Tahitian Pearl Necklace Jewelry

Tahitian pearls, which are known for their sparkling metallic colors, enhance the beauty of any type of jewelry, earrings, pendant, bracelet, ring, or necklace.   Tahitian pearls are valued for their exceptional, black color.  These pearls put on a display of amazing overtones such as blue, gold, peacock green, pink, reddish purple and silver. 

Tahitian pearl jewelries display utmost stylishness. This type of pearl necklaces originated from French Polynesia.  There are different types of this necklace: Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace, Multicolor Tahitian Pearl Necklace, and Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace. Necklaces come in various strands and length as well, there are the Bib Necklace, Choker, Dog Collar, Matinee Necklace, Opera Necklace, Princess Necklace, Sautoir or Rope Necklace, Graduated Necklace, and Uniform Necklace.  

These necklaces are named based on the way that they have been designed or is worn. A bib necklace, for instance, is named as such because it looks similar to a bib and is worn hanging on the chest, it is composed of several strands of pearls; a choker which has a length of 14 inches to 16 inches is located at the base of the neck; a dog collar which is measured with a length of 10 inches to 13 inches is worn against the throat; a matinee necklace, with a length of 20 to 24 inches, hangs above the breasts; an opera necklace which is 28 to 35 inches long, reaches up to breastbone or sternum; a princess necklace, with a length of 17 inches to 19 inches, hangs just beneath the collarbone; a rope necklace, with a measurement which is longer than 45 inches hangs lower than the opera; a graduated necklace is composed of a single strand of pearls with a large pearl at the middle; and a uniform necklace, the size of the pearls are almost of the same size.

Source by Roberto Luongo

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