Tacori – Adorning Desperate Housewives Everywhere

The Tacori collection of jewelry is so stunningly beautiful it has had several airings on the popular TV show ‘Desperate Housewives’. The stunning settings and hand engraving make for eye catching pieces that are just perfect for us all to admire on our plasma screens.

‘Desperate Housewives’ have recently had two pieces of Tacori jewelry on display. The huge engagement ring that Nicolette Sheridan’s character, Edie Britt, purchases for herself on behalf of Carlos was a great example of a Tacori ring. That particular engagement ring was a spectacular platinum setting with the famous Tacori half-moon crescent silhouette. This style of carving on the Tacori band is so well known and unique that Tacori have actually had the design patented.

In the latest season Teri Hatcher’s alter ego Susan Meyer wears an exquisitely fine Tacori necklace, seemingly through the whole series. Teri loved her necklace so much she has been seen wearing hers off set as much as on set. Rumor has it, that the necklace is hers to keep. The lucky lady was snapped recently on the red carpet proudly wearing her pendant which complemented her cleavage beautifully. The pendant in question is a platinum circle with very delicate filigree working involving milgrain settings and very subtle diamonds. This is a necklace that any woman would want to wear around her neck both day and night.

Not only has Teri Hatcher had the privilege of showcasing a Tacori necklace, but in one of the very early series she also has a Tacori wedding band. This was when she was contemplating remarrying her ex-husband who was also seeing Edie at the same time. Havoc ensued when Edie discovered the wedding ring in Carl’s possession and thought it was for her. There has been no mention of whether or not Teri kept that particular souvenir.

The Tacori collection is famous for its extremely delicately worked settings and surrounds. The pieces are all hand tooled, not only producing unique and truly one of a kind items, but true objects of beauty. Tacori jewelry is available in the extremely popular and hard wearing platinum, or alternatively in 18 or 22K gold. Platinum is a more precious and costly metal than gold, but the extra investment is extremely worthwhile because platinum will never lose its shine, and does not wear. The other great advantage to platinum is that it can often make your diamonds appear bigger than they really are, depending on the style of setting that you select for your piece.

Of course, no girl has to be a ‘desperate housewife’ to own one of these fabulous pieces. One of the great advantages of the Tacori system is that you are able to select a setting that you love, and then you can choose a diamond from your price range for the setting. For those already in possession of a diamond, or diamonds, the system works in reverse. Select a setting and have your own stones mounted.

With this sort of system you are able to spend as much or as little as your budget allows, and yet you still have a totally hand made and unique piece of jewelry. Tacori jewelry incorporates vintage inspired settings that are timeless in their appeal, along with hand crafting, to produce contemporary elegance to please any woman. From housewives to Hollywood, Tacori has something to suit everyone.

Source by Andy Moquin

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