Some Interesting Facts About Egyptian Jewellery

Industry of the jewellery came into existence when the culture and the civilization originated. Man’s most primitive demand after the food, clothing and shelter, was that there should be something which should attract the opposite gender and to establish a significant place within the existing society.

Being important and looking different became very necessary even before the introduction of the language. It began with the leaves. Stones of different shape, size, and color even the bones had climaxed into the successful industry which used valuable metals like gold, silver, bronze, titanium and platinum, gemstones and alloys to punctuate beauty.

Establishment of Egyptian culture started at the banks of the Nile River. The Egypt is considered as the gift of Nile and has an important role even in current history, because different events of the world has influenced by it and are agitated currently. Even the extravagant lifestyles of the pharaohs are dreamed by many people of the present civilizations.

The Egyptian culture was a unique in every expression admitting lifestyles, fetes beliefs, gods and of course jewellery. 3000 or 5000 years ago the first jewellery making industry which was established, expanded. People were conscious about the importance lavishness and rarity which might prove their social position in the society. The gold was preferred in terms of wages when the other metals were easily accessible through large trade patterns.

Gold was gained by the Egyptians form the deserts linked with Africa and Nubian. In Egypt, the jewellery was the symbol of power within the society. The jewellery was worn and displayed when alive and even when dead. These facts were revealed when the tombs of rich and known pharaohs were excavated.

Gold jewellery used by Egyptians was embedded with colored glasses and precious gemstones. While having access all over the world for gemstones they preferred the colored glasses which can be easily seen in the found jewellery. They formulated colored glasses which comprise the size nearly to the gemstones.

According to the Egyptian book ‘book of the dead” it is mentioned that each and every color used to make jewellery indicates something. So the color of the jewellery was very important for them. In the book it is written that the color of the necklace of Isis around the neck of the mummy should be red which represents the need of the blood. And the green color for jewellery represents fertility and plenty.

Egyptian jewellery was crafted through customization requirements of the royalty. It was crafted in the large workshops which were related with places and temples. Both Egyptian men and women wear different detailed gold and silver designs for famous religious ceremonies.

Making of jewellery was an important trade. Many modern jewellery designs that are manufactured today are made after being inspired from the Egyptian jewellery because the Egyptian jewellery has its own natural and simple look.

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