The Beauty of Silver Jewelry

Silver as a metal was discovered a few thousand years ago.  Since the, it has become a popular metal for use in creating fine and even fashion jewelry.  A sterling silver pendant in particular has come to epitomize the uniqueness, versatility, and class of silver jewelry.  In addition to the beauty of the metal itself, a silver pendant allows the wearer to display his or her own taste and personality.  In many ways, the pendant is a way in which you can express yourself and communicate with those around you.   Another popular piece of silver jewelry is the necklace.  A well design and chosen silver necklace can add pizzazz and sparkle to any outfit – classic and elegant or casual and trendy.  For a simple and classic look, a simple silver choker or chain works best.  For a trendier look, you can add more chunky or intricate silver pendants and charms.  Or, try a contemporary look with a bold silver pendant on a leather or silk lariat.   To show off your neck, try a silver choker.  It draws the eye to the slim elegance of the neck.  On the other hand, it you are wearing an outfit with a high neckline, you would do well to wear a necklace that extends to the breast bone.  You can also play around with the weight and design of the necklace.  Petite individuals should consider fine, elegant silver work.  However, if you are tall a bolder silver necklace and pendant may be more your style.

One of the big advantages of silver is that its color is warm and lustrous, and yet quite neutral.  This means that it can be combined with other materials to create more exotic designs.  Furthermore, the proportion of the silver to the gem in the piece can be varied to create slightly different looks.  For example, you can have a freshwater pearl bracelet with a single strand of white freshwater pearls and a silver clasp.  In this particular design, the silver is almost fully concealed and no visible to a casual observer.  On the other hand, you can also have a sterling silver pendant with a single Biwa or shell pearl as the focal gem framed in an intricate and large silver setting.  In this case, the silver setting is more the focus of the pendant, and the pearl is an accessory.  Of course, the combination of gemstones with silver is a tried and true approach as well!  Once again, because of the color of silver, it can be used with bold gems such as red coral or deep blue lapis, as well as with lighter gemstones such as aquamarine and imperial topaz.

Source by Dale Arnold

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