Silver Jewelry – Its Usage and Beauty

Silver has proven to be one of the most useful decorative metals in existence. Not only is it a beautiful metal to behold, but it is also proving to be an extremely useful metal. Silver has certain rare qualities that set it apart from the rest of the semi-precious metals. This is due to the fact that Silver is a durable metal that has not just been used extensively in the jewelry industry but also in industries such as utensils, antibiotics, photography, mirror coating amongst many others. Silver being extremely malleable can be used to form thin plates which can be used to form a coating behind a wall of glass to form a mirror. The only drawback for Silver is that it gets tarnished on contact with air and care should be taken that this does not happen.

Everyone knows about the usage of chemicals which have a component of silver in them being used to form photographic film. Silver nitrate and Silver bromide are the chemicals usually used for this process and the major usage of silver other than for manufacturing jewelry products is in the photography industry. Silver jewelry is even respected by many tribes all over the world. Native Americans use Silver as a base metal and combine this with various other materials like jade to make exquisite Silver pendants, earrings and feet anklets. In places like India, Silver anklets are presented to young girls as a gift which they wear throughout womanhood. Such is the importance of Silver jewelry in these cultures. A lady’s feet look quite attractive when she is wearing an object like anklets made of pure silver. These even make a tiny sound which is pleasing to the ears. Anklets in India form an integral part of a lady’s jewelry and is given much importance. Today, one can commonly observe Silver anklets being worn even by women of countries like the United States and even all over the world.

Other stunning pieces of jewelry that are made with silver are those worn with a picture of your lover or an inscription written in them. These lockets are made of two layers and the picture of your loved one or the carving is done in between the layers. You may have observed such a necklace being worn by Kate Winslet in one of the most touching love stories made on film, the Titanic. Rings made of Silver are considered to be a refined ornament worn by people who have good taste. Silver jewelry unlike Gold and other precious metals evokes a different kind of reception in the minds of its audience. Jewelry created out of Silver has always been considered to be the choice of a sophisticated person and this assumption is true even today. No fashion show these days is complete without the models sashaying down the ramp-walk wearing a lovely bracelet or delicate necklace made of Silver.

An investment in Silver jewelry these days is a sound one since the reputation of Silver as an ornamental metal is quite good and deservedly so.

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