more options out there than what is found at the high street jeweler, and the desire for pieces inspired by exotic, world fashion means people are turning to custom jewelers, leading in turn to an increased demand for their services.

From custom engagement ring design to necklaces and earrings, people are bringing more diversity in their ideas, aware now that custom jewelers can make their visions, perhaps inspired by something they have seen shared on a social media site, a reality.

Technological advances have changed every industry in the world, and the custom jewelry business is no different. From helping the jeweler to quickly produce 3D-printed samples and allowing worldwide communication with customers, to the public sharing of ideas via the internet giving inspiration for new pieces every day, technology and the custom jewelry industry are working hand in hand for the benefit of the jewelers and their customers everywhere.

Source by L R Lindsay

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