The Allure of Diamond Earrings

They say that it’s the accessories that make or break an outfit. The case is certainly true when it comes to that little precious item called diamond earrings. That Armani dress may have cost the earth, but, without the right accessory it might look totally lifeless. Conversely, even an inexpensive frock from a high street fashion outlet can look stunning when combined with the right diamond earrings. Everything depends on the ability to mix and match clothing and accessories. Even when it comes to the rich and famous, this can be a hit and miss affair.

Diamond earrings are a fascinating jewelry item. There are so many variations on the theme, each having their own particular appeal and effect: from simple diamond stud earrings, which even Jane Goodall could wear with her fatigues while studying African primates; to a stunning pair of stud and drop asscher cut diamond earrings, as seen worn by numerous Hollywood starlets walking the red carpet on Oscar night.

What is it that is so alluring about diamond earrings. Perhaps it is that they are worn higher up the human figure than rings, and are thus far more prominent. Diamond jewelry also calls on the interplay between diamond facets and light. Being closer to the face, diamond earrings are less obstructed by shadows created by the body, and so they really are given the opportunity to shine in all their glory.

Of course, dangling diamond earrings move, and with movement comes sparkle. That is because movement enables a fascinating interplay between facets and light. Diamond Stud earrings do not move around of course, and therefore they give a more consistent sparkle, which attracts less attention. Nevertheless, these types of earrings are no less appealing, and are in fact the classic manifestation of understated elegance.

In connection to the appeal of diamond earrings, I remember that there was once a survey, in which women were asked about their favorite jewelry item. Diamond earrings were surprisingly in the first place. When asked why, women responded that they expected to receive a diamond engagement ring anyway. It was a traditional item of jewelry that would be worn on a daily basis. On the other hand, diamond earrings where something special. One didn’t expect to receive them, and therefore such a gift was perceived as a real act of love. In addition, diamond earrings were worn on special occasions, and made women feel beautiful.

Of course, diamond stud earrings are not the sole territory of women, as demonstrated by the likes of David Beckham and Sean Combs (AKA Puff Daddy).

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