Stunning Diamond and Gold Jewelry at Affordable Price

Gold and diamond jewellery has been a special gift that can bring joy for a lifetime to both men and women for decades. Men and women have adorned themselves with jewelry in general to reflect social and official rank, age and marital status. It is widely said that “Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. Diamond jewellery makes a perfect gift to show you beloved that how much you love her. Both gold and diamond jewellery have been used for adornment, sometimes universally  symbolic such as wedding bands, engagement rings, crosses.

As diamonds are forever and desirable objects, they are still the most favored precious stone for an engagement ring. They may be a woman’s best friend, but size of it matter too. Diamond wedding bands are treated as a symbol of social status so the bigger the better. Diamond jewelry is very beautiful and charming. Diamonds are the hardest stones in the world they are used for decoration and to make tools to cut some of the hardest materials around.

Gold is the precious metal of choice for most people and always in demand due fine jewellery. Gold is something that never goes out of fashion. It never discolors because it never reacts with any other material. Gold is very famous in dress rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Gold can be worked into nearly any shape it is soft and easy to work with. It can be manipulated nearly any way the jeweler wants. White gold is made from yellow gold by using palladium, nickel or zinc in the alloy to give the gold its white color and is available up to 21 carat.

White gold ring with diamonds are suitable for all sort of occasions like engagement, wedding, anniversary, mother’s day any occasion you can think of. It can be easily found anywhere you shop for jewellery. The highest quality gold is generally at least 17 carat, and made of gold and palladium and sometimes even traces levels of platinum for weight and durability, although this often needs specialized goldsmiths to fashion the alloy to the willing shape.
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